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[Selling] Season 5 - Oceania - Crystal Staff Of Chaos Replica

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Marvin, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    Hey guys

    I'm looking to sell this old event item called "Crystal Staff Of Chaos Replica". The one I have has been Item Blessed!


    Let me know if you're interested either in this thread, PM or ICQ (158897626), and i'll consider any offers you have. I currently own the item on Europa, but will be willing to x-shard.

    Highbid is 85m - PoCove

    Many Thanks

  2. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    Sent you a pm
  3. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    Sorry, been out for a couple of days. Cheers for the PM, will update the main post.
  4. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    I will do 55 mil
  5. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    Staff is still for sale... Anyone else interested?

    Just to clear up some concerns... this item is not a replica, as it does not have [Replica] on the end of the name (Needs square brackets to be a replica).

    It was called replica as the staff was used in the quest, and only 8 of these Replicas of the staff were given out!

    It's also Item Blessed, so no problems if you fancy strutting about with it in fel! :)
  6. LionUWF

    LionUWF Guest

    Would you take gold on atlantic for this? iff so then ill bid 60mil
  7. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    Hi LionUWF, I'd be happy to x-shard, so bids from other shards is no problem.

    Thanks for the bid.
  8. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    If it is not over I will go 70 mil thank
    Is it is Congrats to the winner
  9. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

  10. Jyachori

    Jyachori Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Is there any effect when double-click?
  11. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    I'm afraid there is no visible effect when double clicked, but it does give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside... :mf_prop:

    In response to PoCove... I'll keep the bidding up until end of Wednesday.

    Good luck to all.
  12. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    Bumpity Bump - Ends Wednesday! :)
  13. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

  14. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    Good looks like I won ... Contact me when to trade ...Thanks
  15. Thunderz

    Thunderz Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Thats my old staff lol, i sold it at one of the rares fests to Escaflow [who has sadly left uo], i IBD it.

    One thing i never tried as i only thought of it after i sold it, at server down see if when imbuing it the hit fire is not counted as a mod so it can be taken to 6 mods ;)

  16. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    Thanks for the info Thunderz was it a good deal?
  17. Marvin

    Marvin Guest

    Hey... Esca was a good friend of mine, so I bought it from him when he left in a bundle of bits that he wanted to sell quickly.

    In selling it to PoCove for the last bid of 85mil I wont be making or losing any money from what I paid for it. Though I do believe he bought it for a lot more (possibly twice as much)

    Sorry for the lack of availability PoCove... I have been away on family/bereavement leave for a few days, so the wednesday deadline flew by.

    I also had somebody that was interested over ICQ, but I haven't been able to get hold of them since tuesday, as they valued it at over 100m.