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Seeking questions :-)

Discussion in 'PoTBS General Discussion' started by Dor of Sonoma, May 18, 2008.

  1. Are there any particular questions you may have about Pirates of the Burning Sea and/or its development that you would like to see answered?

    As an example: I've another interview on tap with three of the Flying Lab Software team - the subject loosely being Roleplaying & Live Events. While I can cobble together questions of my own, I would prefer to include those of particular interest to you!

    There is often grumbling after published interviews or HoC DevChats: "How come no one asked them about _____?!", or, "They never, ever say why the sky is blue!!" or somesuch. Well, here's your chance! While we cannot promise that we can use every, single question relayed to us, we will certainly make every effort to see that as many are included as is possible.

    After all, we do this for you; the posters and players. Let us know what you'd like to hear! :-D
  2. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    Is beta testing slots still available? I just found this site and am very interested in playing. I played UO for 8 years; many of that time as a pirate (Edward Teach on Atlantic).

  3. The game has been out of beta since the January 22nd launch. At the moment, the only trials available require getting a free 14-day Buddy Key from another player - although there has been some discussion about opening up free trials in the future.

    As a 10-year UO veteran myself, I can certainly understand the draw! It's a beautiful world with an incredibly receptive and inspired Dev team who work ceaselessly on fixes, improvements and added content. Plus, they rock!

    If you are interested in IRC at all, I would suggest joining us in the Stratics IRC #burningsea channel (a How To is outlined in the stickied post above), where you may have the chance to chat with an FLS member or two - and mayhaps get a Buddy Key for your efforts. :)

    If IRC ain't your cuppa tea for some reason, then feel free to stick around here and read up on the game by following the links provided, ask away if you've any questions - and I'll see what I can do.
  4. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    Thanks, I downloaded the game, apparently it has been released...
    I am looking for a user guide though. No guide came with the download from direct2drive...
    Downloading patches now.
    I have no idea what skills are available, character types, etc...
    Not sure what servers are the most popular, etc...
  5. Basically, everything that was in the (very slim) boxed user guide is included in greater detail within the game itself. There is also information to be found in the PotBS Wiki and the Pirates of the Burning Sea website, as well as PotBS Stratics (among others).

    Many of the servers listed in the launch window are no longer available for new characters, as a server merge was begun a few weeks ago. Those that remain open for current and future play are Antigua, Blackbeard, Rackham and Roberts (as well as the Australian server 'Invincible'). Each has its own personality of sorts, though all of them share similarities. To get a better feel for which might suit you best, you might consider visiting the Burning Sea forums and reading through the server forums for some more personal points of view.

    There is more (isn't there always? :), but it's late and I'm sleepy. I will revisit this on the morrow.
  6. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    Is there any sort of storage for "loot" items? Some of the quests are for collections yet it is difficult to not lose stuff in the ships hold if sunk.
    UO had the bank and a house with lock downs... can a warehouse be used?
    Level 10 British Naval Officer now...
  7. Oh wow...I just noticed that you're already ingame and level 10! *smiles* Good work! Are you having a good time? Which server did you choose?

    As for your question? Kungtotte has this to say, "Yes, the ports with regional warehouses offers free storage for up to 100 stacks of items (it's possible to build warehouses of your own in a port of your choosing as well, but, they get pricey)."

    You can read a bit more about warehouses here: http://potbs.wikia.com/wiki/Warehouse
    There is more info available, but I don't have the links currently at hand. I'll post them back here when and as I get them :)
  8. Dyark

    Dyark Guest

    There is invaluable info available from players ingame if you hurry and ask them before they quit playing as half the players are quitting at the moment.
  9. *clears throat*

    *stands atop a promontory and sings*

    "It's the Circle of Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife...!"

    Some players leave, some players stay, and some players begin anew.

    Such is the nature of MMOs. :-D
  10. Kayhynn

    Kayhynn Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 12, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I echo what Dor says. My time in game has been very limited, but that's due to end of year insanity and RL problems. An avid gamer and I haven't had time to game. Egads what is this world coming to.

    All things aside, people leave and come back in many games. I see this as being the same for Pirates.
  11. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    I picked the Blackbeard server, it had moderate levels for 2x factions so I figured that meant more players. I am still basically operating out of Jenny Bay although I ventured out to the open seas in my starter ship and was promptly sunk by 2x pirates (NPCs). Alas, my partial collection of stone stuff was lost. cie la vie...

    I have had zero interaction with other players other than the spammer trying to sell gold for real dollars. (I did not buy).

    I am looking for a society to join that needs a new economy helper, I have no industry yet or preferences of which ones to start. Actually, I still have the tutorial to finish on economies. Anyone on "Blackbeard" have any suggestions?

    "Range Castle" is my avatar name.
  12. I don't have any acquaintances on Blackbeard, so I cannot make any personal recommendations. However, I can steer you towards some links that may help you out:

    From the FLS forums index, you can access the New User Questions and L2P (Learn to Play) forums, as well as server-specific forums (at the top of the page)

    In your case, you'll find the Blackbeard forums here, a (mainly outdated) Society Recruitment Thread here, and the Blackbeard British forum here.

    However...you may find more vibrant surroundings on one of the other servers. If you decide to relocate, and/or simply generate an alternate on one of the other servers, let me know. I could probably come up with some more personal recommendations, in that event. *smiles*

    Best of luck to you, whatever you decide to do! :)
  13. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    Withdrawn question, admins can delete (I have to start right clicking items)
  14. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    Was the servers reset or something? I lost like 3 days of game play. Many of my missions that I completed showed back up like the economy tutorial... I am the same level as this morning and in the same port but the mission list is screwed up.
  15. No, the servers haven't been reset. However, there has been a random glitch for some players (particularly new players) that's been causing problems with the mission list. Here's what Brady mentioned about it:
    Build 1.4 is going to be patched in tonight (in 8 to 10 hours from now), so hopefully that will effect an improvement. If you still have the same issues tomorrow, please let us know! Either way, I would suggest that you definitely submit a Support ticket ("Report an Issue", top left), describing the situation.

    EDIT: Another good thread - FAQ: How to Report Bugs!
  16. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    I went around to each stage of each mission and closed them out with the NPCs. On the fighting ones I actually got more XP and was able to level up, no gold or other rewards though so I used a lot of shot up with little reward...
    I guess tomorrow I will sail to each port and see if I can get back into the mission series again. Like the treasure map one...

    By the way, you are awesome, so far i have not waited more than a few hours for a response to a question.
  17. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    So I have a peg leg now... Any way to cancel the quest effects or is there a later quest to make me normal again? Kind of annoyed...
    Range Castle
    "One-Legged British Officer" on Blackbeard
  18. I found it! :)

    From NYCbarbarian's reply in this thread:
  19. cardensb

    cardensb Guest

    Joy!! I am whole again. The wonders of 1700's science never surprise me.
  20. Kayhynn

    Kayhynn Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 12, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Aww, you mean you didna wanna fall apart?