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[Trading] Seeking very specific items (Napa & beyond)

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Kirthag, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Kirthag

    Kirthag Former Stratics Publisher
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    After a rather long hiatus (about 3 years) and all my houses falling, I am without some very special and personal items which I hope I can regain possession of. My departure was rather sudden and as such I was not able to move anything of personal value into my banks - nor was I able to preserve my accounts. I know my houses fell (1 in Luna, the other out by Minoc).

    Most likely some of the more custom and personal items decayed on the ground where my Minoc home sat. But other items did have some worth, and perhaps may have traveled to other shards and won't really be useful to the people who may have them...

    But I do have hope...

    So please, fellow collectors and museum curators of Sosaria, would you take a moment to check your chests for the following.....

    Original Shard:
    • Napa Valley, although I suspect a lot of stuff may have found its way to Pacific or Baja and Atlantic

    Character Names Seeking:
    • Kirthag DiOrsae-Dorn
    • Kirthag DiOrsae <-- especially this one!
    • Kirthag or Kirth
    • Kat Syl'vanthi
    • Luna Caftan
    • Aloha Byana
    • Black Orchid
    • Orchid
    • Lark Kohl
    • Minerva
    • Tandy

    Items Seeking: (in order of desire - yes, the books are most precious!)
    • Sealed, written books (most would be the medium brown type) which may be of the following nature/titles:
      • Any "Journal" - I had 274 volumes of RP-type journals that I had written over the years - especially from 1998 to 2003. These would all be authored by "Kirthag" or "Kirth" as I would habitually change the author name.
      • Any Guild related books for "Pagans of Evergreen", "Bringers of Light" or "Sisters of War". Yes, they will be spelled out, most likely on the last written page of the book.
      • Any further "cryptic" books with "/|\" as the author. These books will mean nothing to you, but they mean a lot to me... even in pixel form.
    • Soulstones for any of the names above; I believe they were all green, but I think Lark's was red - cannot remember. Minerva did have two though. They would be useless except as deco or conversational items, especially if you know of my adventures
      • On a side note, I did have a rather extensive collection of soulstones as I helped people regain their own if they lost them
    • Any whispering roses with the above mentioned names, especially Kirthag DiOrsae or just Kirthag
    • Any named bless deeds as they would be useless to you anyway. Someone was kind enough to give me Lark's PBD back (THANK YOU!) when we bumped into each other in Fel/Yew. :)
    • Any valentine/holiday card - I had several of them for each name
    • Any colored armor or weapons marked by Minerva, especially shadow or verite. These I will pay for in gold if you wish. And no faking it please... I was pretty obsessive about the armor & weapons I would mark and have them cataloged. I will not just take any old item marked by a "Minerva".
    • Any rune book crafted by Kat Syl'Vanthi or Luna Caftan, and it would be totally awesome if some of the original runes are still in them! You will know these books if you have them!
    Although my huge collection in Napa is gone, I do have a lot of rares sitting in my banks on other shards where I've been collecting for many years. I started playing UO in 1997 on Atlantic, so you can imagine what I have just sitting idle in just about every shard (even SP). If willing to trade, we can talk. If wanting to sell for gold, well... that may be a bit more convoluted for all my gold was sunk into my Luna vendor-house/rune-library, and you all know what happened with that....
    Please, do not offer me fakes or try to recreate items that I know intimately - you will only make yourself out to be a fool.
    Anyway, thank you for your time. If any of you collectors may find you have items mentioned above, please, PLEASE send me a private message here.

    (ayuh, the celt is back)