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Seeking Your Template Advice

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by BajaElladan, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hail Folks,

    My Brother, Elrohir, has a Template question and has asked for help. I bring his question before this august body.

    Current Skills Cap

    Anatomy 100/100
    Chivalry 120/120
    Focus 115/115
    Macing 120/120
    Parrying 100/100
    Resist Sp 100/100
    Tactics 100/110

    This is achieved with skill and items. Elrohir believes he would be better off adding Healing in place of one skill, but which to lose???

    What say all of you?

    I thank you for all comments, input, and suggestions, and will pass them all along to Elrohir.

  2. No question, drop Focus. It's a worthless skill. I'd also suggest he drop Chiv down to 70'ish, drop Resist completely, and add 120 Bushido, as well as bringing Parry, Tactics, and Anatomy to 120. Whatever is leftover can be put into Med if he wants.
  3. Storm

    Storm UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    agreed focus is worthless and connor is spot on!