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Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior Trade' started by rockkandy, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. rockkandy

    rockkandy Guest

    heres a small list of items im looking to get rid of.. everything is on the LS shard... and all prices are negotaiable or up for trade offers

    PM me or icq me with questions/offers 246-780-793

    1. Full Sorcerer's Suit (all 70's 100 lrc suit) 26m

    2. AWESOME PVP EP RING 3 fcr, 50 ep, 6% poison resist 3 dext bonus 13m

    3. Inquisitors Resolution non dyed SOLD

    4. dull copper mace 1 {make offers}

    44 HLD
    spell chan
    HCI 13
    55 DI
    no neg

    5. dull copper mace 2 {make offers}

    hit life leech 68
    hit lightning 50
    HCI 14
    DI 40

    6. dull copper mace 3 {make offers}

    Hit Stam Leech 48
    hit lightning 46
    HCI 14
    DI 49

    7. dull copper mace 4 {make offers}

    hit fireball 42
    hit stam leech 48
    HCI 13
    SSI 30
    DI 40

    8. dull copper katana {make offers}

    hit lightning 50
    HLD 46
    Hit life leech 60
    DI 48

    9. dull copper katana 2 {make offers}

    hit lightning 46
    ssi 30
    di 40

    10. Verite plate hiro sode (arm piece) {make offers}

    hit point inc 5
    mana inc 7
    lrc 17

    11. Verite plate hiro sode (arm piece) 2 {make offers}

    hit point inc 4
    mana regen 2
    night sight
    lmc 8
    lrc 20

    12. Verite plate hiro sode (arm piece) 3 {make offers}

    mana inc 8
    mana regen 2
    lrc 20
  2. rockkandy

    rockkandy Guest

    prices reduced
  3. rockkandy

    rockkandy Guest

    come on ls people u know u want to buy this stuff. Prices greatly reduced