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[Selling] Selling 113 month old account on Pacific shard

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Stormy [LOP], Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Stormy [LOP]

    Stormy [LOP] Guest

    after a little over 9 years of play I am moving on, heres what this account has,

    Toon on
    120 Magery/Med/Resist
    115 Eval Intel
    100 Inscript
    105.9 Sword
    28.9 Tactics

    Orny (with PBD on it) /Kasa/Pend of Magi/Rune Beetle Carapace/Stitcher Mittens/Totem of Void/Hooded Robe of Umbra
    Legs 18/6/15/21/10
    Sleaves 16/22/19/6/8
    Ring 3/1 with 13 LRC
    Cleaver Hit Lighting 44%/16%HLD
    Shield 13% RPD and 13% DCI
    Total Suit is 70/51/70/56/68
    str 100 dex 52 Intel 121

    Toon one also has 120 mace and wrestling both are soulstoned and at the house

    Toon 2
    PBD is un-used
    Anat 100
    Healing 79.9
    Tac 100
    Cooking 61.5
    LJ 92.2
    Magery 64.8
    Fishing 100

    Suit 100+LRC
    str 100 dex 100 Int 25

    Toon 3
    PBD un-used
    Cartography 99.7
    Magery 100
    Med 100
    Lock picking 96.4
    Music 100
    Peace 97.2
    Provo 110

    Toon 4
    PBD un-used
    Anat 100
    BS 112.6 120 PS on him
    Carp 100
    Mining 100
    Tailoring 105.5 110 PS
    Tinkering 100

    Toon 5
    PBD un-used
    Anat 102.1 105 PS
    healing 100
    Tact 104.9
    Resist 100
    Fencing 0 (100 skilled on soul stone) 110 PS

    Toon 6
    Mainly used as a bank

    Magery 70
    Med 74
    Lore 85
    taming 85
    Vet 85

    This account comes with alot of stuff, to much to list. the best of the best is locked down in my house the cords to the house are 7o 50N 34o 10E go out the west exit of umbra the house is in the desert 2 houses north of the water.

    ICQ me at 447675803

    We can talk about a price.

    Thanks its been a fun trip but I have hit a dead end in this game.

    Come look me up in WOW Mal-Ganis realm names are Iwantblood and Rejject. :O)
  2. Rejject

    Rejject Guest

    Here is a list of some of the items that is going to go with this account;

    Tunic of fire
    Braclet of health
    Ring of Elements
    Dryad Bow +10 resist spells
    Fallen king
    Ornate CoH
    breath of the dead
    Hunters headdress
    Gaunlet of nobility
    Divine Counteance
    Vorpal blade
    Staff of Pyros
    Axe of Heavens
    Bow of deamon dismissal
    Serpant fang
    Berserkers Maul
    Dragon end
    Bone crusher
    The taskmaster
    Helm of insight
    Blade of insanity
    Legacy of the dread lord
    Katrines crook
    The Dragon slayer
    Holy knights breast plate X2
    Sentinals Guard
    Pendant of Magi
    A shirt embroidered with "we created the food"
    Kasa X2
    Brightsight lenses X2
    Grizzled bones
    A Guild deed
    19 corruption
    22 putrefaction
    2 scourge
    20 blight
    18 muculent
    the redeemer, Tome of lost knowledge, Scrappers, Pigment of Tokuno X3, Pigment of tokuno Invulnerability blue, Etheral Llama/horse X2/ostard, Rideable polar bear, Ancient Hammer +30 X4, Gloves of the sun, Ancient Samurai Helm, A shadow Token, Promotional token for shadow furniture, Promotional token Soulstone frag, 3 BoT, 25 heritage tokens, Full set of snow globes, flaming head deed, bear rug deed, hanging skeleton, hanging axes, 5 mounted pixies, Iron maiden, silver and gold armor suit, 3 blessed statues, mongbat dartboard, 10 Ingenious maps, 100k gold, 11600 ginsing, 7100 SA, 42000 BP, 6996 Mandrake, 5966 BM, 4600 SS, 1200 nightshade, 5900 Garlic, Blue spined bone armor full set (can not be made anymore) scroll's of Alacrity BS/SS/spellweave/peace/bowcrafting,fletching/stealth/ID/hiding/vet, Virtue armor set, Museum rewards,10 cursed arties, TOkuno major arties,Full set of Dye tubs.