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Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by JesusChrist, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. JesusChrist

    JesusChrist Guest

    1st suit:

    68/60/70/70/75 ( Add vet reward robe for an additional 3% PHY)
    100% Lower Reagent Cost
    100% Medable Armor
    36% Lower Mana Cost
    6/3 Casting
    Mana Regeneration + 13 ( Mana regenerates really fast )
    Hit Point Regeneration + 2
    hit Point increase + 3
    Night Sight
    Enhance Potions 10%
    Spell Damage increase + 10%
    Intel Bonus + 8

    This Suit is Hands Free. This means you can add whatever Shield, SpellBook, or weapon you want. The suit uses HOM and ORNI. You can supply those yourself. Those do not come with the suit. YOu can use this suit for pure mage and add a sick scrappers. or you can add weapon and shield that maybe has additional fire resist or you can add more HCI DCI and DI. Please icq me at 204-825-911 or stop by my atlantic shop in the SW side of luna. I am willing to sell cross shard as well

    2nd Suit:

    100% Lower Reagent Cost
    100% Medable Armor
    38% Lower Mana Cost
    6/2 Casting
    Mana Regeneration + 4
    Hit Point Regeneration + 4
    Stamina Regenertion + 6
    Damage Increase + 20%
    Defense Chance increase + 15%
    Hit Chance Increase + 15%
    Spell Damage Increase + 12%
    Night Sight
    Dexterity + 8

    This Suit is Hands Free. This means you can add whatever Shield and weapon you want. This means you can add more HCI, DCI,DI or whatever you want. All the Lower Mana Cost is in the Armor. please ICq me with questions or answers. The suit Does Require INquizuitors and ORNI. YOu need to supply them yourself. This will make it possible for you to buy at your price not mine. As said before. Stop in at my atlantic shop in the SW side of luna. Thank you. ICq 204-825-911