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Selling: 2x Inquis 23mil each. Selling/Buying high end jewelry.

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by Nystul, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Nystul

    Nystul Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Selling 2 pairs of Inquisitor's Resolution.
    One pair is the default Invul Blue the other pair dyed Shadow Dancer Black.

    23mil each obo (Will take trades in barbed runics, decent jewelry etc.)

    Looking for jewels w/ a combination of the following properties:

    Stat Mods (Dex/Int prefered)

    Crazy dual/tri stat mod pieces w/ just HCI also work. Just PM me what kinda stuff you got laying around and I'll respond back if I'm interested or not. Thanks.

    (PM offers if you have them on the higher end items or they rot away in my house ;*( )
    **20EP, 12HCI, 13DCI, 15LRC, 19DI
    **13Necro, 13Taming, 15Magery, 9LRC (41 good skill points w/ lrc!)
    12Taming, 25EP, 15HCI
    11HCI, 11DCI, 6LMC, 15LRC, 11Physical
    6Int, 25EP, 11HCI, 11DCI
    14HCI, 2FCR, 1FC, 15LRC, 12PoisonResist
    15EP, 15HCI, 4DCI, 1FCR, 14DI
    14Healing, 12Tactics, 14HCI, 2FCR, 19DI
    12Parry, 12Tactics, 20EP, 10HCI, 11EnergyResist
    10Chiv, 11Focus, 12Taming, 11HCI, 14DCI
    11HCI, 7DCI, 6SDI, 17LRC, 7FireResist
    12Med, 91Luck, 13HCI, 13DCI, 11PoisonResist
    11Wrestle, 7Int, 20EP, 15HCI, 17LRC
    11Archery, 7Str, 13HCI, 20DI, 13PoisonResist
    5Dex, 15HCI, FCR2, 4LMC, 14ColdResist
    6Dex, 20EP, 12DCI, 18LRC, 20DI
    5Taming, 15Magery, 10HCI, 1FCR, 1FC
    6Med, 2FCR, 1FC, 4LMC, 13LRC
    2Str, 2FCR, 1FC, 7LMC, 10LRC
    6Vet, 13Taming, 9Magery, 11SDI, 1FC
    15Peace, 6Dex, 10SDI, 3FCR, 17DI
    11HCI, 12DCI, 19DI, 11FireResist

    (PM offers if you have them on the higher end items or they rot away in my house ;*( )
    6Int, 25EP, 14HCI, 2FCR
    20EP, 3Dex, 13HCI, 5DCI, 13DI
    11Lore, 12Taming, 12HCI, 13LRC, 18DI
    13Bushido, 6Str, 14HCI, 13EnergyResist
    7Str, 7Int, 12HCI, 12DCI, 12Discordance
    14Bushido, 12Parry, 7Int, 11HCI, 20DI
    14HCI, 11DCI, 12LRC
    12Vet, 6Int, 13HCI, 11DCI, 7LMC
    7STR, 8HCI, 8DCI, 21DI, 14PoisonResist
    13HCI, 13DCI, FCR2, 12PoisonResist
    12Healing, 11Taming, 12HCI, 9SDI, 6LMC
    15Taming, 6Str, 10HCI, 19DI
    5Str, 11HCI, 5LMC, 14LRC
    11Resist, 11SS, 12HCI, 7LMC, 19DI
    15 Ninjitsu, 14Magery, 13DCI, 1FC, 6LMC
    13Anatomy, 12Taming, 12Fencing, 12HCI, 3FCR
    14HCI, 12DCI, 1FC, 14PoisonResist