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Selling A Ton Of Jewelry - See Inside

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by Zolaf, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Zolaf

    Zolaf Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 10, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Hello, I have about 200 jewels that need to go! Please icq me with offers at 275-249-026. I'd appreciate only serious offers, thank you. I will update this list as things are being sold, so hurry and get yours today! Here they are in no particular order (note: 1/3 = 1fc 3fcr, 1/0 = 1fc)(make sure to check +skill ones for your mods also!!!):

    10hci 11dci 0/3 4lmc
    5dex 15ep 8hci 0/3
    8dci 10sdi 1/2 13energy
    15hci 11dci 4lmc
    ns 25ep 14dci 0/3 19di
    7sdi 1/3 4energy
    8hci 7sdi 1/2 17di
    0/3 11lrc 12di 9energy
    12dci 20di 14phys 14poison
    20ep 1/3 5fire
    10hci 0/2 5lmc 10cold 10 poison
    50ep 1/0 10di
    4dex 1/2 9phys
    1str 20lrc
    0/2 7lmc 12di
    8str 10hci 9dci 9di
    7str 11hci 1/2 13poison
    4intel 10hci 1/2
    4intel 20ep 15hci 9dci 9sdi
    12hci 0/3 4lmc 9fire 8energy
    15dci 9sdi 6lmc 14poison
    1str 1/2 17lrc 1di
    5dex 10ep 8dci 0/3 9energy
    0/3 18lrc 19di
    4intel 10hci 12dci 1/0
    12dci 6sdi 7lrc 15di 9poison
    3intel 12hci 1/3 7cold
    ns 12hci 12dci 13phys 10energy
    5intel 15ep 10dci 0/2 9cold
    4dex 25ep 0/2 6lmc
    20ep 11dci 6lmc 16lrc
    6intel 15ep 0/2 4lmc 10poison
    4dex 8hci 13dci 9energy
    8dci 0/3

    (all have +skill here)
    14mace 4str 15ep 15dci 21di
    12fencing 12dci 0/3 13di
    12bushido 12tactics 11dci 12poison
    10taming 0/2 3lmc 9poison
    13ncro 12provo 6str 0/3 11poison
    12taming 7intel 12dci 13cold
    12lore 12taming 6mace 5ep 1/0
    5lore 7taming 4sdi 4lmc 4phys
    12taming 7str 6dex 11dci 20di
    10lore 11taming 4swords 6str
    10vet 8taming 3intel 1/0
    13lore 11hci 7lmc 16lrc 12energy
    13chiv 11music 13hci 1/0
    5chiv 11swords 15ep 4sdi 0/3
    12fencing 12hci 1/0 18lrc
    12anat 11fencing 0/3 20di 11energy
    10tact 9dci 1/3
    8 disco 14dci 3lmc 19di 6phys
    12mace 11hci 10sdi 1/0 12phys
    13swords 10hci 0/2 9poison
    12disco 11taming 9music 4dex 7sdi
    12anat 13focus 12fencing 7str 16lrc
    9wrestle 9dci 0/2 15lrc 9fire
    8anat 11wrestle 15ep 13hci 0/3
    10vet 5intel 0/2 5lmc 16lrc
    9ninja 10wrestle 12dci 21di 8cold
    12ss 1/3 14phys 11fire
    9bushido 6ss 1/2 7lmc
    9anat 6swords 6intel 50ep
    7necro 5sdi 0/3 8lrc 5phys
    11healing 11vet 9taming 10phys 9fire
    8vet 6stealth 50ep 1/0
    12bush 6dex 25ep 12dci 16lrc
    12tact 7str 20ep 14dci 11cold
    7healing 7disco 1/3 7fire
    6disco 4str 2dex 0/2 9lrc
    4peace 7magery 0/2 8lrc 10poison
    8provo 25ep 10hci 7sdi 0/2
    5mace 10ep 1/3 7phys
    10bush 7mace 25ep 0/3 13phys
    9fencing 3sdi 1/2 13di
    5chiv 9bush 4intel 10dci 0/3
    8 archery 8hci 0/3
    14fencing 6str 25ep 1/0 14lrc
    13chiv 8intel 25ep 19lrc 12poison
    11resist 10wrestle 0/3 14lrc
    7mace 20ep 1/2 6fire
    11provo 7sdi 0/3 6lmc 8energy
    5anat 6hci 1/3 4lmc
    13chiv 5taming 5hci 0/2 7phsy
    5parry 2dex 8hci 1/2
    12ss 20ep 11dci 7lmc 11energy
    10ss 10hci 10dci 10sdi 12poison
    11ninja 12hci 12dci 9sdi 1/0
    7bush 25ep 8hci 0/3
    15necro 6dex 11sdi 16lrc 13fire
    9bush 6str 1/0 5lmc 16di
    14lore 4intel 0/2 11lrc 8phys
    13ninja 6eval 7wrestle 7music 6dex
    10chiv 11necro 11swords 7str 11energy
    11focus 6dex 1/0 6lmc 20di
    12resist 11hci 12dci 6lmc
    11stealth 2intel 8hci 12dci
    10lore 12dci 0/2 12phys
    5focus 5str 5dex 5intel 6lmc
    10parry 4dex 12dci 1/0 18di
    14necro 11focus 12fire

    braces (finally lol):
    14hci 0/2 15di 8phys 10cold
    11dci 0/3 4lmc 11fire
    20ep 11dci 22di 11phys 13cold
    0/3 19lrc
    4dex 5intel 10hci 8dci 1/0
    20ep 10hci 9sdi 1/0 5lmc
    5dex 25ep 10hci 1/0 12lrc
    0/3 13lrc
    10ep 3lmc 13lrc 10fire
    2mr 4cold
    2mr 6energy
    2hpr 11cold
    3intel 7dci 0/3 11lrc 5poison
    4intel 9dci 1/2 15di
    2mr 5dci 5sdi 0/2
    3dex 6dci 1/3
    8dci 0/3 7lmc
    9hci 5sdi 0/3 7di 4cold
    1/3 10di
    0/3 10lrc
    20ep 4lmc 10fire
    9hci 0/3 8fire
    20ep 12hci 14dci
    4intel 25ep 6hci 15dci 3fire
    6str 11hci 11dci 15lrc
    6sdi 1/3 8energy
    5str 6dex 11dci 18di
    1dci 1/2 13lrc 3cold
    0/3 11lrc 11energy
    20ep 1/2 4lrc

    (all have +skill here)
    10healing 10swords 6intel 10dci 0/2
    8necro 11ss 1/2 4phys
    13taming 11hci 22di
    12ss 11mace 8dci 0/2 19di
    11chiv 15stealing 14stealth 21di 14energy
    10taming 8sdi 0/2 8phys 8poison
    11ninja 13hci 15lrc 14phys
    14resist 12necro 5ss 10sdi 7lrc
    9lore 11taming 5dex 12phys 11energy
    11bush 8focus 10swords 5str 12phys 11energy
    15ss 12 13phys 9cold
    7archery 10hci 8dci 1/0
    11parry 12hci 0/3
    11necro 11taming 11hci 12dci 19di
    12disco 25ep 11hci 7sdi 9poison
    11stealth 5hci 5dci 0/3 5lmc
    13fencing 7dex 12hci 16lrc 13poison
    13eval 14lore 13hci 1/0 11cold
    11taming 4intel 20ep 14hci 10lrc
    11focus 6dex 20ep 4lmc
    9lore 12dci 6lmc 13lrc 9fire
    13music 7str 6intel 15lrc 11energy
    8fencing 2str 0/3 13lrc
    11tact 14fencing 6intel 10hci 10sdi
    10stealing 15dci 12fire 10poison
    12vet 13ss 8sdi 5lmc
    6healing 9focus 2mr 4fire 6cold
    8peace 1str 2mr 2lmc
    7tact 14music 6lmc 16lr
    6eval 5ep 1/3 5cold
    10fencing 5dex 1/2 13lrc
    7peace 3dex 8hci 0/3
    5ss 1/3 4fire
    14parry 1/3 9cold 6poison
    8anat 5focus 8hci 0/3 8di
    6music 0/3 13lrc
    11swords 6str 20ep 12dci 12sdi
    11ninja 13taming 13dci 0/3
    9archery 5ep 11hci 7dci 12cold
    10taming 4str 4dex 12hci 9cold
    9stealing 5tact 4str 12hci 8dci
    10stealth 11hci 10dci 15fire 10cold
    11magery 7str 6intel 10dci 8phys
    10disco 12music 1/2 18di
    10ninja 11eval 15wrestle 11magery
    10eval 15ep 12dci 0/2 11cold
    8ss 13music 9hci 1/0 12lrc
    8focus 5ep 0/3 10lrc 3phys
    13lore 5ep 1/3 18di
    5wrestle 20ep 8hci 12dci
    13resist 8hci 11dci 14di 8fire
    12med 10music 4str 9hci 13fire
    10magery 30ep 20lrc 10poison (bauble)
    15necro 7provo