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selling account

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by EndlessNights, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. account is 25 mo. old. my account is inactive at the moment so ill only post wat i can remember. certain arties will b left out until i activate the acct and recall every detail.

    on legends i have 6 chars.

    char 1-legendary tamer *THIS CHAR CAN SOLO DOOM*
    suit- 14 mr, 40 lmc, 100lrc, 1200+ luck
    pets- 2 g-drags fully trained, 1 cu fully trained, 1 beetle fully trained, 1 nightmare fully trained, 1 white wyrm 3/4 trained
    arties he wears-aof, crimmy, bleue jewelry set, pom, museum luck book, museum luck shield, divine countenance, blessed robe of equinox, blessed "of exceptional quality" cloak (rare), birds of brit tali

    char 2- legendary archer
    suit- 70/70/67/70/75 35lmc, 14mr, 50di, 40hci
    arties he wears- mace and shield glasses
    rides charger
    has mostly pvp bows, all worth mils each

    char 3- legendary swordsman *THIS CHAR CAN SOLO DOOM*
    suit- 70/70/70/68/75 40lmc, 13mr, 35hci
    arties he wears- light of way glasses, stitchers
    has weps that are made for doom

    char 4- elder necro/mage
    suit isnt perfect, not sure the exact numbers
    made for fel spawns

    char 5- crafter
    gm tailoring/fletching/bowcraft/alchemist
    tons and tons of bods/cloth/regs/bottles/kegs

    char 6-gm thief/stealther
    not an exact suit for this char
    good for doom, never worked him much

    i also have a few chars on drachs

    char 1-elder fencer
    not sure the exact numbers
    arties he wears- kasa of rajin, crimmy, rune beetle carapace, pom
    rides a charger
    weps made for pvp, worth mils

    char 2-thief
    not sure stats, havent played on drachs in yrs

    char 3- necro mage
    same as above
    wears stitchers mittens, museum 1/1 shield

    2 more chars im not sure of

    other arties on legends include spirit of totem, orny etc. legends also comes with a keep loaded with armor, weps, pots, pvp aids, rares, etc. the total acct has approx. 25mil in gold, which can be used towards the payment of the acct if desired. PM me with questions and offers.

  2. jradar71

    jradar71 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 2, 2005
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    contact me on ICQ 433082710