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Selling: Account

Discussion in 'UO Oceania Trade' started by the kiwi, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. the kiwi

    the kiwi Guest

    Blue mage:
    Eval, Mage, resist 120
    scribe 100
    poisoning 80

    stats 122 str 10 dex 123 int (255)

    (caps, bushido, mace fighting, swords, parrying 120)

    Red Mage

    eval mage resist 120
    SS 114.6 (cap 115)
    necro 100

    stats 115 str 15 dex 125 int (255)

    caps ( 120 arch, ninja, swords)

    red tamer

    120 archery
    109.6 lore
    100 vet
    93.8 hiding
    87.4 stealth
    83.1 taming
    79 chiv

    stats 120 str 78 dex 42 int (240)

    (caps 120 resist)

    blue archer

    120 tactics
    114.7 archery (115 cap)
    112.9 anat (115 cap)
    100 hiding
    82.9 healing
    80 resist
    66 chiv
    stats 94 str 118 dex 43 int (255)

    red char...
    not really skiled atm, most on soulstones
    107.4 anat
    89.1 healing

    stats 100 str 125 dex 20 int (245)

    (caps 120 tact, ninja)

    blue ex tamer
    no skills on atm, 100 str 25 dex 100 int

    Most chars have dyed hair.. and account is old enough to use swamp dragons, however old that may be.
    3 big soulstones (120 mace, swords, ninja)
    few little ones.. 110 and 100 bush the only interesting things.
    account says 65 months old, whatever that is it uses ethy swampies.
    icq 89552631 for offers, RL$$$ only.

    Whoever buys it will get the keep, with alot of random armor, most being reasonable. alot of weapons such as sc no-fc heavy xbow 15 hci, cutlass scno-fc hci 13 dci 10 LD 22%, heaps of stuff like that. and whatever jewels are lying abuot on chars and in banks etc. the blue archers jewels are excellent.

    Option of buying a LRC suit
    resists : (with scribe bonus)
    MR 10 LMC 35%
    hpi +4
    SDI 15%, HCI 13, DCI 22% 2/6
    artis include hom aof orny

    doesn't include crimson cinture weapon or shield, but whoever gets the account, there are the weapons listed above, and a few SCno-fc shields, 12 hci 14 dci and a few random ones with hci

    heaps of random tokuno artis and blah blah, few major arties which are lying around, staff of magi is one, but relaly its just bits and pieces lying around.. that all comes free with the account as i can't be bothered looking through everything.

    anyway my icq is 89552631, rl $$ only. no paypal. NZ or AU dollars