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[Selling] Selling Alot Of Items & Account For Super Cheap!! - Take A Look

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Flaton, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Flaton

    Flaton Guest

    Hello, im wanting to sell the items i have and an account. Im willing to sell the items alone or the whole account with items (what i prefer)
    Im willing to let this go for super cheap as im having some RL problems and need the money badly. the characters and items are on the lake superior shard
    Here is the items list and more information:

    Pendant Of The Magi x 3
    Scrappers x 4
    Quiver Of Infinity x 8
    Ornament Of The Magician (Cursed) x 2
    Spell Woven Britches x 1
    Snake Skin Boots x 2
    Copper Robe x 1
    Bronze Robe x 1
    Ice White Robe x 1
    Dark Grey Robe x 1
    Europa Gold Robe (Blessed) x 1
    Rainbow Rare Robe (One Of Two On Shard) x 1
    Ethereal Beetle x4
    Ethereal Ki Rin x2
    Ethereal Ridgeback x1
    Ethereal Unicorn x2
    Ethereal Horse x1
    Ethereal Llama x3
    Ethereal Ostard x1
    Charger Of The Fallen Stattue x2
    120 Peacemaking x2
    120 Chivarly x2
    120 Ninjitsu x2
    120 Wrestling x2
    120 Focus x1
    120 Provocation x1
    120 Mace Fighting x1
    120 Animal Taming x1
    120 Bushido x1
    120 Resisting Spells x2
    120 Animal Lore x2
    Hooded Robe Of Umbra x3
    Sorcerers Set (100RLC 5LMC 2MR 10DCI 6INT ALL 70s) x1
    Full Set Of Virtue Armor x1
    Staff Of The Magi x1
    Staff Of The Pyros x2
    Spring Cleaning Luck Set x1
    Spring Cleaning New Braclet x2
    Primer On Arms Library Tailsman x1
    Arcane Shield x2
    Rune Beetle Carapce x1
    Royal Leggings Of Ember x3
    Ancient Samurai Helm x1
    Stormgrip x1
    The Redeemer x1
    Sword Of Justice - Vesper Musuem (SC -1 100 Luck Sle Slayer) x1
    Leggings Of Bane x1
    Jackals Collar x1
    Helm Of Insight x1
    Powder Of Fortification 10 Charges x 10
    Spring Decor Tokens x 4
    Full Soulstone Token x 1
    UO Eighth Anniversary Token x 3
    Soulstone Fragment Token x 3
    Member Of The Royal Brittian Guard (Old Sashes Not The New Spring Ones) x1
    Atlantic Blue Rare Robe (Blessed) x 1
    Ring With 1/3 LRC 10 HCI 10 Energy Resist 9
    Ankh Pendants x5
    Chest Of Heirlooms x 1
    Glass Dagger x 7
    Heritage Token x 34
    Shadow Items Token x1
    Spirit Of The Totem (Cursed) x1
    Jaana's Staff x1
    Virtue Armor x1
    1 Million Gold Checks x10
    Ankh 5th Yr Vet Reward x4
    Fountain Of Life x 38
    Dexxer Suit With The Following Stats & Items:
    DI 65
    HCI 50
    DCI 17
    LMC 30
    73 Physical
    67 Fire
    68 Cold
    83 Poison
    69 Energy
    Dex Bonus 33
    Str Bonus 10
    Int Bonus 8
    Hit Point Regen 6
    Mana Regen 5
    Hit Point Inc 10
    Stamina Inc 8
    Mana Inc 14
    Enhance Potions 20%
    Luck 125
    Hit Lower Defense 30%

    Mace & Shield Glasses
    Jackals Collar
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Ring Of The Vile
    Totem Of The Void
    Leggings Of Bane
    Quiver Of Infinity
    Crimson Cincture
    A Dark Grey Robe
    Double Blessed Black Sandals
    Sleeves With MR2 MI4 LMC5 6/23/5/8/23

    Lucky Sculptures x3
    Ring Of The Vile x1
    Clothing Bless Deed x3

    Dexxer Suit With The Following Stats & Items
    HCI 43
    LMC 40
    DI 22
    HPR 2
    SR 6
    MR 6
    SI 9
    MI 10
    Reflect Physical Damage 24
    83 Physical
    72 Fire
    71 Cold
    105 Poison
    56 Energy

    Totem Of The Void
    Spirit Of The Totem
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Ring Of The Vile
    Braclet With 7STR 13HCI 22DI 13 Fire Resist
    Leggings With 17/5/19/16/10 SI5 LMC5
    Gloves With 20/21/6/22/8 MR1 RPD 9
    Gorget With 10/8/19/19/6 MR2 LMC4
    Sleeves With 16/19/5/21/7 LMC6 SI4

    Totem Of The Void x1
    Armor Of Fortune (Cursed) x1
    Clanins Spellbook x1

    Mage Suit With The Following Stats & Items:
    DCI 20
    DI 50
    LRC 109
    LMC 44
    FC 3
    FCR 6
    SDI 15
    Dex Bonus 5
    Int Bonus 18
    HPR 4
    MR 8
    HPI 10
    MI 4
    Luck 300

    42 Physical
    72 Fire
    80 Poison
    64 Cold
    86 Energy

    Armor Of Fortune (Dyed Rare Old School Tub Blue)
    Hat Of The Magi (Blessed) (Pure White)
    Quiver Of Infinity
    Totem Of The Void
    Inquisators Resoloution
    Ring Of The Elements
    Ornament Of The Magician
    Staff Of The Magi
    Crimson Cincture
    Sleeves With 6/23/6/20/7 MR1 LMC6 SI3
    Legs With 14/21/8/18/7 LRC 19 MI4

    Night Sight Earrings x 9
    Tome Of Lost Knowledge x1
    Treastie On Alchemy Library Tailsman x1
    Beehive x1
    Egg Nest x1
    Yucca Trees x2
    Bamboo Tree x1
    Rose Of Trinsic x3
    120 Tactics x1
    Full Set Of Spring T-Shirts x1

    Dexxer Suit With The Following Items & Stats:

    DCI 11
    HCI 40
    LMC 36
    Str Bonus 20
    Dex Bonus 17
    Int Bonus 6
    HPR 5
    SR 6
    MR 8
    HPI 10
    MI 22
    RPD 15
    70 Physical
    83 Fire
    82 Poison
    72 Cold
    61 Energy

    Spirit Of The Totem
    Ring Of The Vile
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Crimson Cincture
    A Dark Grey Robe
    Quiver Of Infinity x2
    Snake Skin Boots
    Braclet With Dex 4 Int 6 HCI 10 DCI 6 LMC 5
    Sleeves With MR2 14/17/16/21/9
    Mempo With MI 5 15/17/21/17/12
    Gloves With MR1 LMC6 6/21/8/7/16

    Blight Gripped Longbow
    Composite Bow With Hit Harm 34 Balanced SSI 35 DI 40
    Royal Britannian Guard Sashes x3
    Old School Hair Dye x1
    Bed Of Nails x1
    Pixies x5
    Heavy Cross Bow With Hit Stam Leech 40 Hit Fireball 38 SSI 35 Hit Life Leech 38 LR20 Terathen Slayer

    The Account Is Active Until August 6th
    Its 77 Months Old So Far & All The Characters Are Pretty Much Scrolled Out
    Comes With A 18x18 Plot Between Wrong & Ice Dungeon
    There is alot of other items on the account that im not gonna list one by one including rubble about 20k in enhanced aids pvp supplies etc, also ALOT of 10s + 15s powerscrolls
    Account Has NO PAST RECORDS With EA
    UOAssist Registered Upgraded All The Way Up To 9th Anni

    The Characters:

    Number 1:
    Red With 22 Counts
    115 Anatomy
    115 Archery
    100 Healing
    100 Hiding
    120 Ninjtsu
    90 Stealth
    100 Tactics

    Number 2:
    Blue With 0 Counts
    120 Tailoring
    99.2 Bowcrafting
    100 Alchemy
    100 Arms Lore
    100 Carpentry
    98.3 Blacksmithy
    60 Magery

    Number 3:
    Red With 191 Counts
    120 Magery
    120 Eval Int
    115 Resist
    120 Spirit Speak
    113.7 Necromancy (Scrolled To 120)
    120 Meditation

    Number 4:
    Blue With 0 Counts
    104.7 Eval
    100.2 Magery
    106.0 Med
    100.4 Wrestling

    Number 5:
    100 Anatomy
    110 Bushido
    60 Chivarly
    112.3 Fencing (Scrolled To 120)
    100 Healing
    104.3 Parrying
    113.5 Tactics

    Number 6:
    102.0 Eval Int
    100.1 Magery
    75.1 Med
    110 Music
    115 Necromancy
    110 Peacemaking
    110 Spirit Speak

    For Any Other Questions Please ICQ Me At 376458645
    Ill be taking offers threw ICQ & On Here for a couple days
    Once the bidding is closed i can only accept westren union due to the fact i currently work in the middle east and paypal isn't working properly for recieving money
    The westren union fee will be paid by the buyer its 10 dollars after you send the payment you give me the required information and i trace the transfer then e-mail you the username and PW for the account that has the items.
  2. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby Guest

    Beware of this guy....he will scam you, as he tried to do to me last night.
  3. Noobish Noob

    Noobish Noob Guest

    *sniffs shoes* I smell crap.
  4. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
    Likes Received:
    sales for cash are not allowed here anyway