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Selling Arties\Tokens Zoo armor and more *UPDATED*

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by Dirty Old Man, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Im selling a buch of stuff on Cats. Please help me clean my house :)
    heres the list.
    All items moved to Vendors at the IDOC Pirates Mall runes regularly dropped to the mall at Luna Bank
    list updated and More added to list
    Dirty Old Man

    Horned Runic Sewing Kits 375k x3


    Evil Furniture 200k x4
    Spring D├ęcor 250k x6
    Personal Attendant Token 400k

    Token Rewards

    Samurai Helm 100k x2
    Holy Sword 100k x1
    Shamino's Crossbow 100k x2
    Rose Of Trinsic 100k x2
    Dupre's Shield 200k x1

    Moonglow Zoo Statuettes 2 m each

    Zoo Leather Armor set Male 4 pieces 6m each
    15LRC 10 RPD 3 MI 3 SR and 10 to each resist

    Zoo Plate Armor 6m each
    (mage) 100 luck 2 SR 10 DCI and 10 to each resist
    gorget,arms,chest and gloves

    Evil Furniture Items
    Bone Furniture Deeds 50k x5
    Portrait Deeds 50k x1
    Mounted Pixie Deeds 30k x5
    Haunted Mirror Deeds 50k x1

    Veteran Rewards

    Banner x4 900k each

    Dye Tubs
    Black 60k x2
    Furniture 60k x1
    Special 60k x1
    Leather 150k x1

    Vet Reward Statuettes
    5 Dragon 3 deamon 3 lich 30 k each

    Jet Black Dbl (Blessed) sandals 5m
    Charcoal (Blessed) sandals (not Dbl Blessed) 2m

    Fetid Essesence Statue x2 95k each
    Full Virtue Tile Set (9) 8m
    Bleue Set 15m
    Hooded Shroud of Shadows 4 m

    Helm of Insight 350k
    Gauntlets of Nobility 600k
    Leggings of Bane 850k
    Tunic of Fire 550k
    Spell woven Britches 200k
    Burglars Bandana 50k
    Full Darkwood Set (elves only) 1m
    Aos Robe (2 tone Dark Blue/Green) and Doublet Purple 100 k each
    AoS Sandles Neon Green 175k
    Ranger Armor Sets 100k a set
    3 shirts from spring clean up (Free Ricardo,
    I survived the ophidian war and
    I Saved the day and all i got was this lousy shirt 75k each

    Assassin Armor Tunic
    Greymist arms and gloves
    leafweave legs and gloves
    myrmidon armor legs gloves and arms all 35k a piece
  2. I've tried to price these items fairly if I'm way wrong let me know also if someone wants to save me some trouble and make a bulk buy send me an offer with a PM.
  3. Lowered some prices and added more items :D

    Dirty Old Man
  4. :D Bump :D

    All Items Moved to the IDOC Pirates Mall Runes regularly dropped at Luna Bank
    or Pm me and i'll bring items to you