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[Selling] ** Selling Blaze Cu Sidhe **

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by booyakka, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. booyakka

    booyakka Guest

    Selling Blaze Cu Sidhe.

    539 HP
    125 stam
    273 mana
    610 str
    125 dex
    273 intel

    resists :
    52 27 77 30 77

    Price : 400 Mill

    Trade will be done through a verified broker both parties trust, or done through a house transfer (gold lockdown).

    ICQ me at 252-065-973 or PM me here.

  2. Lord_British

    Lord_British Guest

    always thought house trade and animal trade had to go first. Wouldn't this conflict if you used a house to do the trade?
  3. booyakka

    booyakka Guest

    Have not done it before, but I believe the buyer would lock down gold in chests inside the house ... then trade the house in the standard trade window in which I would put the pet.

    I guess I would prefer a reputable broker then, to keep things simple.
  4. house4saleUO

    house4saleUO Guest

    400MIL wow they going for that much now? I have 2 in the stables. JK

    Bai of Baja. If your not OoOooOoOooing, then your not UOing