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[Sonoma] Selling Dread Warhorse

Discussion in 'Pet Procurers Inc' started by Polar_Man, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Polar_Man

    Polar_Man Guest

    I'm On sonoma and I'm Planning on selling 1 Dread Warhorse.
    Hp: 563 | Physical 73%
    Stamina: 125 | Fire 36%
    Mana: 130 | Cold 32%
    STR: 527 | Poison 51%
    DEX: 125 | Energy 47%
    INT: 130
    Gm'd skills: Wrestling tactics meditation
    Eval and anatomy are less then 5 points away from being gm'd
    Resist spells is in the high 80's at the moment.
    It's a trained warhorse which I am planning on training more while i wait for buyers. Since I have multiple dreads though i doubt resist spells will reach gm.
    At 563 health you have more health then any other 3 slot, as well as 4 slot pet, and the way i see it, if your opponent be it player or monster was capable of doing 563 without you healing it, then that fight has already been lost.
    So with that said I'm asking for somewhere around 65 mill.
    I'm flexible to any reasonable offers over 30 mill, as well as gold + item deals depending on the items.
    my icq is 626246841.
    my name on the game is Polar Man which i always play my tamer.
    You can post any offers here or by contacting me.
    I'll sell to the best offer at the end of the week, but if a high end offer is made it might be sold on the spot.
    if I get no offers i like i'll just keep it for another time.
  2. Polar_Man

    Polar_Man Guest

    I would like to note the last dread to sell on Sonoma was 80 million it had lower resists except same fire, and had 627 hp.
    considering mine has higher total resists but with a slightly less hp pool I still lowered the price due to thinking 80 mill is a bit overpriced.
  3. Polar_Man

    Polar_Man Guest

    And this dreads down.
    I'll probably be posting more dreads later.