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[Selling] Selling Elite Things Cheap

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by WhityJinn, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. WhityJinn

    WhityJinn Guest

    Good day there.I`ve got a few nice items, and I would like to sell them all as soon as possible.So, I will sell them at much lower prices than the standard.
    So, first of all, I would like a price check on the Items.

    10 Parasite Plants

    Hanzo`s Bow

    The Destroyer

    Peasants Bokuto

    Gargish Ring +11 archery +12 anatomy LMC 5%

    Fey Leggings

    Ring +15 Necromancy LMC 7% DI 13%

    Ultima Banner and a 12th Anniversary Gift Bag

    Blessed Sandals "Trader Roxxors Age of Shadows

    Legs of Honor

    Gauntlets of Valor

    Gorget of Honesty x2

    Sollerets of Sacrifice

    Bone armour parts dyed different shades of blue

    Medusa Statuette

    Several old items with spell charges on them

    PM me or ICQ 421249505
    The bows Windsong and Wildfire
  2. WhityJinn

    WhityJinn Guest

    Hey, I need a price check on these items!
  3. Below is prices

    Parasitic Plant-10k

    Hanzo`s Bow-500-750k

    The Destroyer-50-100k

    Peasants Bokuto-50-100k

    Gargish Ring +11 archery +12 anatomy LMC 5%-5k? anyone can imbue these stats

    Ring +15 Necromancy LMC 7% DI 13%-5k? anyone imbue these stats

    Fey Leggings-450-700k

    Ultima Banner-10-50k

    12th Anniversary Gift Bag-Depends on color, If its Neon color bag alone can fetch 10-20mill, if it just a plain bag, price is 500-2500gp worthless really unless neon

    Blessed Sandals "Trader Roxxors Age of Shadows"-50k-250k

    Legs of Honor - 5-10k

    Gauntlets of Valor - 5-10k Maybe 10-20k for full set of virtue armor

    Gorget of Honesty x2 - 5-10k

    Sollerets of Sacrifice
    - 5-10k

    Bone armour parts dyed different shades of blue- 1-2k unless stats are off the charts,

    Medusa Statuette- 50-150k

    Several old items with spell charges on them-1-50k

    If you have anymore questions yell.
  4. Wildfire Bow-10-20k
  5. WhityJinn

    WhityJinn Guest

    the 12 anniversary bag is suntin like red neon, yes, and the bone armours are just unusually colored, not like the colours of different types of leather they can be made of.

  6. So maybe the bag is worth, I couldn't tell you without a picture, But the bone armor is prob just dyed with tokuno dyes, which in this case prices remains the same.
  7. WhityJinn

    WhityJinn Guest

    who would die PLAIN bone armour (not some cool pvp stuff with resists and mods and what not) with tokuno dies?I think they are died somehow else, and the previous owner said sumtin about "i thought those armours are worth something, but then all the new dies came out".

    I`m gonna take a few pictures of the armor and the bag.
  8. Players dye bone armor all the time, you might be referring "Daemon Bone Armor or Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Set" if thats the case, than its worth a little more.

    but if its just "Plain" bone armor with tokuno dye'ed (Unless Purple'ish color, Sigil) its worthless.