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Selling EM Items and More on Legends for Cash *1/2 OFF* UPDATED

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Guest, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, it has come time for me to sell the bulk of my UO stuff off. I will only be accepting Money Orders for the items. If you have dealt with me in the past, then I will be accepting Paypal. Please PM, ICQ 376026010, or Post here if interested in the items. All items are on Legends unless it says another shard at the beginning of it. All items will need to be picked up on that shard. I will keep this updated as things change or sell. Please send me any comments. Here they are:

    Title says it all, all items are half price now!! The price listed below is still the orginal prices so take 1/2 of that price.

    EM Items

    1. Acolyte of Ocrmfg Ocig (Evil Mage Blue Robe)(Season 4 Sonoma Event) $45.00 *SOLD*

    2. Raiment of the Zessler Guard (Blessed)(Season 2 Legends Event) $50.00 *SOLD*

    3. Mistas Cider (Single)(Season 4 Pacific Event) $30.00 *SOLD*

    4. Haggis (Season 3 Legends Event) $30.00 *SOLD*

    5. Blood Drenched War Drum (Uses Remaining: 846)(Season 4 Legends Event) $45.00 *SOLD*

    6. A Tattered Piece of Clanin's Robe X 2 (Season 4 Great Lakes Event) $75.00 ea. *SOLD* 1 of Them *Sale Pending on Other 1*

    7. Rotgut Wine X 3 (Season 2 Legends Event) $30 ea. *Sale Pending All 3*

    8. Copper Semidar Paragon Chest (Season 4 Lake Austin Event) $10.00 *Sold*

    9. Partisan of Chaos Sash (Blessed)(Season 4 Baja Event) $20.00 *Sale Pending*

    10. A Damaged Poison Sac X 3 (Season 4 Pacific Event) $15.00 ea. *SOLD* All 3

    11. Kim Bob "Balhae" (Season 4 Balhae Event) $30.00

    12. Soju "Balhae" (Season 4 Balhae Event) $8.00 *SOLD*

    13. Pure Fire Peach "Balhae" (Season 4 Balhae Event) $8.00 *SOLD*

    14. Member of the Royal Britannian Guard Sashes X 8 (2 Pure White,2 Off White,1 Purple,1 Red,1 Light Blue,1 Blue) $5.00 ea. *SOLD* 2 of Them(Light Blue & Pure White)

    15. Arirang, Pure Fire Peach "Arirang" X 3 (Season 4 Arirang Event) $8.00 ea.

    16. Arirang, Pure White Apple "Arirang" X 3 (Season 4 Arirang Event) $8.00 ea.

    17. Arirang, Kim Bob "Arirang" (Season 4 Arirang Event) $30.00

    18. Arirang, Soju "Arirang" X 3 (Season 4 Arirang Event) $8.00 ea.

    19. Formosa, Soju "Formosa" (Season 4 Formosa Event) $8.00 ea

    20. Formosa, A Legendary Scroll of Power (+20 Maximum Stats)(Not Cursed)(Season 4 Formosa Event) $40.00 ea *Sale Pending*

    21. An Ultimate Scroll of Power (+25 Maximum Stats)(Not Cursed)(Season 4 Balhae Event) $60.00

    22. Europa, Member of the Royal Britannian Guard Sash (Gold) $5.00 ea. *SOLD*

    Other Items

    23. A Statue of Lathiari (Angel Statue)(Light Green) $10.00 *Sale Pending*

    24. A Statue of G'Splat (Angel Statue)(Light Blue) $10.00 *SOLD*

    25. Hooded Shroud of Shadows X 3 $15.00 ea.

    26. Hooded Robe of Umbra X 3 $5.00 ea.

    27. Charger of the Fallen X 3 $20.00 ea.

    28. Rideable Polar Bear X 2 $20.00 ea. *SOLD 1 of them*

    29. Europa, Soulstone Token (Blue Soulstone) $15.00 *SOLD*

    30. Europa, Character Transfer Token $15.00 *SOLD*

    31. Europa, Double Blessed Black Sandals X 3 $5.00 ea.

    I have alot of artifacts also but this is a start. If interested or have any questions, then drop me a line or post here. If you are interested in checking the items that are on Legends then go out the west gate of Luna, follow the wall north until you reach some houses, mine is a white one named K^D Museum. Also, if you commit to a said item, I will put "Pending Sale" by it until payment is received. Thanks
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To answer one of the questions I have been getting, yes my prices are negotiable. I just set the prices so there wouldn't be a guessing game. I will also cut deals for bulk deals. Everything is updated on current sales and anything pending at the moment.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    whats your conversion rate from gold to usd?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I used a conversion of 1.5-2 on most items. Some ended up being less, some more, depending on the item.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Do you plan on ever selling the items off for gold should the sales for cash fall through?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not sure about prices on legends, but some of the prices are exceedingly high in comparison to most shards....the umbra robes and chargers specifically come to mind....most shards you can get umbras for 500k-1m, and chargers 4-6m...at 1.5-2 dollars per that puts both items at far more than they can be found for in game....

    like i said though im not familiar with the prices on legends right now, so perhaps thats accurate there.....
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, I will be considering gold sales if the cash ones fall through, and just sell the gold off. I'm on my way out of the game [​IMG] and in the end everything will be sold off for the most part.

    As for the prices, yes some may be higher then normal. Legends prices are abit weird at times. That is why I put in there that I would accept offers, because some of them are based on Legends prices.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not that high....With the exception of one hooded robe of umbra for 2.5m on legends in luna, all of the rest range from 750k - 1.5m at least a full mil under your rate if you use two dollars as the conversion, if you use 1.5/mil as the conversion your price becomes 3.3m. As for chargers they range from 7.25m-7.8m in luna on legends....your price at a 2/m rate puts them at 10m, or 13.3m if you used 1.5/m

    Now if you were accepting paypal that would make sense due to the fee they charge the seller when they recieve money, but thats not the case for everyone, and even then the fee would be more than covered. Then add in the cost of a transfer to legends, and another to leave and at this point it's just become foolish to purchase either of these items unless you live on legends. Then again you could just buy the gold from a broker for the same conversion rate, and still spend less b/c the items are priced lower in luna....

    hmmm, yah I guess things on legends are weird.....
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, at any rate you are discussing the lower end items. Those would be more for the people that live on Legends. How many people do you know would transfer to another shard to pick up a Charger or other. Atleast I have set some sort of price, unlike many out there. Again I say that, for those actually interested, they can discuss the prices with me, but always appreciate the feedback. Also, on a side note, I do see Chargers for sale for 12m and up, whether they sell or not, that is another question.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I have decided to go half off on all the items. If interested, it will be first come first serve. The ones thats don't sell, I will then look at the gold offers that I have gotten. I do appreciate the gold offers, but it is much easier for me to get the money, instead of getting the gold and then having to sell the gold. I do still have all the gold offers recorded.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Updated with several items that sold. 8/09