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Selling Gold Runic Hammers (New 30ch on Europa) 4.5 mill each

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Emily the Bloody, May 22, 2008.

  1. Selling some gold runics on Europa at 4 mill each. Got 3 at the moment. ICQ 163-395-835 or leave a message here thanks. Will also consider trades, arties etc, icq me... also after a mark of trav with music and disco, or music and provo, or provo and disco if one exists.

    Willing to offer the following on trade ins:

    120 Bushido (2 mill)
    Mark of Trav - Music/Provo or Provo/Disco if available? (8 mill? maybe more?)
    Hunters (1.5 mill)
    120 Animal Taming (3 mill)
    120 Animal Lore (1 mill)
    Legacy Tokens x 3 (4 mill each)

    I have for trade:

    Gold Runics x3 (4 mill each)
    Bronze Runics x4 (600k each)
    Copper Runics x15 (125k each)
    Shadow Runics x 20 (30k each)
    Dull Copper Runics x 20 (15k each)
    Barbed Kits x 3 (2.5 mill each)
    Horned Kits x 3 (600k each)
    Spined Kits x 44 (100k each)
  2. New stuff listed 28th May