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Selling hiryus and cu sidhes on Origin

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Cacophonix, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Cacophonix

    Cacophonix Guest

    Time to clean out the stables a little. I have a few pets for sale. Here are the details. Make me an offer.

    Gold Hiryu
    Hits 530
    Strength 676
    Resists 60/88/18/48/41

    blueyellow hiryu
    Hits 454
    Strength 643
    Wrestling 104.8
    Resists 68/82/16/48/49

    iceblue hiryu
    Hits 479
    Strength 603
    Wrestling 101.2
    Resists 57/83/23/42/42

    Agapite Cu Sidhe
    Hits 580
    Strength 608
    Resists 65/34/81/42/81

    Ice White Cu Sidhe
    Hits 551
    Mana 280
    Strength 600
    Resists 61/35/83/35/83