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(Selling) Jewelry Set {Imbued} 104 Points +26 Ea Tame/Mage/Vet/Lore

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior Trade' started by DarkScripture, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Set has the following skills
    +26 Animal Taming
    +26 Animal Lore
    +26 Veterinary
    +26 Magery
    Dur 255/255
    Total of 104 Points
    Asking 4 Million
  2. Or best offer.
  3. JamezC

    JamezC Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 14, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I thought the maximum was 26 26 26 14 or something like that, but i know pretty much nothing about imbuing.

    Was that difficult to make?

    I'm sorry if you feel I'm wasting your time because i probably don't have near enough money to buy it. I don't even know how much it would go for.

    Thank you
    - James
  4. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    to answer your question James....to make the ring/bracer above with imbuing costs less than 20k combined

    the items require no expensive special ingredients to make... and are even underweight to the point where you could add any other ability you like to them with room to spare....

    that's just a FYI for you regarding your question
  5. I have no idea where walker gets his info but is very wrong in all counts.. The last mod added has very low success chance. This can cost more than 50k ALONE much less the other Skills for failures. Properties able to be added are done by weight. This set of jewelry carry a weight of 484/500 ea. At +13 skill the Intensity for each property is 120%. You could add ONE stat point which would bring it's weight to 497/500. I am not sure what value he puts on his imbuing ingredients but each try and failure to add these mod uses 4 Enchanter Essence PER TRY on Ea mod over 8 mods total on the set.. He VERY off on his price.. If not mayhaps he could make you a set for 50k and save his breath.

    . As for what I am willing to take. I am willing to take offers or trades. I listed my asking price and then modified it to take offers lower than I had listed days ago. PM me if you have something you deem worth trading.
  6. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    i was wrong in my assumption that skill was 1 weight w/o looking...it is 1.4

    that being said...you require no special ingredients to make this item....none

    essence is free for an imbuer as it's an unravel item....so no cost there....all you have is the cost of gems...which with out looking i'm assuming 8 per attempt

    so let's calculate this

    star saph 8 x1
    star saph 8 x1
    star saph 8 x3
    star saph 8x10
    cost of ring at most a couple iron ingots which are valueless...

    now i know star saphs aren't very expensive but i don't recall how much they are off the top of my head....so let's go with 100 gold each which is where most mid lvl gems fall


    that's 12,000 per item

    and while the last mod may take a few tries...the lowest success chance ive seen is around 15-17% at or around 500% so let's assume 10 attempts max(i've never gone beyond 10 attempts)

    is it possible? yes...but not likely...it's actually very likely you will do this in even less attempts

    so when i said you could do both items for 20k...i was off by 4k...max

    wrong on all accounts....no...i was only wrong on how much weight you have left at the end....because i was in class and couldn't reference anything

    i was dead on, on how much it costs for an imbuer to make....

    lol @ 50k for the last mod alone

    give me a break....i didn't care what you charged for your items...i was simply informing the guy on his question...

    it is not hard to make...and it is excessively cheap to make as far as imbuing goes....

    if you want to over charge people for something...don't do it on an open forum where you will be corrected....

    something you people don't realize yet(some how) is....imbuing did away with the need to have just random crap thrown up on your merchant and expect people to buy it because that's all there was....now it's about CUSTOMIZATION..... you will realize soon enough as more noobs come to understand the imbue process

    4 million.....lol
  7. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    JamezC, walker is absolutely correct. And to prove that point, if you "really" need a set of jewels like this on GL, PM me and I will arrange to make them for free for you, as I know you have a new char on GL. As for the 4M.....rolleyes::talktothehand:
  8. LionUWF

    LionUWF Guest

    If you need these on atlantic ill do for free, dont spend 4mil on em.lol.