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Selling Lake Austin Account ***SOLD!!!***

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by TheVampster, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. TheVampster

    TheVampster Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 20, 2003
    Likes Received:
    OK - Here it is - My Lake Austin Account

    55 Months, 9th Anniversary

    Mosiah’s Madness -Built on 2005-03-05
    28.44’N 51.49’E - E of Brit on coast, S of Compassion, SW of Cove
    18x18 (or close to it) Max Storage 2924 (20% increase)
    moving crate 931, lockdowns 572, secure 1318, available 103, Max Vendors = 50

    Total Gold = 1.5 million (spread out among all chars bank boxes, house, yes I added it all up)

    Guild (Mosiah as GM) - Lords of Power (no members)

    Characters - All Skill Caps = 720.0, All Max Stats = 240, except Asil = 255

    Nagash -
    Swords 112.7 scrolled at 115, Tactics 115, Parry 104.1 scrolled at 115, Healing 100.1 scrolled at 115, Anat 112.7 scrolled at 115, Chiv 84.4 Scrolled at 115, Focus 48.1, Spell Resist 42.9

    -Personal Bless Deed (on Soulseeker)

    Mosiah -
    Magery 100.9 Scrolled at 110, Eval Int 109.7 scrolled at 115, Meditation 115, Alchemy 100.0, Inscription 100.0, Cooking 100.0, Fishing 62.4, Taste ID 21.5, Focus 10.5

    - Personal Bless Deed (on Boomstick)
    - Personal Attendant Deed
    - Tome of Lost Knowledge

    Anvil -
    Blacksmithing 120.0, Mining 100.0, Tinkering 100.0, Carpentry 100.0, Lumberjacking 100.0, Bowcraft/Fletching 46.1, Swords 71.5 scrolled at 115, Tactics 30.4, Chiv 52.0,

    Asil Rellim - (ex-wife’s char - a little weird template)
    Tailoring 111.8 scrolled at 120, Swords 93.4 scrolled at 105, Chiv 88.7, Mining 95.8, Blacksmithing 70.5, Lumberjacking 90.9, Carpentry 86.1, Tinkering 42.2, Focus 57.6, Tactics 10, Stealing 6.0

    Grim Kedar - (was working on this one)
    Necro 55.3 scrolled at 110, Spirit Speak 65.6 scrolled at 110, Animal Taming 33.4 scrolled at 115, Animal Lore 85.4 scrolled at 115, Vet 91.6 scolled at 115, Magery 51.4, Meditation 67.5, Archery 35.7 scrolled at 110, Fencing 39.0 scrolled at 110, Tactics 37.2, Anat 43.5, Focus 60.0, Resist Spells 29.4, Hiding 16.2, Ninjitsu 8.7

    - Hooded Shroud of Shadows
    - Charger of the Fallen
    - Ossian Grimoire
    - Quiver of Infinity

    Some House Items:
    Soulstone, Heritage Tokens = 12 (among chars and in house), Guildstone

    Hearth of the Homefire, Ruined Bookcase, Iron Maiden, Coffin, Flaming Head, Full set of Pixies, Haunted Mirror, Boiling Cauldron, Sacrificial Alter, Fountain of Life, Tapestry of Sosaria, Dupres Shield, The Holy Sword x2, Hanging Swords

    Dawn’s Music Box: 40 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare

    Dye Tubs: Special/Black/Furny/Leather/Runebook

    Statues: Lich, Troll, Daemon, Lizard, Dragon, Gargoyle, Gorilla

    Other Items of Interest:
    Tome of Lost Knowledge, Tome of Enlightenment, Ship Model H.M.S Cape, Tainted Shrooms, The Redeemer, Hearty Rum, Aquarium, AOS Roses, Holiday Timepiece, Shadow/Crystal items, Shadow Token, Mini House Deeds, Honorable Swords of Motaki (dyed blue), Daemon Bone armor (Chest/Legs), Tragic Remains of the Travesty

    Many Regs, Many minor Rares, Hammers: Ancient + 10‘s, Bronze, Copper, Shadow, Various Weapons/Armor/Tools/Junk, Holiday Items

    Many Plants: Lots of different Cross-Breeding Plants, Plant guides, many resource producer seeds/plants

    Many Runebooks:
    (two libraries set up) Mondain, Tram Cities + Luna, Tram Dungeons + Doom + Tokuno, Fel Dungeons, Fel Cities, Fel Spawns, Mondain, Tamer, Hunting Places, Other Runebooks of Interesting Places, Anvil has a full set of Mining runebooks (dull copper - val) and some Lumberjacking runebooks but these might be useless now not sure… (Mosiah has copies of all these books on his char - he’s the one that made these books to sell, some of them I created them myself)

    ICQ: Thomas (The Vampster) - 21326231 or leave me a p.m. on Stratics

    if you want to get a hold of me on Yahoo Messenger or MSN to chat, p.m. me on Stratics and I'll give you my user names, either that or my Email whichever
  2. Hellsgate

    Hellsgate Guest

    do people even buy accounts anymore especially on a dead shard like LA?
  3. <blockquote><hr>

    do people even buy accounts anymore especially on a dead shard like LA?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    To answer this question:

    1. yes people buy accounts, but not for NEARLY what they used to be.. and it has to be PACKED with stuff

    2. I can't think of a reason someone would buy an account that is PRIMARILY on Lake Austin. If it was mostly GL, Pac, Atlantic etc.. and had secondary characters on LA - it would be of much higher benefit.
  4. The best thing to do is to sell to one of those stupid webistes, yes it'll prob be at a reduced price but easy and quick!