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Selling magery 115s, evals 115s, weapon engraver (8th year vet reward)

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Melissa Rohan, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I mainly deal on Europa but have a few items for sale on ATL.

    Scrolls, Books, SOTs, PS

    Magery 115 -1.2 mill each - (These can be combined 10 of them bound makes a 120 magery powerscroll)
    Eval 115 - 600k each - (As above , 10 bound makes a 120 eval powerscroll)
    Stats +15 Power - 125k each (8 bound make a 120 stat scroll)
    Mace 115 - 100k
    Parry 115 - 150k
    Sigil Spellbook - 1 mill

    Camping 1.7% - 340k
    Cartography 0.8% - 400k
    Forensic Eval 2.7% - 810k
    Remove Trap 0.4% - 240k
    Spellweaving 0.2% - 200k
    Snooping 0.4% - 200k
    Tracking 0.5% - 300k


    Obsidian Blade - 500k (From Vanguard Invasion)
    Chaos Shield - 500k (From Vanguard Invasion)
    Captain Quacklebushes Cutlass - 1 mill
    Berserkers Bardiche - 6 mill each - (From Vesper Ophidian Invasion (have 3 different bardiches))
    Twinkling Scimitar - 1.5 mill - Spider Slayer, Hit Harm 46%, HCI 11, DCI 21, Dam inc 40, Luck 40 - great for spider spawn with awesome hci/dci and whirlwind special
    Quiver of Infinity - 500k


    Ice patches - 50k each - (Regular, xmas 2008 gift)
    Rubble Easel - 200k - (From Magincia turn in)
    A Spiderweb Deed - 4m (Gives a large decorative web)
    Token of Passage - 100k (Round stone)
    Wooden Cow - 800k (Japanese wooden cow that moo's)
    Big chocolate muffin - 750k


    Verite 1000 ingots - 400k
    Valourite 1000 ingots - 500k


    For the Life of Britannia Sash - 1 mill
    Greetings from EM Nestor - Sash, Grey - 20m
    Greetings from EM Eris - Sash, Purple - 20m
    Furisode Embroidered with Tree Growing Project, blessed, dark pink (females)- 1 mill
    Furisode Embroidered with Tree Growing Project, blessed, light pink (females)- 1 mill
    Haori and Nagaga Embroidered with Tree Growing Project, shadow, blessed (males)- 1.5 mill
    Cloak of Silence 8 mill
    Darkwood suit, with HPR12 (Bloodwood) - 6 mill


    Shroud of Deceit - 4 mill


    Hat of the Magi - 5.5 mill
    Armor of Fortune (Cursed) - 5 mill (Still great for pvm)
    Armor of Fortune - 14m

    Veteran Rewards

    Fire Robe , 5th year vet reward - 3 mill
    Weapon engraving tool, 8th year vet reward - 6 mill

    Peerless Drops

    A Ferret Imprisoned in a Crystal - 1 mill

    Rares/Non Spawning

    Conjurers Trinket - 6.5 mill
    A Wrist Watch - 3.5 mill (Old rare)
    Leurocians Mempo of Fortune - 9m (300 luck , 60 resist medable mempo)
    A Scrap of Paper - 500k


    Legacy Token - 14m (Get a full green soulstone)

    ICQ 163-395-835 (Emily the bloody) please specify ATL items thanks.
  2. more stuff added
  3. More stuff added folks
  4. Bump, few more items added