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Selling many good rares, artifacts, and other items on chesapeake shard!

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Guest, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Selling the following items:

    a nose helm of the phoenix
    singing ball
    demon slayer/elemental slayer bow
    a faction robe (wearable by anyone)
    a cleverly drawn tmap for somewhere in Ilshenar
    a ring "to eternity's end with all my love, forever and always, robert
    a large diamond (event item)
    2 agapite runic hammers
    4 gold runic hammers
    "a robe"
    member of the royal britannian guard body sash (red color)
    black sandals
    an interior house door key
    mace and shield reading glasses
    charger of the fallen
    etherial ostard statue
    etherial horse statue
    leggings of bane
    arcane shield
    serpent's fang
    dryad bow (+5 healing)
    the dragon slayer
    1 fc 2 fc shield
    quiver of infinite
    scrapper's compendium with 12 lrc
    full set of cursed artifacts (including grim reaper scythe)
    rune beetle carapace
    cow statue
    llama statue
    zombie statue
    ophidian statue
    fire elemental statue
    hooded shroud of shadows
    hooded robe of umbra
    green champagne glass
    reward statuette dye tub
    runebook dye tub
    rose of trinsic
    an ice white robe
    valorite robe/cloak
    agapite robe/cloak
    gold robe/cloak
    bronze robe/cloak
    copper robe/cloak
    tapestry of sosaria
    regular scrapper's compendium
    flaming head deed
    white bank check for 1 gp
    white bank check for 5k
    +30 ancient smith hammers
    melisande hair dyes - blaze, pure white, charcoal, pink
    purple spell book
    swords of prosperity
    a deed for a vendor named kyle
    deed for a stone ankh
    mondain's defeat commemorative plate
    rare snowglobes - twin oaks tavern, blackthorne's castle, chaos shrine
    tome of lost knowledge
    tokuno major dyes (50 uses remaining) - white, dryad green, orange, gold, purple, rum red
    leggings of embers
    dawn's music box
    candelabra of souls
    nystul's wizard hat
    clainin's spellbook
    books of truth
    powder of fortification
    the redeemer

    icq me 102388892