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[Selling] Selling my collection server birth and event items

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by pledian, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. pledian

    pledian Guest

    2) wall carving
    3) 2x Two Story Talking statue (SOLD)
    4) Sandstone Table (SOLD)
    5) Champion Statue
    6) Scaffold (SOLD)
    7) A Trapped Soul (SOLD)
    8) Playing Cards (2 decks)
    9) Music Stand (with sheet) (SOLD)
    10) Silverware (Facing East)
    11) A pitcher
    12) Tarot (fanned) (SOLD)
    13) Tarot (like doom) (SOLD)
    14) A tray (facing north)
    15) Kettle
    16) 3x Open Book
    17) 2x Wash basin
    18) A purple bottle of Wine
    19) Short stool (delucia bamboo style) (SOLD)
    20) Pile of skulls
    21) Wind Spirit
    22) Skull with candle
    23) Tattered ancient mummy wrapping (SOLD)
    24) An Ancient Golden Scepter (SOLD)
    25) Folded Sheet (SOLD)
    26) Marble Table (facing south)
    27) Vase
    28) Marble Table (facing east)
    29) Unlit Skull Candle 75 mil
    30) Blood spawn 15 mil
    31) Empty Vials 20 mil
    32) Bottle (like doom)
    33) Green Hair Dye
    34) Wyrm's Heart
    35) A Vial of the blood of Mingan (SOLD)
    36) 2x Dragons Blood
    37) Blood Title
    38) 2x Bloody Bandaid
    39) Bloody Water
    40) Spam
    41) Skull with candle
    42) Pumice
    43) Obsidian
    44) Eye of Newt
    45) Leaves of the Dryad (SOLD)
    46) Shadow Wisp Fragment (SOLD)
    47) Open Book (facing south)
    48) Large Marble Table (south)
    49) 2x Large Vase
    50) Orcish Engeneer Toolkit
    51) Claudius Scissors (SOLD)
    52) I stole this dye tub
    53) Bucket of water
    54) Hour Glass
    55) Ship Model
    56) A chessboard (brownish one)

    all items are located on lake superior shard, on marble isle in trammel.

    contact me if interested icq. 245784
  2. woody_cats

    woody_cats Guest

  3. pledian

    pledian Guest

    lake superior icq 245784