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[Selling] Selling my rare collection and items on Europa

Discussion in 'UO Europa Trade' started by mandosa-nice, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. mandosa-nice

    mandosa-nice Guest

    So this topic is open for i can making my listing when i have the time.

    For question please use pm with your icq or msn.

    Items for sell on Europa "is not an auction with a end date"
    OFFER or trade

    Djinni's ring "not replica"
    Bloody bandage
    Green body sash em "Greeting from EM Sarakan"
    A bank check blessed 666
    A Magical Wizard's Hat double blessed black color
    Chainmail legging made by Ken [exceptional] exceptional
    Full Apron crafted by Lady Chaka [blessed] blessed exceptional black color
    Arms iron color plate with the name of arms "Of Exceptional Quality" blessed
    Chest with the name "Of exceptional quality" mid black color.
    A writing table made by silverblade[exceptional]exceptional
    A Guild deed x2
    Metal box 0/25 items
    6 mark
    Runebook made by Moonman [exceptional]blessed
    Runebook [exceptional]blessed
    A faction Robe not blessed wearing by anyone x3
    Skull cap double blessed
    Full Rack
    Full Vat


    1 Phoenix suit armor set Start 350m buy now 500m SOLD
    2 Two story statue "speaking version" Start 200m buy now 300m SOLD
    3 Two story statue "speaking version" Start 200m buy now 300m SOLD
    4 Royal Investigator cloack "not replica" Start 100m buy now 300m SOLD
    5 Most knowledge 1st shroud +5hpi "not" replica" Start 100m buy now 200m SOLD
    8 Skull with candle "no light" SOLD
    9 Small treasure box SOLD
    10 Sandals black double blessed SOLD