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[Selling] Selling Royal Botanist's Trowel, Guildstone, SB Broken Chair, Mistas Cider, Sky Iron and

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Assia Penryn, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Assia Penryn

    Assia Penryn The Sleeping Dragon
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You can get to Dragonstorm Manor by traveling south from the Umbra Moongate to the bridge out of the city. We are just north of the bridge (blue/black vendors).

    Prices of items as marked. (This is not an auction.) Items are displayed or on vendor at Dragonstorm as listed.
    Detect hidden will be used before any item is taken off display.

    1. Server Birth Broken Chair - 90m (Displayed on 1st Floor)
    2. Jawbreaker Gum - 85m (Displayed on 1st Floor)
    3. Ingots of Highly Refined Sky Iron - 350m (Displayed on 1st Floor)
    4. Royal Botanist's Trowel - 225m (Displayed on 1st Floor)
    5. Decaying Scales - 150m (Displayed on 1st Floor) - This is a 1 of 4 EM Event item
    6. A Guildstone - The Shadow Imperium [{S}] - 40m (Displayed on 3rd Floor)
    7. Mistas Cider - 125m (Displayed on 1st Floor)
    8. Orcish Engineer Toolkit - 75m (On "High-End Rares I" Vendor)
    9. Thin Scattered Hay - 14m (On "EM & Server Births" Vendor)
    10. A Pitcher of Ice Cold Crystal Water (On "High-End Rares I" Vendor)
    11. Old NPC Hair Dye Bottles - 2m (On "High-End Rares I" Vendor)
    12. A Candlabra of Exceptional Quality - 3m (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    13. A Heating Stand of Exceptional Quality - 5m (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    14. An Fishing Pole of Exceptional Quality - 3m (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    15. A Thigh Boots of Exceptional Quality - 3m (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    16. A Half Apron of Exceptional Quality - 1.5m (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    17. A Draw Knife of Exceptional Quality - 5m (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    18. A Heater Shield of Exceptional Quality - 950k (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    19. A Katana of Exceptional Quality - 950k (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    20. Chairs of Exceptional Quality (All types) - 350k (On "Double Exceptional" Vendor)
    21. A Platemail Gorget made by Black Adder [Exceptional] - 7.5m (Awesome Show - On "High-End Rares I")
    22. A Platemail Gorget made by ARAGON Czpala - 5m (On "High-End Rares I" Vendor)
    23. Prepatch HPR 2 Wooden Footlocker - 2.5m (On "High-End Rares I" Vendor)
    24. White Daemon Bone Legs - 1.5m (Not dyed.. true white - On "High-End Rares I" Vendor)
    25. Ceramic Mug of Liquor - 45m (On "EM & Server Births" Vendor)

    If you are interested in purchasing an item not on the vendor. Please post here or PM.
    My ICQ is 465-972-004, but sometimes messages do not get through.
    Priority will be given to the earliest time stamp if needed. Thank you for looking!