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Selling: Shroud of Talkeesh, 120's, EP Jewels, Weapons, Replicas, Cu Sidhe

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Nystul, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Nystul

    Nystul Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    icq/pm offers

    shroud of talkeesh

    cu sidhe
    ice white - 505hp, 612 str, 50/29/83/41/75 (Crazyface)
    ice white - 580hp, 610 str, 64/27/81/47/79 (a cu weirdo)
    ice white - 543hp, 601 str, 56/41/85/35/72 (a crazy nystul)
    black - 526hp, 609 str, 57/41/83/44/77 (a jealousasaurus rex)
    wine red - 545hp, 605 str, 51/36/85/48/79 (redeye)
    ** bronze - 556hp, 609 str, 65/45/84/50/84 (chocotaco) **

    (All 120's unless noted)
    3x fencing
    1x mace fighting
    3 swordsmanship
    2x parrying
    1x parrying
    2x tactics
    2x bushido
    10x 15 magery
    3x meditation
    3x spellweaving
    3x wrestling
    4x ninjitsu
    3x peacemaking
    1x provocation
    3x discordance
    4x musicianship
    4x focus
    4x animal taming
    14x veterinary
    1x chivalry
    3x stealth
    1x focus
    2x stealing

    2x blue slime statue
    1x red slime statue
    1x blood splatter
    1x llama statuetts
    1x crown of talkeesh
    1x most knowledgeable 4hp
    2x lava tile
    2x swamp tile
    1x demon skull
    2x fang of ractus
    1x captain johns hat
    2x djinni's ring

    kryss - 50 hld, 42 lightning, 48 manaleech, 37di
    kryss - 50 hld, 50 fireball, fc1, 39di
    cleaver - 40 harm, 38 hld, 38 staminaleech, fc1
    cleaver - 26 harm, fc1, 20ssi, 44di
    cleaver - 34 fireball, 22 hld, 5dci, ubws
    war axe - 40 dispel, 48 hld, 11dci, 30ssi, 47di
    club - 44 harm, 32 hld, 25ssi, 41di
    hammer pick - 46 fireball, 12dci, 25ssi, 45di
    butcher knife - 46 fireball, 38 hld, 11physicalresist, ubws
    bracelet - 3dex, 20ep, 13hci, 5dci, 13di
    ring - 6dex, 20ep, 12dci, 18lrc, 20di
    ring - 20ep, 12hci, 13dci, 15lrc, 19di
    ring - 25ep, 11hci, 11dci, 19lrc, 12physicalresist
    ring - 15 taming, 10hci, 14dci, 4fireresist