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Selling Siege based Muli-shard acct.

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by IPlayUOTOOMuCH, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Everytime I log in to play UO these days I feel physically ill, so I can't do it anymore and want to sell this account. I have chars on most shards but will only list the most established ones that people would be interested in. the shards that I have good chars on are: Siege,Origin,Pacific,Napa,Atlantic,LS.

    This account is 88 months old.

    Here's what they are:

    My main account is Siege Perilous:
    Skills (x)=skill caps from PS eaten

    Magery 120 (120)
    Med 115 (115)
    Stealing100 (120)wears shadow dancer Legs(not cursed)
    Snoop 100
    Hide 100
    Stealth 70.3 (120) wears shadow dancer Legs(not cursed)
    EvalInt 107.7 (120)
    Ninja 95.4 (115)
    Wres 95.6 (120)
    Tracking 91.1
    Detecthid 90.9
    ResSpell 76.1 (110)
    Spellweave73 (110)
    Ana 70.9 (110)
    Arch 59.9 (105)
    Bushido 56.7 (110)
    Chiv 70
    Tactics 58,6
    (has also eaten a 120 fencing)
    This character has eaten a +25 stat

    This character has a old shcool large tower north of the city of Britian, very close to the mining cave. This tower has been professionally decorated by Stratics own Skylark. And let me say she did a bang up job!(jaccuzzi,piano, fireplace. bowling alley and more..it's a work of art, must see).

    Items of interest:

    This character comes with 26.5 Million GP.

    This char has a Prepatched hero newbie suit (floppy hat, cloak(cape), pants and shirt). I believe this to be quite a rare collection and only few of these items are remaining on the shard from pre-AOS times when these were avalible. Its Newbie so they will never wear out and you will never lose them.

    old skool newbie boots (original do-do brown color)

    Aos dyeable Fullapron with this chars name on it.

    Blessed ninja belt

    Also 8 soustones and 4 frags (with charges left)

    Shadow dancer leggings (not cursed)

    2 of those pillars from the moongate (mag event)

    Tome of Lost Knowledge

    Blade of Rightousness

    Sword of Pros.

    10+ pyro staves [​IMG]

    Supieor (sp?) quality wine (event item)

    Loads of Holiday items.marties,cursed arties

    I did Idocs for a long time and have chests full of strange and old loot from that.

    Vet Rewards: couple statues, anlk Deed, ethie llama

    Many more items including many hertitage items decorating my house and items under 100k value which i did not mention (alot) weps jewels strange items (exceptional old stuff, bonecontainers, items with old charges and more)

    This character also has a premium vendor location (front steps of Luna Pawn Shop-shop from the guard zone) still waiting to hear back from Cyber-nick if he'll let a new owner take over that prized spot.

    Ok thats it foe siege my main char. Over the years i played other shards too:
    I will list the chars skill and significant items.

    Char 1)
    Tailor 101.2

    Char 2)
    Bushi 92.2 (115)
    Chiv 93.7
    Focus 110
    Parry 110.5 (115)
    ResSpells 78.8
    Swords 109
    Tacs 104 (115)
    eaten a +20 stat

    comes with 1.5M gp nice suit (62 70 68 70 70) with good mods
    nice wep selection

    Char 1)
    Fish 100
    Mag 81.8
    Med 100
    Mus 101.1
    Peace 60.5
    Provo 73.8

    Char 2)
    Ana 96.1
    Arch 107.3
    Eval 100.1
    Focus 110.1
    Healing 65
    Magery 91.8
    Tactics 98.9

    Elven composte Bow:
    SC-1/ Hit fireball 50%/SSi 35%

    Nice suit

    Ethie Beetle

    Eval 92.7
    Mage 96.8
    Med 100
    resSpell 72.1
    Wres 91.3
    taming 82.6

    Heal 88.9
    Ninja 73.6
    steal 57
    Fencing 101.3
    Anatomy 62.2
    Focus 94.7
    Hide 93.4
    Tactics 100

    Bushi 72.8
    Focus 100
    Necro 85.1
    Parry 82.3
    Resist 70.6
    Spirtspeak 96.2
    Tactics 90.5

    char comes with 1.85 M gp nice suit(63 70 47 70 70 w/mods) and wep selection

    Lake Supieor

    has char with good skills and many old skool wierd items (as this was my 1st shard played)

    Well thats it!

    Price: $200

    If I don't know you Western union or EA char transfer (paid by the buyer)

    If I know you well or are a VERY WELL RESPECTED Stratic Forum person I will accept PayPal.

    So up to you if you want the EA char transfer (you pay).

    My ICQ is 441-152-599

    Thank you!!
  2. Lord_Puffy

    Lord_Puffy Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 9, 2006
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  3. Will provide pictures or more account info on request.
  4. Bump CyberNickle said the new owner of this acct can take over my vendor on the front steps on the Luna Pawn Shop.That is one of the best vendor location in the game. Ive made so much money there on this thief.
    The vendors name is Ultimate Loot, go check it out!
  5. Rykus

    Rykus Guest


    Everytime I log in to play UO these days I feel physically ill, so I can't do it anymore and want to sell this account.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Is that because you playuotoomuch?

    Maybe just taking a break would help?
  6. Well I really just wanna quit playing uo. But if nobody wants to buy my acct. i'll be forced to go on a massive stealing rampage and piss everyone off. [​IMG]