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Selling some nicely crafted arms

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by Visolara16, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Visolara16

    Visolara16 Guest

    All Hiro Sode's

    #1) 8 LMC - 11/22/19/22/18 (92 Resist)

    #2) 7+ Mana, 2 MR - 22/9/19/22/8 (80 resist)

    #3) 5+ HPI, 7 LMC - 24/9/19/7/20 (79 resist)

    #4) 7+ Mana, 7 LMC - 26/4/20/22/8 (80 resist)

    If your interested in any of these arms please ICQ me at 442332256 or PM me. I'll be accepting any offers and once I get an offer on one of these arms I'll try to update with a high bid and I'll probably sell in 2-3 days unless I get a good enough offer to sell on the spot.
  2. Visolara16

    Visolara16 Guest

    HB on #1 is 20m

    If price is right I'll x-fer to you or if you buy a group of them I'll also X-fer.

    Thank you