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selling some rares on Napa Valley:

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by mdacc#one, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    Set of Cursed artifacts - 45 mil
    extra cursed Orni - 10 mil

    Haunted Chest - 200 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    "Past and Present" - 67.5 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    "of Dragonkind and Man" - 67.5 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    "Beneath Britannia" - 67.5 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    "Architecture and Engineering of the Ancients" - 67.5 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    dragon bone earrings - 40 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    trapped soul lanttern - 80 mil <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    xmas deco contest ice white tree - 85 mil - <font color="red">Sold </font>
    magical snowball labled as that 35 mil - <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    big pile of melted snow 125 mil - <font color="red"> Sold </font>
    A damaged Posion sac - <font color="red"> Traded </font>
  2. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    I have now since moved these items to Chesapeake.

    Thanks, they are for sale there
  3. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    bump. These items are on GL now.
  4. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    added new item
  5. yanaki

    yanaki Guest

    are the napa books open or regular books? boy they seem to move around a lot [​IMG]
  6. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    I've been making my shard buys this past week so I took them everywhere with me from Atlantic - Cheesapeake - GL - Baja hehe

    all 4 are open books. 2 are the typical open books design, 1 is the square open book design, and 1 is the tiny tiny open book design. They look wanderful as a set. I don't have the 5th book which is face down. Raffman sold it for 100 mil on Atlantic not so long ago.
  7. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    bump 8-25-07
  8. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    bump 8-29-07
  9. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    bump 9/2/07
  10. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
    Likes Received:
    <font color="purple"> for Manticore [​IMG] not the best, but you can certainly see the lovely color of that chest! </font>

  11. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    bump 9-3-07
  12. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    any idea what "a small piece of blackrock" is worth on Draconfels? I just checked and I have 2 pieces there.
  13. <blockquote><hr>

    any idea what "a small piece of blackrock" is worth on Draconfels? I just checked and I have 2 pieces there.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Hey, you might know what they are worth on Baja, any idea? I just came back from a short break and have a couple left from then.
  14. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    only set of cursed arti for sale and 12 single ones. will sell all for 50 mil only. it has 2 cursed orni in it