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Selling val runic armor.

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by Nystul, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Nystul

    Nystul Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Trying to free up my storage house a little, this is my leftovers. ICQ me for price and/or offers. Do not PM me, they're off. Uber stuff is mostly set aside... ICQ me if you need anything specific I have dozens of uber items not listed as I'm not in a hurry to move em.

    I will take trades in:
    Bulk reagents (3/5gp per)
    Bulk enchanted apples
    Bulk boards (3gp per)
    Ninjitsu pink scrolls
    EP/HCI/DCI jewelry
    FC1/HCI/DCI shields
    Random other pvp related weapons/jewels. (No artifacts please)

    LRC, LMC, & MR
    2mr, 7lmc, 17lrc, 10/7/22/8/5
    2hpr, 2mr, 7lmc, 17lrc, 11/9/4/8/6

    LRC & LMC
    4hp, 14ref, 8lmc, 20lrc, 11/8/5/10/4
    sr5, 7lmc, 19lrc, 10/22/5/9/5
    3stamr, 8lmc, 19lrc, 9/7/7/7/23
    7mana, 15ref, 8lmc, 20lrc, 12/9/5/9/3
    8mana, 8lmc, 19lrc, 25/8/5/7/22
    sr4, 8lmc, 20lrc, 10/21/7/8/6
    7lmc, 17lrc, 11/23/21/7/3
    Hiro Sode
    8lmc, 19lrc, 27/6/5/8/20
    14ref, 7lmc, 18lrc, 10/9/18/10/4
    sr4, 7lmc, 18lrc, 24/8/8/7/6
    8stamina, 13ref, 7lmc, 17lrc, 10/8/8/8/4

    LRC & MR
    7stamina, 2mr, 17lrc, 10/8/5/22/7
    2mr, 17lrc, 9/21/10/22/3
    5hp, 2mr, 18lrc, 26/7/18/10/4
    7mana, 2mr, 18lrc, 27/7/19/9/5
    4hp, 2mr, 13ref, 20lrc, 9/7/5/12/5
    8mana, 2mr, 17lrc, 24/10/5/21/5
    sr5, mr2, 18lrc, 21/8/22/9/5
    sr5, 2mr, 13ref, 18lrc, 8/9/6/22/6
    Hiro Sode
    4hp, 2mr, 14ref, 20lrc, 23/10/7/7/4
    sr4, stamr3, 2mr, 20lrc, 11/7/20/8/6
    7stamina, 2mr, 19lrc, 23/8/20/8/7
    2mr, 19lrc, 25/7/6/25/3
    8mana, 2mr, 14ref, 20lrc, 11/8/20/7/6
    2hpr, 2mr, 13ref, 18lrc, 9/10/6/9/19
    7stamina, 2mr, 20lrc, 9/23/6/9/5
    1mr, 16lrc, 21/16/9/10
    1mr, 17lrc, 5/22/8/8/9

    sr5, 7mana, 18lrc, 21/19/5/14/5
    8stamina, 17lrc, 13/20/19/19/6
    8mana, 17lrc, 10/21/6/10/208mana, 18lrc, 9/10/19/22/7
    Hiro Sode
    7mana, 13ref, 17lrc, 10/20/6/23/6
    hp5, mana7, 19lrc, 25/8/5/21/6
    7stamina, 20lrc, 10/22/10/21/17

    LMC & MR
    2mr, 7lmc, 27/6/5/21/21
    2mr, 15ref, 8lmc, 11/7/4/20/9
    2mr, 3stamr, 8lmc, 10/22/11/6/4
    4hp, 2mr, 7lmc, 11/9/18/7/6
    4hp, 2hpr, 2mr, 7lmc, 8/10/20/6/7
    2mr, 7lmc, 23/8/19/24/6
    Hiro Sode
    2mr, 7lmc, 25/7/6/24/18
    sr5, mr2, 15ref, 8lmc, 9/7/8/6/18
    sr5, stamr3, 2mr, 8lmc, 10/9/6/9/4
    sr4, 1mr, 6lmc, 4/19/6/22/10

    Stamina Inc & Mana Inc
    Hiro Sode
    sr5, 8stamina, 8mana, 8lmc, 10/9/7/21/5
    5hp, 7stamina, 8mana, 2mr, 10/8/7/23/5
    8stamina, 7mana, 2mr, 13/6/22/21/3
    sr5, 8stamina, 7mana, 18lrc, 11/7/6/11/16
    7stamina, 8mana, 12/21/6/20/20
    sr5, 8stamina, 8mana, 22/24/8/6/5
    sr4, hp5, stamina7, mana8, 8/6/7/9/21
    sr5, 8stamina, 8mana, 23/9/18/8/6
    stamina8, mana7, hpr2, 19lrc, 11/6/7/21/6
    sr5, 7stamina, 7mana, 24/6/4/10/8
    8stamina, 8mana, 2mr, 12/8/5/22/4
    5hp, 7stamina, 8mana, 17lrc, 11/6/8/10/16
    7stamina, 8mana, 19lrc, 14/8/17/7/5
    sr5, 7stamina, 7mana, 8lmc, 13/7/19/9/3
    5hp, 8stamina, 7mana, 15ref, 7lmc, 10/12/4/7/5
    8stamina, 8mana, 18lrc, 13/20/6/22/3
    5hp, 8stamina, 7mana, 24/9/7/7/17
    4hp, 7stamina, 7mana, 26/9/19/8/4
    5hp, 8stamina, 8mana, 26/7/5/8/7

    Stamina Increase
    7stamina, 7lmc, 9/12/19/8/17
    5hp. 7stamina, 2mr, 12/9/4/24/19
    7stamina, 7lmc, 10/22/8/8/18
    sr4, stamina8, hpr2, 7lmc, 22/7/6/10/7
    4hp, 8stamina, 14ref, 11/22/17/9/5
    5hp, 7stamina, 13ref, 9/19/18/13/5
    Hiro Sode
    8stamina, stamr3, 2mr, 22/20/7/9/6
    5hp, 8stamina, 8lmc, 12/10/6/6/18
    sr5, 8stamina, 2mr, 24/10/5/22/5
    sr5, 7stamina, 10/24/5/20/19
    7stamina, 2mr, 14ref, 11/10/6/7/18
    7stamina, 2hpr, 2mr, 11/10/6/22/18
    8stamina, 2mr, 11/22/6/7/5
    sr4, 8stamina, 2mr, 21/8/5/11/6
    4hp, 8stamina, 7lmc, 25/9/5/9/4
    4hp, 8stamina, 7lmc, 25/8/8/6/19
    sr4, 8stamina, 7lmc, 9/21/7/22/5
    5hp, 8stamina, 3stamr, 7lmc, 24/7/6/7/8
    sr4, 7stamina, 7lmc, 10/24/5/7/7
    sr5, 8stamina, 15ref, 21/8/18/11/6
    stamina8, 13ref, 7lmc, 10/22/18/9/6
    7stamina, 21/24/8/20/19
    sr5, 5hp, 7stamina, 11/8/5/22/18
    sr4, 8stamina, 11/20/6/23/5
    8stamina, 2mr, 21/10/7/9/4
    sr5, 7stamina, 2mr, 14/7/18/6/7
    7stamina, 9/21/21/22/20
    7stamina, 2mr, 14ref, 24/7/7/8/6
    sr4, 8stamina, stamr3, 2mr, 10/10/5/8/20
    4hp, 7stamina, 5lmc, 5/16/8/6/20
    8stamina, 6lmc, 5/6/20/11/22
    5hp, 8stamina, 8lmc, 18/6/9/11/7

    Mana Increase
    7mana, 2mr, 13ref, 24/22/7/7/6
    sr5, 7mana, 7lmc, 25/8/21/8/5
    sr5, 4hp, 7mana, 2mr, 13ref, 8/8/7/10/5
    7mana, 8lmc, 23/23/7/8/5
    8mana, 2mr, 26/10/5/20/5
    sr5, 8mana, 7lmc, 22/8/22/8/6
    7mana, 2hpr, 8lmc, 9/9/6/21/6
    sr5, 8mana, 2mr, 13/21/6/9/18
    7mana, 12/22/17/23/5
    sr5, 4hp, 7mana, 2mr, 9/6/6/12/18
    7mana, 15ref, 10/24/20/7/20
    Hiro Sode
    5hp, 7mana, 2mr, 9/9/19/9/21
    5hp, 7mana, 8lmc, 8/8/19/9/23
    4hp, 7mana, 2mr, 10/9/5/23/5
    7mana, 7lmc, 10/9/23/6/20
    sr4, 5hp, 8mana, 24/8/18/9/5
    7mana, 2mr, 4/12/18/7/8
    8mana, 2mr, 13ref, 20/8/8/7/10
    6mana, 1mr, 4lmc, 16/5/7/9/12
    7mana, 1mr, 8ref, 20/7/21/7/10

    sr5, hp5, stamr3, mr2, 10/8/7/21/5
    hp5, mr2, 26/21/5/8/18
    mr2, ref13, 11/9/18/8/18
    hp5, mr2, 15ref, 9/8/5/23/20
    sr5, hp5, mr2, 11/6/8/22/4
    hp5, mr2, 14ref, 10/22/19/9/5
    sr4, stamr3, mr2, 13/22/5/7/18
    Hiro Sode
    mr2, ref15, 22/21/7/8/20
    mr2, 10/23/21/6/6
    hp5, mr2, 10/20/5/21/8
    sr5, hp5, mr2, 25/8/17/11/4
    hp4, mr2, 24/23/6/7/5
    mr2, 15ref, 8/22/8/6/22
    mr2, 15ref, 25/20/8/8/4
    hp4, mr2, 15ref, 11/21/21/8/5
    hp5, mr2, 24/9/6/21/18
    mr2, 24/10/19/10/16

    4hp, 7lmc, 10/10/4/24/20
    sr5, 7lmc, 12/24/5/23/3
    hp5, lmc7, 11/8/20/21/19
    hp4, lmc7, 10/7/21/9/19
    stamr3, lmc7, 21/20/7/10/6
    Hiro Sode
    stamr3, 7lmc, 24/6/5/25/8
    7lmc, 24/22/17/10/7
    7lmc, 11/23/20/7/18
    stamr3, 8lmc, 10/21/19/9/5
    sr5, 8lmc, 12/7/22/22/4
    sr4, 7lmc, 25/9/4/10/17
    sr4, hp5, 8lmc, 24/8/6/8/7
    hpr2, 8lmc, 22/7/20/12/18
    hp5, 8lmc, 23/23/8/7/6
    stamr3, 7lmc, 23/23/19/7/5
    sr4, 7lmc, 11/6/20/25/6