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Selling whats left of my rares collection on Atlantic *UPDATED*

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by JustinKatzWR1, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. All items for sale are displayed on the second floor of my Luna City house, on Atlantic Shard.

    Exit the Luna moongate to the East. Turn South when you hit the intersection of roads just outside of the moongate. It will be the second house down on the East (city wall side) of the road. Name of the shop is "Homegrown Wholesalers".

    Walk on plot and all items on the second floor are for sale...


    Day of the Dead Skull Candle 100mil
    Bowl of Crane Soup 40mil
    Oceania PVP Gloves 50mil
    Gladiator Boots *****SOLD*****
    1st Place Summer Festival Scavenger Hunt Sash (MIN BID 100mil (1 of a kind to my knowledge since the only other ever known of was deleted by GMS from Xanthars collection))
    www.UO.COM Open Book (Min Bid 125mil)(100% one of a kind owned by myself since its creation)

    Icq me at 104072232 if you wish to work out a deal. Items are for sale for gold, or trade for other rare items/event items/server births, etc.
  2. Not on display, but also for sale are 20 something White Bells. ICQ me if you are interested in any specific names or just want one or more.
  3. Some updated offers...BUMP