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**Semi-Official Necro Bugs Collection Thread** (W.I.P.)

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *just on a different note, I'd like to say you did a good job, sad to see you're no longer a mod here [and yea, I haven't a clue under what circumstances this all happened, can you tell us or what?]*
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Even tough my days of serving stratics are in the past, they have aperently not bothered to assign a new moderator to these forums, and I hate to see it too neglected, so here's a bit of a new project to help the necromancer community:

    The purpose of this thread is list and double check all currently known bugs and obvious inbalanced mechanics that have to do with necromancy

    I will list what bugs I know of, and I ask everyone else to confirm them and add their own. I'll update the original post as things get added, and if it turns out well I will use it to compose a large bug report that we can then all email to the bug report adress to force them to look at it.

    So here goes:

    Bugs to do with the transformations

    -The push trough/be pushed trough ability of wraith form and the damage bonus from horrific beast tend to time out, apparently when passing over serverlines.

    -Vampire form can't remount a steed. This was actually a bandaid fix for some issue with etherials, but it's definitely time it get's a real fix

    -It is not possible to use a transformation when under influence of a disguise kit, tribal paint, incognito or polymorph spells. Out of these only a disguise kit can couse a real problem, since for some necromancers the only way of quick transport involves wraith form and it can be a pain to wait for the two hours of a DK to time out, however all of these have the aprearance of bandaid fixes and a better way to handle this would be apriciated.

    Bugs to do with familiars

    -Familiars have completely stopped attacking, even when their owner hits a target with a melee hit (need confirmation)

    -Familiars hide with you, but when you stealth around they stay hidden on their original hiding spot rather than stealthing with you (need confirmation)

    Bugs to do with animates

    -Animates won't follow you around untill they have killed a target

    -Animates AI is very independable
    (possible solution: add some minor degree of controll over animates behaviour, possibly along the lines of the way snake charming now works)

    -Animated steeds (skeletal horse/hellsteed) are very useless becouse they die so fast
    (possible solution: make animated steeds unaffected by the normal animate code, and treat them like [Summoned] creatures, as in tame but no transfer/friending)

    General bugs/inbalancies

    -Necromancy casting speed is not affected by FC modifiers, which in the current item based pvp scene gives it a severe handicap. (If FC is added to work with necro, casting times will have to be slightly rebalanced becouse of the potential for a Necromancer to cast with 4 FC equiped without the use of artefacts)

    -The corpse skin spell has very little real use in any situation other than the efficient killing of certain monsters. For it to become usefull in PvP it would help it it would, like curse, decrease the cap to the resistances it lowers as well as the actual resistance number

    -Spiritspeak, while once a great independant healing skill, has now becomse an insufficient way to stay alive against the higher casting speeds of artied out mages. A slight adjustment to either the casting speed or recovery time seems in order.

    -Spiritspeak still gets interupted while under influence of the protection spell. This might or might not be intentional or balanced, but it won't hurt to add it here.

    -Strangle (as well as poison and bleed) will reveal you or put you out of meditation when it hits after the initial casting.

    So, everyone please add what they know, and maybe we can get some stuff fixed?
  3. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    Gonna sticky this for a while, to let everyone know and avoid mass threads on the subjects /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif

    Anything else I should do while I'm at it?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah, clean out the templates thread, thats been needed for a while, and make a necro template FAQ. Have fun modding, I'm glad they followed my recomendation...
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In case you didn't get a chance to read my awnser to your question, it got removed... I doubt it's that importand to anyone, but I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to awnser PMs about it...
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok the Familliar bug has been comfirmed as a bug.
    and sorry to hear ya lost yer job!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not sure I agree with the Corpse Skin / PvP issue, at least for mages. A corpse skin / explosion / flamestrike is almost insta-kill.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    that still leaves 55 fire resist... plus a swampy thats far from insta kill, even if you add fireball to the combo and with high SDI
  9. Lady_Ella

    Lady_Ella Guest

    That's assuming they have exactly 70 fire resist. Higher than 70 counts for the corpse skin spell, with 85 fire resist you are immune. Personally I have a leather suit with 70 all resist, 89 fire resist and 4 mana regen.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Can you do us a favor, and when a bug is fixed, move it to the bottom of the initial post, under a section called "fixed." Maybe even include the pub it was fixed in. This will help to keep track of past bugs and OSI's "fix" rate for necromancy.

    Ideally, we would post dates next to each bug as to approximately when they surfaced. Again, this would help track how long it takes necro problems to get addressed. If we keep emailing these bugs, maybe once a month or so, and they have those dates on there, it might push them into action. "Oh crap, that's been broken for 3 publishes and we still haven't fixed it." We are seeing evidence that this is starting to become a tracking measure at OSI. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sure, i'll do my best.

    Nonetheless this wont get far if noone is going to add anything...
  12. BrandonD

    BrandonD Guest

    Heres one i'll add dunno if its actually a bug, if you strangle something and invis, you'll get revealed. Also you cant actively med while you have a target strangled, you'll simply stop meditating.

    The FC issue needs to be addressed, if you dont have a precast strangle, its pretty hard to cast one already engaged in a fight (against any opponent with half a brain). Either casting times need to be reduced, or FC needs to calculated in.

    Another issue I see, scrolled SS needs to be a bit more fruitful IMO. Compare this to the benefit of scrolled eval with magery. The only spell that really gets any benefit from scrolled SS is Strangle. Ya it also adds a bit to SS healing, but not enough to warrant scrolled SS, especially in an already crowded necro temp (any type, dexxer or mage).
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah yes, the poison/strangle/bleed hits issue, wanted to put that in, thanks

    personally tough I have spirit scrolled on all chars and I don't consider it a waste of points...
  14. Seraphina

    Seraphina Guest

    I can confirm that my familiars never do anything except take hits from mobs and die. (well the backpacking familiar picks up regs for me ) none of them engage targets or do anything useful in a fight however. I've never seen anyone else's wolf or snake or wisp do any fighting either.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I haven't yet verified this yet, but occasionally I'll be fighting someone and they swear they have me targetted, yet they are hitting my wisp instead of me. Anyone else seen this? This is specifically with dexxers.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I verified that familiars do attack. Same as ever since aos, you have to hit something with a melee attack for them to attack, and they will stop as soon as you walk out of range.

    And yes, they tend to get targetted: as you hit something, they attack the target as a response, and much like pets guarding you, take over the function of the target of the think being attacked. This works both in PvP and PvM (it forces players to swich targets too, tough they can respond by attacking their original target again if they are prepared)
  17. maxpot46

    maxpot46 Guest

    Funny, I just tested and verified that they do NOT attack.

    I summoned a death adder, and had my necro attack my paladin. Both stood on the same tile, and healed as necessary. After about five minutes of fighting, my paladin had yet to poisoned by the death adder.

    So as far as I'm concerned, it's broken. I'd be curious as to why your test suggested otherwise.

    William X
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *nods Razor ur loosing ur touch*
    Familliars no LONGER atack...Its more like a big when they decide to atack.
    I was the first person To get the Bug Verified by the Dev team.
    I got a post in U hall somewhere with OSI bug guy saying they knew about it.
  19. quisit

    quisit Guest

    Familiars definately do NOT attack. When I was a young necromancer my minion would attack on VERY rare occasions. None of my familiars have attacked anything since approx. necro skill 80. Running a NecroMage but I've tested by physical attack as well. Why hasn't "all follow", "all guard", "all attack", "all kill", etc, etc been implimented?

    Horde Minion = pack animal
    Shadow Wisp (Tinkerbell) = mana regen
    Dark Wolf = useless
    Death Adder = useless
    Vampire Bat = very useless
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I logged in in my malas house, summoned a death adder, punched a skittering hopper, and my death adder made an attack animation and the hopper got poisoned, acompanied by the hissing hit sound....

    There might be circumstances where it will work differently, but they aren't completely blocked at the least. Unless we find out when they do and don't attack it isn't much of a presentable bug.
  21. Geuel

    Geuel Guest


    -Familiars hide with you, but when you stealth around they stay hidden on their original hiding spot rather than stealthing with you (need confirmation)


    If you stealth only a step or so, they'll stay in place. But if you move far enough, they'll go with you. Of course, they won't be stealthed so to everyone else it'll look like there is just a blue creature walking around.

    Also, when you rehide while stealthed, the familiar will hide too.


    -Strangle (as well as poison and bleed) will reveal you or put you out of meditation when it hits after the initial casting.

    I believe this is the proper behavior. I believe the same thing happens with ticks of a purple pot. If you threw a pot and hid, you'd be revealed by the first countdown tick.

    You forgot to mention that it reveals you from hiding...although it was implied.
  22. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim Guest

    My Familiars have never worked as far as combat goes. I have a mage\necro, and a fencery\necro. I have tried them both in PVM and PVP, and never got any of them to attack. Also, the Death Adder is supposed to let ya control snakes and what not as well, right? That doesn't work either. Other than the walking back pack working well, and the wisp works good, no other familiars do what they are supposed to do. I would definitely say it needs a fix, since this should be a major bonus to being a necro. Just my thoughts.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well maybe its just certain shards....niot a single necro has been able to use familliars on Atlantic.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As far as I know all production shards use the same code.

    Snake charming, wolf taming, pack abilities work fine. If you don't know how to use them, find out rather than calling it bugged.

    Familiars did at least in the past work, I have extensivly used them in combat the first few months of aos at least. As far as I can see, nothing has changed in the way they work. They have always been hard to get to attack, but if you knew how to do it it was dependable.

    Ok, went and did some testing: both on Atlantic and Lake Austin a summoned familiar will make a single attack when you enter melee combat with someone and couse a physical hit. After that they just stand there and get hit. In the case of my first test, the first hit coused poisoning which killed the target before another hit could be coused either way. I'll update the first post when I get up.
  25. Al'Djinn

    Al'Djinn Guest

    Might sound more like a wish than a bug report, but can we have a way to recall without using magery regs?

    Necrowarriors have to use more regs to recall than anyone else. Would also be nice to be able to recall by casting one spell and not two.

    How about a spell called "Spectral Shift"? Nothing more than a recall.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well hell ur lucky to have gotten that one hit....And i know how to use charming and such....
  27. Raza

    Raza Guest

    That was a reply to Slim Jim, who claimed none of the abilities worked either.

    And to get that one attack you need to stand next to your target and hit with the first physical attack.
  28. Seraphina

    Seraphina Guest

    Ok. I play on Great Lakes. I went in to dungeon wrong and summoned my wolf first, engaged an enemy, struck with my sword and fought him dead. My wolf did nothing. Then I tried it in human form instead of wraith form. Nothing. Summoned wisp. same result. summoned my minion. same result. I can't summon a death adder yet but I can imagine the results would be the same.
  29. SickLoveR

    SickLoveR Guest

    The familiars are indeed problematic. Me and two other guys with necros have tried everything possible to make them work. Just an occasional lucky hit is all that we get so far. We're roommates so this makes things easy.
    By the way the way they act screams "BUG!"... the animation loop..hehehe...
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You need to have the familiar summoned, stand on the tile next to something, and then engage it or get engaged, so you melee it the instant combat starts. You also need to hit the first time. Doesn't work for archery due to the delay after a hit.

    It's kindof useless tough to discuss for to get a single hit when obviously the question should be when they just get fixed..
  31. epy

    epy Guest

    when you cross a server line, the damage bonus from horrific beast is lost
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

  33. ArrenUW

    ArrenUW Guest

    Gonna add again to the number of people saying familiars don't work. Might have to do with the fact that I'm a mage, and don't often exactly get the first physical hit in a fight in... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif

    However, snake charming, packy, wolf taming, wisp regen - all work fine for me.
  34. If you cast revenant on something inside a building (I.e. cast on a meer warrior inside one of the houses in the meer city) the revenant will appear on the roof directly above the monster and unable to attack it. The monster will have targeted the revenant and since it is already as close to it as it can get, will not move around. You have to get the monster to move somehow (fire field etc) for the revenant to fall to the ground beside it and be able to attack it.
  35. Cowgoesmoo

    Cowgoesmoo Guest

    My familiars are attacking. The only problem is that they have such low skills that they rarily hit anyhting. I have been experimenting with the different familiars on solan infiltrators and they are deffinatly attacking because the solans *eventually* die even when I am not attacking them. there is no one else there except my familiar. my dark wolf seems to have the most success.

    My guess is that the problems isn't with them attacking but with the level of there skills they just cant hit anything.
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Familliars are not atacking...If you want to confirm this Whip out your death adder and make sure the first hit dosnt do posion.....if he keeps atacking you should see the monetser get posioned by the snake.
  37. Wyldfyre

    Wyldfyre Guest

    Revenants will no longer kill something. They'll get it near death but not kill it. I've been testing all night on anything I can find. First found out about it while killing drakes at the moonglow docks. I play on Napa.
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Tested, proven false. Revenants kill as normal.
  39. I must start by saying I am STRICTLY a PvM Necro/Mage/Peacer. I have ZERO Eval so I rely entirely on summoned creatures or strangle to kill (not hard to do at 115 music/115 peace).
    As far as Familiars go, I have YET to see one attack ANYTHING. I must admit since I am not directly meleeing anything this may be the root of the problem as far as I am concerned. I did however don an Orc Mask and head into the orc caves with all 5 familiars one at a time. Not a single one was ever attacked or attacked back. Heres the uses I see for them at this time.

    Minion=Random looting( this is however GREAT when I am playing with all my archer friends. He gladly goes about collecting all the missed arrows.)

    Wisp= I cant say how many times that sudden burst of mana has helped me considering I am a Mage/Necro with ZERO meditation. I rely entirely on 120 focus and mana regen armor (actually I rarely starve for mana).

    Wolf= The wolf taming ability seems to be totally broken. Not to mention the fact that the Dark wolf himself takes up a slot, a full pack of wolves would totally preclude a mount. Someone tell me if I am doing something wrong here. I have been treating the wolves I have been trying to tame just as I would if I was using my GM tamer.

    Adder= To be honest, I havent a clue how this one works. Am I supposed to be "context windowing" the snakes around me to give commands? I obviously cant rename them to use regular commands. I simply haven't found any info on this. Please excuse my ignorance.

    Bat= Obviously totally useless since I can't get it to attack anything, thus negating the transfer of HPs to me.

    Animates. I can seem to get them to follow me as long as they have not already targeted something and it remains alive. The way I have been doing it is to kinda do the same manuvers that I do when I am trying to get a monster to target me. It seems like they eventually notice me and begin to follow. The Types that seem to follow the most are Skeletal Dragons and Wailing Banshees( The Chaos Daemon occasionally produced from blood elementals has a mind TOTALLY his own even though it was created from the same bloods as the banshees).
    When I am hunting Bloods, all the banshees will join in the battle then shortly return to my side once the Blood is killed. If one doesnt, I simply run near it, wait a few seconds, and it will then start following me. I have had 3 Skeletal dragons follow me for just over 20 mins slaughtering everything in sight in the Ice dungeon. If lead them to an empty portion of the dungeon, they will obediantly sit by my side until they see a target. Aside from PvM, my guess is they are totally useless in PvP.
    As far a Skeletal/Hellsteeds goes, Skeletal steeds seem to drop out from under me within a few minutes. Hellsteeds are another story. They are my mount of choice now. I marked a rune to the Nightmare spawn, Peace one, Drop an EV on it, raise it, hop on and I have a mount until I logout. I have ridden them for hours. The problem is that if I dismount it after about an hour of riding it, it simply goes "poof". No bones or anything. Actually, If I logout on one, I can login the next DAY and still be on it. But the moment I take a single step, "poof"

    As for the FC thing, I never really noticed it. Since I wear 2/4 jewelry primarily to speed up the summoning process (EV/BS/Eles) I have only really noticed the magery side of it. Can't really comment on that.

    Seems like most of the other issues are primarily PvP related although a "scrolled" spiritspeak (currently at 115) doesn't seem to give MUCH of an advantage other then strangle.

    Other Issues.......
    Corpse Skin= Try using it on a Skeletal Dragon or a Lich Lord after turning a summoned FIRE ele on them. They drop WAY faster. (Incase you folks didn't know, summoned creatures commanded to attack a Skele Dragon will be "released" just like a tamers pet would. But for some reason the ele doesn't go "poof". He keeps fighting the dragon. And you have just now cleared yourself of 4 control slots allowing you to INSTANTLY summon another. And to top it off, you still get full fame/karma/looting rights as if it was still under your control. I once had 6 fire eles on a Skele Dragon at a time. Fun, Fun)
    Also, don't forget, you cast Corpse skin on somone in Vampiric Form then drop the Explosion/FS/Fireball combo on them and they are SCREWED.

    Anyways, sorry to be longwinded, but my Mom never taught me to keep my mouth shut.
  40. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I found this bug with necros. I'm new to playing a necro, so I don't know if this is well known or not. I haven't been able to find out anything on it. I'm not going into exact details. Here it is. I animate some dead things. I do a certain thing, not necro related, just something everyone in game does on a daily basis. Then my animates attack anyone and everyone, monsters, npc's, me, other players, all without provocation. Is there going to be a fix for this? This all happened in Tram.
  41. Drum

    Drum Guest

    I'm at 98.0 Necromancy. I have a stack of Vampiric Embrace scrolls. I fizzle non-stop. Added a +2 necro ring (now 100.0 necro), and it casts as it would with just regs (very rarely). My bug is this: Necro Scrolls don't allow the caster to cast spells unless they have the minimum skill, unlike magery scrolls(allowing caster to cast spells 2 levels higher than current skill level).

    It is already difficult, at GM, to cast Vengeful Spirit reliably. It would be nice if necro scrolls behaved consistantly with magery scrolls.
  42. PhaedrusXY

    PhaedrusXY Guest

    Yeah, I think this is because necro spells don't technically have "levels" like their magery counterparts. When I realized this, I stopped using the scrolls to cast spells with at all and just keep them to fill necro spellbooks and sell them on my vendor. I would guess this falls under the "working as intended" point of view of EA, rather than a bug.
  43. Just thought I'd actually use the Bug Collection, instead of adding to the griping in the main board. Who knows if this thing is still read, though.

    In necromancer alternate forms, vampire, lich, wraith, smurf, getting killed will pop you up immediately back into your normal form in a death shroud, standing over your corpse after the death scream and all your insurance being charged. So far, I haven't been quick enough to realize what happened, and wind up getting killed again. No fame is lost for being popped back up the first time, as far as I can tell, but it could be that it simply isn't showing the notification of fame lost.

    This has been in effect since Pub 25.

    ...no one's sure if it's intentional or not.
  44. Raza

    Raza Guest

    Insta-res: confirmed
    Scolls don't work at lower levels: confirmed but possibly intentional
    Familiars: still bugged

    To make your snake work, single click a snake, and the context menu should pop up for you to context-menu it at something else.

    Sadly, my old stratics username got deleted in database glitch, so I can't add anything to this thread or the FAQ anymore...

    Maybe you people should go bug the official mod to pay some attention here...
  45. As for the Dark Adder familiar, it's been my experience that it requires me to double-click the snake I want to charm, and then a target-cursor will come up. Using that, I target the creature I want the snake to attack and click once, just like an "all kill" command.

    This means if there is nothing else in the screen to attack, your best bet might be to have the snake attack your Dark Adder (which tends to do deadly poison attacks rather frequently) to give you a chance to do something else.
  46. Raza

    Raza Guest

    Oh yes it changed. It used to be single click for a context menu, now its double click for a target.
  47. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    This too, has gone the way of the unstickied - I can now edit the new bug thread - yay for all of us?