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[Selling] Server birth rare, event items more...

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by airvincent, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. airvincent

    airvincent Guest

    Pacific Shard

    Marble Table 2pc E-W
    Marble Table 2pc N-S
    Kettle of Caramel
    Fire Pit (rubble)
    Dragon Prod
    Empty Jar
    Idol Statue
    Moulding Board E-W
    Ruined Painting
    2x Madrake Root
    Animated Wind Spirit

    Oceania Shard

    Bone Wyrm Bones
    Plough Set N-S
    A Tattered Painting N-S
    Pure Gold Peach "Formosa"
    Green Team-Oceania Orienteering Challenge, October 2004
    Open Book
    Green Fancy Shirt Crafted By Lady Miu Miu
    Green Skullcap Crafted By Lady Miu Miu
    Full set Mini house deed
    2x Orcish Engineer Toolkit
    Fitness Race Contestant (Green)
    Sneakers By Sienna (Green)
    Sneakers By Cerulean (Blue)
    Seahorse Statuette (Pure white)
    Ghost Ship Anchor (Pure white)
    1st Prize For Home Decoration Contest, December 19, 2002 Painting and Apron set
    Tarot cards (Round style)
    Carving of Tal'Keesh
    Rift Pillar
    Mathematicians Tools toolkit
    Covered Chair East
    Talking 2-Story Statue South
    Tray East
    Royal Botanist's Trowel South
    Sebratis' Book Of Memories
    Minion Of Morissa
    A Tattered Mercaerin Cloak
    Dirt pan
    Wash basin
    Marbe table 3 pcs E-W
    I was NOT the Last Man Standing on Legends
    Silverware E-W
    Large Vase
    Small Vase
    Arirang 3rd Duel Event Member Robe
    Pilfered Painting N-S
    Fitness Race Contest (Blue)

    All items display in rare museum, and if you interest to buy any item please ICQ me 10844910 thanks.