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Set Pieces and Suits...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Zyon Rockler, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    Ever since the first time I used my smith character I looked at the menu for the list of different types of suits that could be made. To me, they were suits that offered different levels of protection and also had their own look and purpose.

    When you would go out hunting, you could find these different pieces, that you could make on loot and you could wear the suits but they didn't all offer equal protection. For example: Some breast plates were better than other breast plates.

    You could go to an NPC and you could buy armour. Sometimes you would see pieces of armour that were unique to that vendor because people would sell armour back to the NPCs.

    Magic armour could be searched for on different NPCs and you could buy it and then Item ID was used to find out what the piece was. Sometimes you would get a pretty good piece but most of the time they were generally the same.

    What this idea does is bring back that simplicity. For example: Suits could have levels that match loot tables, where a level 1 set could be obtained hunting mongbats and skeletons. As you move to level 2, level 1 suits and level 2 suits would be present in the loot drops, possibly up to level 20.

    When you go to an NPC, he might have random set pieces for sale, as well as, full suits. So, you could buy a piece of armour for 100,000 gp that belonged to a set or you could buy the whole set for 1 million.

    When crafting, the same basic sets would be available. The differences would be, the properties but resistance would always be the same for these suits.

    For example: Instead of making plate, the plate mail in the menu now, would have a suit, so that the helmet, gorget, chest, legs, arms, and gloves would all go together and when finished you would produce a useable suit, that had all 70's resistance.

    If you used a runic and special material, it would jog the resistances and rather than changing resistances to a lower state, colored metals would simply boost them and i'll explain that with the different types of suits.

    Suits that stop specials, like armour ignore or moving shot, could be created for PvP. So, you would automatically have a counter ability. For example: If someone threw an explode potion at you, the suit could have the ability to reflect back the damage.

    Suits that have high resistances up to 100 for spawns that will take 50% away. So, you could create new spawns, spells, weapon types that would damage the resistance of the wearer. So, this would cause you to need more than a soloist. For example: A suit that had 100 physical could fight the physical damaging aspect but if at the same time, one that difused fire resist attacked the soloist, they would be diminished.

    Suits of elements, for example: Where fire might be 100%. So, a suit like this, might be good for a Sampire, at its' basic level but could also be enhanced and imbued to make the suit custom. So, not all the suits would be identical, even though they were the same suit.

    A robe that has 100% lower reagant but nothing else could be worn with it. So, a host of tailor items could be created, where you had, clothing sets that could be worn and give good protection or a bonus to suits that could use them.

    So, the point is, max properties. For example: Life Regain, Mana Regain, where the suits are all 70s basically. So, template suits for mages, fighters, bards, where it gives you the basic bonus that you would need and then allows for the imbuing or enhancing, so even suits that have all 70s would be less and less viable as more things were created to counter-act resistances. Like, skills we have now that have different forms that automatically change the resistances. So, you would have to make suits that would balance those or they would be worthless to the template.

    An example of the highest sets would be, Doom Sets that would be harder to get with really neat abilities to overcap things like reflect physical or spell bounce. Taming Suits of Calming, so you can relax the spawn. Of course, those are just a few ideas of the possibilities.

    I think something like this, to begin with, would be very easy to implement. You just start replacing the smith menus and tailor menus with suits and then add those suits into the loot tables and onto the correct vendors and then over time you add more and more suits and remove the loots that mimick those pieces. Like, plate arms, leather sleeves.