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(RP) Shadow of the eclipse

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by silmwarensurion, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    House Surion. There it stood so long ago. Once it was a grand wonder. It was the silent magnum opus of House Surion; that blared like booming thunder too anyone who laid their eyes upon it. Carved by magic; in the caverns, below the mountainous region; west of the town of Papau. Now it was a monolithic mausoleum containing the entire Surion family. Except for one. Silmwaren Surion was the last. Alone she walked the land of Sosaria. Hope had no meaning for her. She took hope and its variant meanings and threw them into the deep seas of the lost lands. But just because one does not believe in or have hope doesn’t mean it is not there. For all things have their rise and fall. For there was another. But, it is not the time for that part of the story…
    Silmwaren Surion was lying in her bed. Although her eyes were closed, she was awake. She was hoping that if she kept her eyes closed that perhaps the music instructor wouldn’t come. Oh how she hated this day! She enjoyed music and loved playing instruments; But, she was a restless soul. She loved to visit her Grandfather’s private study. There she read and studied his great writings and texts of research. He told her grand stories of adventure. He had passed away long ago. But she could still here his voice; when she visited his study and read his writings. She had sweet memories of him. She would sit at his feet; starry eyed and awed at his tales of adventures and travels.
    But, there it was. The knock on the door. Not today she yelled towards the door. The voice pleaded with her. “Please mistress; it has been several weeks since your last lesson.” I said not today! Now be gone with you, before I throw you into the dungeons. She listened and heard the teacher walk away. Getting up out of her bed; She decided to see what her mother was doing. She had a balcony that overlooked the greeting chamber of house Surion. Looking down and seeing what she saw; left her perplexed. Shocked at the site of an Ophidian inside of house Surion; left her unsettled. She began to listen.
    The matron of House Surion showed no tells or signs of what she was thinking; When the Ophidian Knight Errant slithered in to the greeting hall. “What are you doing here creature? You know we are allied with the Terathans!” She continued; “Do you know what this could cost us?” The ophidian began. “We come in peace! We desire that you break your alliance with the terathans; and, will bestow upon you the grandest tribute”
    The matron stood up and berated the Ophidian. “Be gone! Before I seize you, and turn you over to the Terathans!”
    The Ophidian turned around and began to leave. The matron watched his departure carefully. When she saw him stop she took a few steps forward and yelled: “I said leave!”
    The matron’s advisors quickly approached and began to confer with the matron. Silmwaren turned and went back into her chamber. She wondered what the scenario that had just transpired was all about. Hmm she wondered. She exited her chamber and headed for her grandfather’s study too do some readings of his texts.

    The matron and her advisors were still discussing the event that had happened just a few short hours ago. Their discussion was interrupted when a guard ran into the chamber of greeting. Battered and covered in blood he bellowed a few indiscernible words, Before he could finish, his body flashed and magical fire covered him from head to toe. He fell screaming in pain and was no more. Surion guards sounded the alarm and within seconds the chamber was filled with warriors, and archers took their positions on elevated stands above the chamber of greeting.
    Then they came. At first there were only a few. Terathan warriors scurried into the chamber and were quickly dispatched. But, then more and more came. The elves struck them down. There were so many dead terathans ; That the other terathans had to climb over their own dead. But, soon the terathans were everywhere. They covered the walls and ceilings. Thousands upon thousands were struck down. Thousands upon thousands kept coming. The members of house Surion began to falter. Their stamina got weaker and weaker. They could hold out no more. The terathan avengers moved in and began to strike them down. Then it was only the matron. The avengers quickly surrounded and subdued her. She stood alone and weary. The avengers forced her onto her knees. A few moments passed; and then the terathan queen entered the chamber. The matron looked at her and asked why? The terathan queen said nothing but one word. Betrayer! The queen then struck the Matron of house surion down…