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Shadowguard Tips / Tricks / Strategies

Wan Thingies? Gruk dis!

  1. Pushdug'ula

    Pushdug'ula Visitor

    Nov 4, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Shadowguard currently drops the best loot in the game. In addition to 1 million gold and the chance at some amazing artifacts (especially the Enchantress Cameo and Minax Sandals, both great PvM items), the regular corpse items are ridiculously good.

    In Discord it sounds like folks are having a tough time, which is totally understandable. Here are some things that may help Orcs start using Shadowguard to gear up.


    1. Use a Moonstone Crystal to get there. Several public ones exist, including Brit Hub.

    2. For some rooms, plan to do them alone or with one partner. For others you'll want all hands on deck. Do not go as a big group without thinking it through.

    3. Shadowguard was a high value target and HI-5 (and other guilds) kept ghosts watching. When you come out you are auto-dismounted. Before leaving a room, dismount, invis your pet, and invis / hide yourself. AS SOON AS YOU TELEPORT TO THE ENTRANCE, HAVE THE GROUP LEAD RUN BACK UP AND CHOOSE THE ORCHARD. This takes you in where you cannot be followed, and you can Help Stuck out safely.

    4. You have 30 mins for all rooms but the Roof.


    1. Bar - Can be completed alone or with a partner. Use pets, disco, provo, RCs, or Armor Ignore and elemental weapons. You can dbl click the beer bottles to throw for 300 pts damage, but I generally don't, b/c you will get drunk and disrobe. After three rounds of pirates, Shanty appears, and is relatively easy.

    2. Orchard - As many folks as possible can go, there is no combat needed. Have a tamer in the party with a Cu. Clicking on a tree gives an apple. Read the apple. Write down the name on the apple, that is the name of the tree. I draw them out. Once the Cu has eaten (and you've drawn the tree names and positions) throw the apple from any tree to its opposite by double clicking apple and targetting tree. Very easy.

    Use this table: Anti-Virtues - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia

    3. Fountain - Can be done alone, but you may need to jump in, kill a few elementals, then restart with some canal pieces in pack. Canals are timed, and will expire! Focus on one canal at a time. DO NOT USE MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE PER ATTEMPT. Two is optimum. You can run two different canals to the same drain, so focus on the closest drains.

    4. Armory - Trained pets with Armor Ignore are good, esp Cu Sidhes. Get vials from dead armor, purify it on flames, throw purified vial at inanimate suits. A necro with Wither does well also. Or a sampire with an AI weapon. Two member party is optimal here.

    5. Belfry - Select a player to kill dragon, get feather from drakes, get dragonkiller player on column with the dragon. All other players support dragonkiller with heals, bard songs, or by casting summons on ledge of column (there are targetable spots). A Cu Sidhe with Armor Ignore, good healing, and an owner that has Lvl 3 Mastery can do it alone. Use feather to get up hidden, put pet on GD, begin Consume. When dragon starts pushing Cu off ledge, turn off mastery (support players heal pet), hide. Pet falls off, but you remain hidden on column. Log in and out quickly and pet will re appear on column (this may have been nerfed).

    6. Roof -

    Roof Builds Using Two Accounts

    Roof pets

    Pet for Roof (ESP Juo'nar)

    BEFORE THE FOURTH BOSS FIGHT OF THE ROOF IS OVER, BREAK PARTY! (Preferably near the end, like 10% HP)

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