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Shard Gardening Vendors - Where to Find

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Lady_Magica, May 24, 2002.

  1. Lady_Magica

    Lady_Magica Guest

    Just shard and vendor co-ordinates for UOAM please, nothing else superficial please - constantly under construction /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    [​IMG]<font color=008B8B>Atlantic</font color=008B8B>[​IMG]

    The Swanton Bomb - Trammel - 158.13 N 133.7 W

    [​IMG]<font color=191970>Baja</font color=191970>[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=3A5FCD>Catskills</font color=3A5FCD>[​IMG]

    Warpin &amp; Whackem, Ltd - Trammel - 42.0 N 67.46 E
    PCV of Timberidge -Trammel - 32.41 N, 23.58 W
    Lady Alisa (name?) - Trammel - 125.41 N 82.28 E

    [​IMG]<font color=CDAD00>Chesapeake</font color=CDAD00>[​IMG]

    Angelica's - Felucca - 10.6 S 7.22 W
    Le Jardin of Treasured Goods - Trammel - 117.51 S 20.23 E
    Wilderness Emporium - Felucca - 65.28 N 70.6 E

    [​IMG]<font color=FF3030>Drachenfels</font color=FF3030>[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=green>Europa</font color=green>[​IMG]

    Tower of Roses - Trammel - 18 N 30 E

    [​IMG]<font color=006400>Great Lakes</font color=006400>[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=CDAD00>Lake Superior</font color=CDAD00>[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=000080>Legends (AOL)</font color=000080>[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=8B008B>Napa Valley</font color=8B008B>[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=4682B4>Oceania</font color=4682B4>[​IMG]
  2. Mercy

    Mercy Guest

    Chesapeake, Felucca. Wilderness Emporium, 65° 28'N, 70° 6'E.

  3. kalexandra

    kalexandra Guest

    <font color=purple> PACIFIC SHARD - Trammel
    Velandra's Specialty Shoppe, 68° 43'N, 37° 28'E.
  4. Lady Alisa

    Lady Alisa Guest

    Cats- Trammel 125'41N 82'28E
  5. Swyreal

    Swyreal Guest

    Catskills - Trammel - PCV of Timberidge - 32' 41" N, 23' 58" W (Alchemy house)
  6. Catskill - Trammel - "Warpin &amp; Whackem, Ltd" 42 0 N 67 46 E

    Just a wee marble workshop on the southeast shore of Cove Bay....
    Old Fred doing most of the gardening schlep work.......
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    117o51's, 20o23'e

    A small stone workshop in a clearing along the outer northwest edge of Hidden Valley near Trinsic. Exit Trinsic by the main gate and head south to the river. Stay on the north side of the river and continue westward until you hit the old volcano that shelters Hidden Valley. Follow the northern edge of the volcano around to the west edge, then head south. You'll pass a small marble workshop then a log cabin. Le Jardin is just west of the log cabin (next building over in the clearing you can see from the log cabin).
  8. kitiara-atlantic

    kitiara-atlantic Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    The Swanton Bomb
    Atlantic - Trammel - Isle of Fire at 158.13N, 133.7W
  9. Chew

    Chew Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Tower of Roses - EUROPA - Trammel

    The Gardening Vendor is standing actually in a 'Bistro' (Villa) in a quiet valley, also a river near by, perfect for all plants to grow and a romantic place for people enjoying a meal. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    A rune is placed in the Tower of Roses (18°N - 30°E)

    We offer there 2nd + 3rd gen. seeds, aswell as some deco-plants.
    Soon also the 'Bistro' will open its doors, where then creations of 'ye crazy french Chef' (GM) <font color=blue>Paul Bocuse</font color=blue> can be enjoyed.


    Tower of Roses BODs-Gardening
    <font color=green>EUROPA</font color=green>
  10. Tymber

    Tymber Guest

    Chessy FEL - Angelica's!!!!!

    In the Western Britain Guarded Zone!
    10° 6'S, 7° 22'W
  11. Alchem

    Alchem Guest

    Napa Valley
    Imafisher's Rune Library
    130o 20'N 84o 35'E
    All regular plants just 5k
  12. xenex

    xenex Guest

    Laughing Lich Vendors

    15o 49'N, 36o 8'W NAPA VALLEY

    Large Sadstone located in the North corner of the heart of britain (just under lich spawn).

    Plants and seeds are on Glenn (red robe). Also many other weapon/armor vendors.
  13. Lady_Willow

    Lady_Willow Guest

    Great Lakes - Trammel - 168o 18'S 141o 50'W

    Moonlite Cantina - Home of the "Jumping Beans" Mariachi Band

    L-Shape on a Fire Island beach just west of Daemon Temple
  14. starhawk34

    starhawk34 Guest

    I have a large marble villa on napa where i have about 300 plants growing and producing seeds. i curently have about 60 seeds from each normal color in second generationplus some briughts. I have planted them and they are growing so you doint have to waist as much time raising them. . you can buy the saplings from me by arangement or seeds from the venders on the front steps. the saplings are locked down on the roof so they will grow, and need to be unlocked to be sold. Seeds for third generation plants will be available in a day or so. i polinated the plants on friday may 24th at about 8:00 in the morning but they have not produced any seeds yet. I am on for about 6 to 16 hours each day and can be contacted bye ICQ at 46251364. AIM windows messenger and netscape messenger at starhawk34, or yahoo at roys_hawaii. you can find the shop bye taking the road east of britain to the swamp, travel up to the mountains and then travel west again allmost to the mine in the corner where you will find my marble patio villa. I have cross polinated the colored second generation plants to produce hybrid types of each plant type in all colors possible.
  15. gab

    gab Guest

    Ruatha Hold - Chesapeake Trammel
    Located east of the city of Britain.
    Follow road to the last bend in road before Swamps.
    We are the Large Tower right off the road
    Coordinates are 45o 36'N 42o 23'E

    Decos - Unpollinated matures - Seeds (Type Identified)
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Skara Gate Shop on Drach in Trammel. Easy to find half way from Skara public gates to Skara bank.
  17. Drachenfels - Trammel - Amazon Trading Shop: 60 17'S 35 55'W (Skara Mainland).

    Specialization: plain and orange seeds and plants.

  18. gotzhaus

    gotzhaus Guest

    Lake Superior Shard, Trammel UOAM: 76o 22 / 25o27 (E)
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oceania, Trammel
    The Angry Villager - 115o N, 115o E
  20. Atlantic/Trammel - What House?

    directly above Jhelom bull pen, to the right, small tower

    170o 35'S 12o 30'W
  21. Severe

    Severe Guest

    Between Vesper and Minoc --- Trammel --- Europa Shard

    coords: 91o 45´N
    96o 32´E

    Morbid Angel´s Vendor Hide-Out
    the log cabin.
    Vendor name is Peggy
    Also all potions you need for gardening /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  22. Ailia

    Ailia Guest

    Europa/Trammel/south of Trinsic moongate

    Ramona and Francisca
    121o 22'S 35o 34'E

    Francisca has all the potions you'll need to care for your plants.
    Ramona has some decorative plants .... more being added, second generation seeds and 'kits' for the plant challenged ;-D

    Come and check us out.
    If you don't see it we might have it but the vendor's full.
  23. Maeve20

    Maeve20 Guest

    Shard= Catskills Trammel 1 or 2 screen south of Vesper
    small tower named Quinn's right on the beach area
    UOAMap Location = 48x15N 100x28E
    **We carry, 2nd &amp; 3rd generation plants, in both modes (Deco &amp; not so those can be used to cross with); seeds; GM made potions both in kegs and single potions, empty kegs; GM tinkered Tools &amp; Items along with some other items**

    PS So far we have had 3 mutant crosses, 1 black &amp; 2 white crosses
  24. Kraggar

    Kraggar Guest

    The Dark Riders II - 49o 23'N X 90o 16'E
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great Lakes Trammel
    (waves at Lady Willow...are you who I think you are?)
    38o 35'N, 32o 37'W
    Log Cabin at the crossroads SE of the Yew Graveyard
    Mass BODs Dealer
    Budding Plant &amp; Seed Emporium

    Lady Trillian
  26. Canaris

    Canaris Guest

    Area 51. 25o 24'N 18o 25'E. Seling white seed. Growing rest. Will sell rest soon. Many plants.
    78o50'S 14o16W
    southeast of mainland skara
  28. quiddi

    quiddi Guest

    Medicinal Use Vendors - Pacific, Felucca - 116.16 N, 6.11 E
  29. T.Hunter

    T.Hunter Guest

    Chesapeake- trammel - The Moongate Shop (Bethena) - 31o12 N 136o16 W

    Mara of chessy
  30. Almea

    Almea Guest

    Tarrant Floral
    Sonoma/Trammel Southwest of Wrong
    110o 7' N 36o 4' E


    Sonoma - Trammel
    42 Nx43 E, NE of Brit/SW of Bog of Desolation
    City of Sumdall Provisioners Shop
    Villa located directly NW of the guard outpost.

    Plants and seeds of all types added frequently at very low prices, requests welcome!
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Chesapeake, Heartkin House Library &amp; Museum, 70.39N 63.12E
  33. Lorren

    Lorren Guest

    Lake Superior Trammel
    127 degrees 47 minutes North, 90 degrees 50 minutes East
    Vendor name Leighton

    Selling decos and named seeds, selection is small as of today, but I have many plants maturing in a couple days and will be placing them as they become ready.
  34. UO Melcor

    UO Melcor Guest

    Plants on Brandy-Trammel-104.40' N 34.1' W
    Small selection of Deco's but has seeds in plant type packs.
  35. Napa Valley - 73.39N, 46.24W. Right behind Empath Abbey in Yew. Trammel
  36. Chesapeake
    Serpent's Pass Nursery
    42o11'N 5o12'E

    Selling deco, ready to pollinate and sorted seeds, plus mutants when available.
  37. delirium10

    delirium10 Guest

    Greetings fellow gardeners

    I have a small tower vendor shop with rares, plants, GM potions, Armour, just about anything you might need. Small mining and town rune library in the house too.
    Coordinates are:
    100o22'N, 157o14'W on the trammel facet of Europa shard. Ice Island on the right side of the island not far from the shrine of honesty.
    We have some deco, and a lot of nice live plants for pollenation. Prices are very low... only 2k for all coloured live plants and decos are 500gp.

    Best regards, delirium
    (Icq me for specific requests or to use any of my pollenators 76384881)
  38. BanMeNot

    BanMeNot Guest

    Gardener Vendor:
    Meow Supply
    Tram Pacific 14'19N 38'44E
    Come and Visit!!

  39. SpiceWeasel

    SpiceWeasel Guest

    Lake Superior - Trammel - Nadia's Place - 84'6 N, 28'49 W - between Yew Moongate and Yew Crypts - two plant vendors and one seed vendor on the patio
  40. Sanctuary Of The Universal Father
    Great Lakes - Felucca
    161o 16'S 40o 42'E
    Selling Mass BOD's/Live Plants (some deco)/Various Generations Seeds/GM Crafted Metal Armor/Clothing/Leather Armor/GM Arcane Clothing/T-Maps/Magic Katanas-Swords &amp; Various Magic Weapons-Items/GM Carpentered &amp; Tinkered Items/&amp; Much More!

  41. TyraOfBaja

    TyraOfBaja Guest

    Baja - Trammel - 77o 15'N x 43o 6'W - just a little west of the Yew moongate
  42. Lord Sartori

    Lord Sartori Guest

    <font color=red>OCEANIA</font color=red>

    Seth's TSB/S*H Vendor House

    36-16 N 139-56W Tram

    The sandstone just out of the south gate of Moonglow.

    Named seeds and plants.
  43. Duck of CoF

    Duck of CoF Guest

    Sonoma - The Merchant Manor located in Yew at 66 26N, 24 15W
    Currently growing well over 800 plants to keep vendors stocked for your decorating needs.
  44. Hail
    Large Marble shop Veloria minoc (nr the reaper cave), EUROPA: 128-3N x 79-6E

    1,2,3,4th generation plants available
  45. I've recently placed a vendor at:

    Rosewood Antiquities
    48o4'N 37o11'E

    Mostly seeds and decos at the moment... lots more coming this weekend after my next bloom...

    Walk northeast along the road from Brit, along the mountains on your left before the swaplands.
  46. Sonoma
    " Lothlorien Garden "
    Coordi : 78'2"N / 11'48" E (Large Marble, just North from Chaos Shrine)
  47. HighCastle

    HighCastle Guest

    Napa Valley Trammel X:1915 Y:951
  48. Oceania Fire

    Oceania Fire Guest

    All plant/seed vendors are on the third floor of the tower. Vendors by the stairs have plants with no seeds, with some or all seeds/resources, and plants in deco mode. One generation per vendor. All plants have descriptions of general health and seeds/resources left and what type of plant should be produced by any seeds.

    Vendors inside third floor room have seeds. Hobart has first and second generation and Jennifer has the rest. Hyman has seeds from unknown crosses. (Mother is listed) There are free plant bowls on all three seed vendors.

    Only mutants for sale are black campion and white small palms for sale now. More seeds/plants will be added daily as time permits.

    Location: 33o 50' N 21o 18'E.
  49. Sorry HighCastle don't understand X: 1915 Y:951. Any chance you could tell us where it's near. I'd be intrested checking your vendors out but can't figure out where you're at.
  50. Mikken

    Mikken Guest

    i think he means the x and y co-ords on uoam.

    Scottish Thistle *please* check your pm's.