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EM Event Shattered Faith - 27th Jan 2014

Discussion in 'Arirang EM Forum' started by EM Hanarin, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Paladin guildmaster Lark was tormented by the recent incidents. He was sure that it was by the Cult but there is no solid evience. Anyone who knows about the Cult will pointing out that the Brotherhood of Sosaria is the Cult, that wants destruction of the Britannia.

    Situation is getting worse than ever. Mayor of Minoc has been murdered by uprising miners and assassins are walking among the citizens. Not just the Cult, Minax and her minions are invading royal cities day by day. City guards are running out of men and if there is no brave adventurer's help, Britannia would already fallen by their hands.

    What if Jackery didn't established the Alliance.... Lark shivers with terrible imagination. The Alliance is the only thing that makes royal cities hold them back to link their forces. Since Jackery was threatened by assassins, he has no choice but to hide from them. There are spies and assassins are hidden in Royal Council. If King Blackthorn doesn't exist, Britain would be fallen already. Jackery knew more than they imagine and he see through their true origin and purpose. Only some of people knew the location of his hideout.
    Lark feels that Siegmund, one of his new paladin, will do something important in near future. Since he arrived at Trinsic with his amnesia, he done so much things. On the otherhand, however, he might be the one who make things worse. No one knows what will he be. But there is less thing left he could trust. So he just hopping that he uses his power and knowledge to protect the Britannia.

    He checked sand walls of Trinsic once again. And then he came back to barracks to check up his men. After he finished his duty, he went the ankh near by barracks just as usual. He was watching starts and lost in thought. At that time, he felt someone's coming.

    "What is it?"

    There was a paladin in front of his eyes. He was the one who Lark trusts. But he didn't answer his words and come closer to him. Lark felt strange from him. Suddenly, he draw the sword and whispers to him.

    "Well, if I had known that you are so stubborn, I would finished you. You always mess up with our plans. We can't no longer let you mess with us. Especially filthy blood noble done too much. You all can't escape this time. No more."

    Lark's eyes were rocked by fears and horrors. They were infiltrated here already? How long did they.... how long did they planned this? Lark draw his sword but he couldn't move as usual because of shock. At that instant, blade was stuck in his body and blood trickles quietly in middle of blade.

    He twisted it and then pulled it. He put the sword at the ankh. He took out something from his pocket with smile.

    "Now, I know you feel terribly pain but hold on for me. I want you to tell me something I need to know. So don't die yet. This is the fun part. I have been waiting for this all the time. You see, this powder is very useful. Every men I have met speak what I want when I use this powder...."

    Lark couldn't scream. It seems bloods are filling his lung. Bloods are burst out from his mouth. He formed a resolution that even my dead body, he won't get what he wants. When he thought it, the man said.

    "So, where is Jackery, Boss?"

    <Event Annoucement>

    Date/Time: 27th Jan (Monday), 2014. 10:00PM (KST/JPT)
    (Be aware that Date and Time could be changed.)

    Meeting Place: Britain EM Hall - Trinsic Paladin Guildhouse (A Gate will be provided at Britain EM Hall)

    <Event Notification>

    We are expecting combat situation during the event so we are strongly suggest that valuable items should be remain in the Bank or your house. We do not create your missing or lost item even if there is. Event estimated time is not too long so we also strongly advice you to join this event at time.


    If you try to interrupt, making problems, spamming, harassing EMs or someone else will result warning or perhaps something more than that. This will recorded into your account. Please pay attention to EM when he start speaking. EMs are doing their best to hear your opinions. Please understand this: In some parts, however, there’s nothing they could do. If you are doing such thing, EMs will stop the event immediately till it is solved or fixed.

    To see the Korean version, please visit here.
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