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[SHE] GUILD BIRTHDAY sept 18th 2010 Event list

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Zelda of Zed, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Zelda of Zed

    Zelda of Zed Guest

    [SHE] Guild & Auction Birthday Party
    Chesapeake Shard
    Sept 18th, 2010
    This is our 10th year as a guild, and the Auction Houses 6th year.

    Tune into Whispering Rose Radio at WRRAD.Com for live coverage of the days events!

    * Sponsors/Donations *
    Ethereal Void Imperium
    Filthy Phil & The Council of FY
    Sundina & Demon Slayer (VIP)
    Nyx (Oath)

    * [SHE] Leaders *
    Founder - Lycanthropy
    Guild Leader – Tigger
    High Council – Riviera Lockhart, Daktari Zinn & Shelra

    * Auction House *
    Zelda of Zed
    Guest Auctioneer
    Demon Slayer
    Riviera Lockhart
    Daktari Zinn & Shelra

    * The Days Events *
    (Each Event will have a rule book, please make sure to get each time!)

    1:00 pm est Raffels Open - 50/50 – Sign up for Horse Race
    # Raffle numbers will be drawn at 6:45pm, you must be there to win! #

    1:30 pm Opening of events… Starting at Zedland Banner

    Largest fireworks display on UO! !
    Lets set a record for the others to beat!!!!
    Make sure to bring you new fireworks wands.
    Lets show the other shards how we party! (if ya can make sure to snap a picture!)

    * Prizes for Events *
    Horse Race Prizes
    1st -10mi UO Gold
    2nd- 10 mil
    3rd – 5mil

    Scavenger Hunt Prizes
    1st -10mi UO Gold
    2nd- 10 mil
    3rd – 5mil

    Icy Maze Prizes
    1st -10mi UO Gold
    2nd- 10 mil
    3rd – 5mil

    2:00 pm Horse Race – Horse Race will be around our very own Zedland Lake! Please make sure to get a rule book on how the race will be run! Host: Daktari & Tigger

    3:00 pm Scavenger Hunt – Rivi has a list of items for you to find. Please make sure to get a rule book on how the hunt will be run! Host: Rivi

    4:00 pm est Icy Maze The 4th edition – I promise during this event you will be swearing at Zelda! (but it was Rivi’s idea for the design) - Please make sure to get a rule book icy maze! Host Zelda of Zed

    5:00 pm House Drop – We have filled a house with tons of stuff! And around 5:15 – 5:45pm est, the house will be dropped. There is a rune at the auction house, if you would like to see it. Idocing at its best! Host : [SHE] Guild


    * BREAK TIME! GO get some FOOD! *

    6:45 - Raffle numbers to be drawn before Auction starts. YOU MUST BE THERE TO WIN! If they are not there, another number will be drawn!

    7:00 pm est The [SHE] Auction – Celebrating its 6th year of service to the Chesapeake Community.