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Ship vanished while in use

Discussion in 'Beta Testing Archive' started by rajadeah, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. rajadeah

    rajadeah Guest

    I just finished the fish monger quest and was sailing from waters south of Scara and heading to Vesper docks when my ship just vanished. I took my eyes off the screen for half a minute and when I looked back my toon was just standing in the water. I couldnt move so I tryed recalling off the ship rune, and that didnt work so I recalled home and now every time I recall off the ship rune I get the message "The Ship Could Not Be Located"

    I then went and got a new ship and it placed for me no problem, but I had to cancle my fishing quest so I could start a new one.

    One other Bug Im finding is the New fish or maybe just some of them block boat movment if tossed into the water.
  2. Andreew

    Andreew Guest

    This happened to me twice. First time on Felucca near map edge, exactly at northern map edge. I don't remember a ship direction and swim direction but the second time it occurred at Tokuno (X: 912 Y: 1) and also from north to south edge of facet, ship facing was probably east. Both ships were Tokuno Ship. When I'm trying to recall to ship it says 'This ship could not be located'. Place new ship = "You already have a ship deplyed!". Next characted blocked ;/

    EDIT: 2 rowboat also sunk at this location.
  3. Nalynn

    Nalynn Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 15, 2009
    Likes Received:
    This just happened to me this morning, too! I posted in another forum before finding this thread.