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(RP) Ships of Trade

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Cephas [V], Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Cephas [V]

    Cephas [V] Journeyman

    Jun 13, 2013
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    "It'll work, sure, but these are awfully tight quarters to navigate multiple ships." The ashen elf furrowed his brow, "A better bet would be to have a single ship to engage the Scalis and a second to waylay it with heavy cannon balls."
    "But that's what I want to avoid: only one ship blasting away," pled the armsman, one of the guests of Britain's governor. "I had no warning of the attack, and as a result, the docks of New Magincia still burn. We've weathered invasions before, but never by sea with so formidable a foe."
    The governor of New Magincia thought to himself "Perhaps I am too old for this these days. Even when Despise marched on Britain, I was no match for ogre lord generals. Even tonight, on the assault on the crimson wyrm's nest in Ki-Rin Passage, I could only stay back and offer resurrections."

    The hooded archer sighed. "We'll try this Tuesday, in a controlled setting, off your docks," he motioned to the man in the royal blue cloak.
    "Done," was his reply. "If this works, I'll have a full keg of brandy for you and our tamer friend here." Harry smiled: as representative for the governor of Vesper, his job had been the easy one.


    The week had proven to be a busy one in New Magincia. Nominations for the fourth term were due, and thanks to the attack, the dock was burning. Again. Several dozen cords of wood had already been procured for the eventual rebuilding process, but the magical flames had not yet extinguished. "Accursed magical fire," Cephas lamented to himself. "Never leaves when you want in gone, never stays when you need it to burn long."
    He sat at the chessboard off the docks, idly twirling a bishop between his mailed fingers. "Has anyone seen Gilanthis?" read the pigeon he sent. A response came back, followed by an appearance from the alter ego of Britain's governor. Unavailable at the moment, but there was an outing later to take down the Stygian Dragon later in the evening. The governor of Vesper had not been seen at all that day. Perhaps tonight would not have been the best opportunity to summon a Scalis Enforcer.


    The hour of the hunt arrived, and the governor of New Magincia found himself racing after his new guildmate, the newly retired governess of Yew. Upon reaching the teleporter into the Abyss, the guardians of the Abyss suddenly halt his passage. Kirthag offers a rune to the Shrine of Singularity, but the Shrine itself is poorly signed, and Cephas isn't really sure where he just showed up. The governor of New Magincia decides tonight may just not be his night after all. So blow the trade winds of the Valley.
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