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Shop for your Transcendence scrolls online...New Europa Shop website

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Melissa Rohan, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hi All...

    Please go take a look at my website for Europa. Its partially under construction at the moment but new pages will be added each week. If theres anything you'd like to see on there, new categories etc let me know, thanks. You can order via my ICQ 163-395-835 (Emily the Bloody) or via emails at [email protected] .


    Any constructive feedback is appreciated, only had the design software a little over a week so I'm still new to this.

  2. New stock added today - tailoring and smithy rewards. I'll add more pages this week time permitting. Let me know if you want anything in particular on there and i'll add new categories if enough people want it. I know ive been asked for a pet one already...anyway, go take a look ok, thanks.

  3. Friday 22nd May 2009

    New section added ... stealable balms and lotions.

    Section updated ... powerscrolls.

    New section added to powerscrolls ... stat scrolls.

    Minor cosmetic changes to some pages. Minor editing.

    More pages to come after the weekend!

    Go check it out www.pinkscrolls.t35.com

  4. New section added - Alacrity scrolls... need to train some skills fast? or maybe get some better daily gains - check out the new page.

    Minor editing in menus.

    Updates to powerscrolls/transcendece lists.

  5. Dodger

    Dodger Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 25, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nice site! do you buy as well? I have some sots and balms and stuff, if your intrested.
  6. Thanks Dodger, glad you like the site.

    I do buy some stuff, it depends what it is at the moment. I have currently about 7-8,000 items to list so it'll take a while to sort and upload. If you want to add me on ICQ 163-395-835 (Emily the Bloody) you can tell me what you have there, OK?


    P.S Tokens should be up today or tomorrow..fingers crossed !
  7. Had a little time this afternoon, so added a few tokens to the site today... more to be added next couple of days, working on arties next.

  8. Hi, new uploads today, Doom Arties...


    Few minor price changes
    New stock added and adjusted
    New spry widgets being added for Doom Artifacts, should be completed late today or tomorrow.

  9. New updates

    Spry menu now completed for Doom Arties
    More High End Powerscrolls in stock, lists being updates today
    Minor menu changes
    New category - Tokuna Stealables, high end stealables!

  10. Hey folks, new secion upload - Minor Arties - Normal and Ilshenar, even a few shipwreck ones in there.

    More spry menus for minor arties added
    Minor prices adjustments
    More Scrolls in stock , Power , Stat, and Transcendence

    Coming Soon by request - A buying section, might be early next week.

  11. Me again

    More updates to my site.

    More stock added, powerscrolls, arties and sots all updated.
    New section started Rares... prices may be a little high on some stuff but i'm erring on the side of caution until i get proper valuations on some of the stuff... I can always go down a little on some items. More holiday rares, tokuna treasures, misc rares etc will be added shortly.

    New section - Asian Slime Dyed Cloth... havent saw any on Europa in forever. Got a few bolts in now so go take a look.

    Few prices changes on some items. I'll keep tweaking some stuff. See something you like? Message me. Can't see anything you need...message me...! We got loads more items to list.

  12. Hi All,

    New updates again
    New Updates - July 20th

    Added section Shadowlord Cloaks to main menu

    Added items to Crafting Rewards, Miscellaneous

    Minor Price Changes

    Added Europa Logo to mainpage

  13. Bumpity Bump,

    Price drops on a few items, few more items added as well
    New Rares sections divided by categories (will add more items as i find them)

  14. Hi All,

    Added more Halloween Rares today
    Changed a few items around
    Minor prices changes
    New tokens added - LEGACY 15m - Get a FULL SOULSTONE!

  15. Hi folks!

    Been a little busy last couple of weeks but got another update now.

    Menu items updated, more sections added.
    More tokens added - mainly 11th anniversary.
    Peerless loot updated.

    We now have vendors at Flourish and Blotts Luna. It's just inside the northern most gate. We have 4 vendors on the last row dressed in fire slime cloth for easy recognition. We currently sell artifacts, tailor rewards, and tokens there.

    We are currently working on something that may interest certain people of the community, traders and shoppers mainly. I can't say much about it at the moment as I am still working on the webpage for it and finalising details. More news soon.


  16. Hi again!

    Few minor changes

    Few prices changes and increases in stock for SOT's
    Edited Homepage and added a couple of new links
    Added a buying section - we will start off small and add as we need. I have a maxed out keep and 18 x 18 with extra storage, with 50 vendors carrying bods..all FULL! We have 1000s of items to add.
    Few prices changes elsewhere

  17. LadyNico

    LadyNico Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    It's entirely possible I'm being particularly obtuse, however, is there a reason this trade/advertising thread isn't actually in the Trade forums?