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Shroud of Ari?

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Picus of Napa, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Picus of Napa

    Picus of Napa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend

    Jun 27, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I see one is for sale on tradespot for a very hefty sum. Anyone know why its asking 1.5 Bil? Stats or something? Rare photo one could post?
  2. craememp

    craememp Guest

    Further down the thread, there was this answer:

    purple shroud + 10 Physical Resistance.

    Originally 4 Shroud of Ari and 4 Shroud of Bal were handed out on Korean shards.

    some were banned, some were dupped. There ya go.

    Last one sold I think was Shroud of Bal for 800 mil. That was a while back.


    Is a suspected duped item really worth that much?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Is a suspected duped item really worth that much?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Some items such as Baal, Ari shrouds, Most knowledgeable person shrouds, vine cords, lieutant sash, glorious lady shroud, etc are worth alot even if theyve been duped b/c pvpers want and need the extra mods or resists to complete their suits. Or in some cases the added bonuses from these items make it alot easier for them to complete suits or allow them room for extra mods they may not have been able to previously fit.

    Plus alot of ppl are obsessed with status symbols, and as a pvper running around in a purple shroud, or another unqiue item makes you stand out.
  4. StarlaUO

    StarlaUO Guest

    Here's a picture [​IMG]: