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Siege Duelist League Week 3 cont.-Restricted

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_SavageSP, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. -Duelist's of Siege League Rules-

    CHAPTER I. Rules.
    In all fairness certain limitations will only be enforced on alternating weeks, and every seasonal championship will be seperately be held alternatingly on ruleset
    If any rules are found to be broken by any spectators, or referee's there will be an issue warned, and based on the impact the action taken the duel will be redone.However, a second repremanding will cause a forfeit and loss of 5 points to your name)
    The rules are as followed for all even numbered Sundays:

    <font color=red>EDIT-Bring your own GM NON Runic Armor, a set will not be provided to you as listed below!</font color=red>
    - A premade medable suit of armor will be given to both duelists that is all 70's with no other mods.
    - No artifacts, but no restriction on jewelery as long as it is not an artifact
    - No Pots (Poisoned weapons are allowed, no deadly poison pots.)
    - No Petals
    - No Pets or summons of any kind
    - No Precasts (This includes but is not restricted to, Reactive Armor, Protection, Magic Reflect, Vampiric Embrace, Horrific Beast, Lich Form, Wraith Form)
    - No Hiding
    - ****iya Darts and Shrukens allowed (Both need to be poisoned after the wall falls)
    - No Wands
    - No Talismens
    - Specails Allowed
    - No fields
    - No Weapon Restriction

    The rules are as followed for all odd numbered Sundays:

    - No restriction on armor.
    - Artifacts allowed
    - Pots allowed (Poison weapons can be pre-poisoned no limit to poison pots brought)
    - Petals Allowed
    - No Pets or Summons of Any Kind
    - Form Precasting Allowed (This includes Reactive Armor, Protection, Magic Reflect, Vampiric Embrace, Horrific Beast, Lich Form, Wraith Form)
    - Hiding/Stealth Allowed.
    - ****iya Darts and Shrukens Allowed
    - Enchanted Apples Allowed (Limit 6 Per Duel)
    - No Wands
    - Talismens allowed
    - Specails Allowed
    - Fields allowed, (Limit 4 fields to be in play at any time, this total of 4 fields is a sum amount for both contestants.. IE. Mage 1 and Mage 2 can not cast a combined total of more then 4 fields at one time, however once a field drops it can be replaced..)

    *Disclaimer: While the event and event location will try to be kept raid free, I do not insure the security of any rare or expensive items brought unblessed to the duel arena and will not replace any items lost before, during, or after the event. I will however attempt to make the event as secure as possible.*

    CHAPTER II. Entree Fee &amp; Winnings (Normal &amp; Seasonal)
    Every week (currently aiming for sundays at 8pm eastern unless CWS restarts their tourny) there will be an entree fee of 10k per contestant in which 50% of the money collected each week will go into the winners prize money for that week while the other 50% will go into the seasonal championship

    The seasonal championship will occur on the first sunday of every other month and will seperately alternate in ruleset due to every other month having the same ruleset otherwise.
    The first seasonal championship will have a restricted ruleset, then the second will be a non-restriction, etc etc..
    Note: The entree fee for the seasonal championship will be 20k in which will all of the entree fees will go to that seasonal championship

    There will be a character registration point (One character per person) in which will take place before each season starts (2 month periods).

    The character registration will require that you state your character name and the skills of your character (skill values need not be given if you wish for them to remain confidentail, however the skills in your template MUST be given) through the season you must keep the same template for every week until the season is over in which there will be a new registration.
    This is to keep people from equipting a template via soulstones that is most benifical to the ruleset of that week.

    CHAPTER III. League Standings and Requirements to Qualify for Seasonal Championship

    Inbetween every seasonal championship there will be 8 regular league match dates in which to earn lesser gold rewards, and points in standings to qualify for the Seasonal Championship.
    Regular League matches will institute a 1 round winner takes all fight.
    (Note: If any match exceeds a time of 7 minutes with no winner, the duel will be stopped in which both parties will stop using pots afterwords every 5 minutes a piece of armor will be removed)

    Each Seasonal Championship the top 6 league duelists will be chosen to fight for the seasonal prize in the championship.
    Seasonal Championships will institute a best 2 out of 3 rounds wins fight.
    (Note: If in seasonal championships the parties are of opposing factions, a 1 round fight will be instituted as an exception due to stat loss)
    (Note: If a seasonal championship match exceeds 10 minutes, both parties will stop chugging pots, every 5 minutes afterwords a piece of armor will be removed)

    During regular league play the points will be given out as followed:

    1st Place - 20 Points
    2nd Place - 16 Points
    3rd Place - 10 Points
    4th Place - 7 Points
    5th Place - 5 Points
    6th Place - 3 Points
    Each additional place, that aquires a win for the current week will recieve 2 points.
    While the duelists whom lose in the first round for the current week will recieve 1 point.

    Once the top 6 duelists have been selected they will be bracketed as so, (Using letters A-F to diagram the bracket tree)

    FIRST ROUND (Best 2 out of 3)
    A- Buy
    B- Buy
    |- Winner (C)
    |- Winner (E)

    SECOND ROUND (Best 2 out of 3)
    |-Winner (A)
    |-Winner (B)

    FINAL ROUND (Best 2 out of 3)
    |-A (Overall winner)

    <font color=blue>STANDINGS:

    1) Halex 26 Points
    2) Arden 20 Points
    3) Rayk 20 Points
    4) Puffy 16 Points
    5) Black Rain 10 Points
    6) Aztek 7 Points
    7) Mystique 7 Points
    8) Miss Pringle 6 Points
    9) Famine 5 Points
    10) Goodguy 4 Points
    11) Violator 3 Points
    12) Masumatek 3 Points
    13) Noc'Guille 2 Points
    14) Orkit 2 Points
    15) Krystal 1 Points
    16) Wrym 1 Points
    17) Meph 1 Points
    18) Noximoron 1 Points
    19) Zakinafet 1 Points
    20) Gworpe 1 Points
    21) Razik 1 Points
    22) Zippo 1 Points
    23) Death of Hemp 1 Points</font color=blue>

    CHAPTER IV. Donations
    Donations from non-participants will be accepted, and greatly welcomed in which all donations will also be split 50/50 unless recieved on the upcoming week of a seasonal championship
    All donators will be given the priveledge to own a vendor at the house
    The vendor can be used to sell anything the tournament permits therefore offering an on-site restock center in which will make equipting easier for contestants and give donators an added money revenue for their support in the tournament


    The house is built, unable to get natures furies, or poison walls into the duel pit which is 9x9 in size, with spectators being a level above the duel pit and power words capable of being seen. The house can ONLY be accessed by gate and gates will be provided and runes laid on the floors of Luna and Umbra bank for the first few weeks.

    Questions? Comments? Wish to help in the building of this event by supporting or being a regular contestant? Wish to be a supporter of this weekly event? ICQ me at: 223-761-062

    <center> Update!: </center>

    - Instead of removing a piece of armor after the first time period of a long duel has expired.. Both contestants will be required to stop chugging or tossing or using all kinds of pots(Excluding Poison pots).

    - Instead of having to have a solid template for the period of two months contestants are allowed to change a template every 2 weeks (A period of a restricted and non restricted week must occur)

    - Instead of having everyone toss me checks randomly a vendor will be placed which will have to buy a bod right before the event infront of everyone (the name will go above the vendor) and then show me the bod in which they placed..

    - Donations will also be sold through bods, bods will be priced at prices from 10k-1mil and all donations will be accepted at ALL times and at the end of the event 1/2 of the money on the vendor will go to the winner..
  2. Halex should be there.....

    Anyone wishing to Participate should respond here.
    Let your buddies know to post here or post for them, if there is a Lack of Interest or Lack of Responses the Event will not be Held and an announcement will be posted prior to the Event.....

    <font color=red>So Spread the Word and Start Posting in here if your coming dammit!</font color=red>- or you can sit in Luna with yer thumb in yer arse.....
  3. the orc will be there so count in Mo'gluk let em know if ya need a template set up before the tourney.. I am still playing with some things
  4. Calibretto

    Calibretto Guest

    I would like to be there.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    count me in if im around which ill try to be.
  6. Check the Edit above, you must bring your own GM NON Runic set of Armor, a suit will not be provided to you as listed for Restricted Week.
  7. Verum Julos

    Verum Julos Visitor

    Nov 15, 2007
    Likes Received:
    this is actually why i logged in was to say i would like to throw my hat in on one of the restricted duels in which we wear only barbed gm armor and gm weps but im on call all day sunday so ill try to be there but i dunno if the calls hit i gotta go
  8. The Armor will all be GM this week, but the weapons and spellbooks wont be.

    This isnt my Tourney, I just happen to be the one that Posted it this week, Refer to the Rules Above for the Even # Restricted Week for all the Particulars..
  9. Lord_Puffy

    Lord_Puffy Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 9, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I say everyone goes and either puts up, or shuts up....

    not trying to be a jerk just promoting! will be a very goodtime like it was lastime.

    Post if you tihnk you may make it.