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siege event- "let the bodies hit the floor"

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Alex the Gray, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. I am crafting an event, titled "let the bodies hit the floor".
    It is going to have a significant and substantial reward to the winner. Larger than any other I have seen offered- but more on that later. I need time to list the quantity and quality of the reward before I can talk/post about that.

    What I am looking for here is some input- 1). what would provide the biggest turnout, and the most fun for players? and 2). what day and time would be the best for the most people to participate?

    weekend, Im thinking, maybe afternoon/evening.
    But, as far as foremat- single player against single player? Rules vs no rules? Guild vs guild? Mass free for all, winner takes all? Please offer some input for these questions, and also I'm looking for ideas about where would be the best location.
    Thank you very much
  2. <blockquote><hr>

    Mass free for all, winner takes all?

    [/ QUOTE ]This would likely turn into guild vs guild vs guild vs guild etc. And then a 'true' ffa:)
  3. 2 accounts- 1 crafter xander, 10 month old. gm armslore, hide, fletching,86.7 focus,88.5 smithing,89.8 lumber,56 mining, 65.7 stealth. 18x18 west of Umbra

    Xiphos- 71 month old account
    sweet 18x18 sw corner of zento- shop from guard zone location
    map of known world, 10 anni sculpture, non-cursed bracelet of health, several candelabras of souls, nice scrappers, 2 lrc suits, several cursed BoH, several cursed berserkers mauls, non-cursed taskmaster, cursed orni, cursed staff of magi, several staffs of pyros, non-cursed dragon slayer, ask/answer crystal ball, 2 sets of old school lock picks 3-in-set, poisoned reading glasses, full origami set, crystalline ring, dark gray robe/cloak set, non-cursed midnight bracers, 40 some odd ingenious t-maps, assorted dungeon rares, =trammel moonstone, non-cursed ring of the vile, amulet of righteousness, non-cursed serpents/ fang, demon forks, non-cursed ring of elements, 3 blackthornes krysses- elemental, arachnid, undead, spike- harm 44, ll 26, dci 11, di 41, leafblade sl 40, harm 38, di 42, ubws, several titans leg bones, leafblade harm 46%, fc1, ssi 30, di 43, spike harm 50, ml 36, ssi 30, di 45 energy resist 14, 2 trinsic roses, chest of dp shuriken and darts, blessed ninja belt, ship, chests of weapons, a spike with 50% lightning, ssi and di , chest of smoke bombs, a chest with each kind of armor, cavorting club, chest of newbie clothing, dye tubs, 4 cat re-spawning statues, swords of prosperity, bramble coat, bloodwood suit, several alchemist baubles, lajatang harm 40, ld 42, ssi 30, di 30, aegis of grace, several burglar bandanas, non-cursed shadow-dancer leggings, lajatang sc-1, lightning 50, ll66, several ankh pendants, footlocker with 123 kegs of potions, several alchemy talismans over 20, lots of mage and necro regs, dawns music box- 35 common, 8 uncommon, 1 rare, dragon brazier, bunny hats and fire pants, a number of alacrity scrolls, 2 + mill, a nox rangers, disguise kit, couple ecru citrine rings, mariners brass sextant, ethy horse, complete set of slayer talismans, bags of sending, assasin armor- tunic and arms, black lotus hood, 23 soulstones, skills on Xiphos or on stones:
    100 tracking
    100 med
    80 mage
    100 picking
    52.6 remove trap
    100 alchemy
    100 snooping
    61.8 bushido
    120 wrestling
    100 cartography
    120 fencing
    78 chivalry
    120 stealing
    100 poisoning
    100 spirit speak
    51.3 parry
    96.4 necro
    97.7 detect hidden
    120 ninja
    99.3 anatomy
    85.8 archery
    88.2 focus
    80.1 healing
    84 tactics
    79.5 resist spells
    100 hide
    80 stealth

    This event will take place this weekend, location and exact time to be determined. Anyone and everyone is invited to show up to compete- winner gets both accounts and everywith that goes with them. I thought about selling, but siege has been good to me and given me a lot of fun- hopefully this thingk will have a good turnout, good participation, and be a lot of fun in return for siege.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Don't, please?

    Take a break

    let the house fall if you must, or demolish it and leave everything scattered on the grass for them to fight over.

    But keep the accounts, put the soulstones and anything important in the bank. Leave yourself a way back.

    I think you were my first friend on the shard. I'll miss you.

  5. sweetie...please just take a break. PM incoming.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    you know i remember back when i was known as moon doggie
    having a drunkin naked knife fight
    where you could use butcher knife or dagger
    gm made that was fun
  7. I remember that name- moon doggie.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yea been a long time since i have referred myself as that
    i guess thats a point im trying to make is if you leave without a way back
    its hard to find yourself again in game