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[Selling] [Siege Perilous/Pacific/Chesapeake/Baja/Cats]Selling Acct- 106mo 4 GF Houses

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Odius, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Odius

    Odius Guest

    Acquired account I'm no longer interested in paying for. Account is 106mos old with 4 unclaimed Vet. Rewards. It has a total of four grandfathered houses across the following servers: Siege Perilous (small remote 2.5 story), Chesapeake (small 2.5), Baja (small 2.5), and Pacific (log cabin). The account contains multiple characters on every North American server, and then some. Most notably: a Master Tamer/Vet/Treasure Hunter on Catskills; a GM Stoic (mage) on Chesapeake; an Elder Tamer with an OVER stocked house on Siege Perilous ; a GM Bard, a GM Warrior, a GM Archer, and a 6xGM Tradeskiller on Pacific. Each house is stocked with supplies and cash to various degrees, and many include old, no longer available items of minor worth, including old clickable jewelery, double exceptional items, blessed clothing, and fished items, etc. The Siege Perilous and Pacific houses are particularly stocked, sorted, and ready to play- including thousands of reagents, arrows, and spare equipment.

    Can send more info and screenshots to those interested.

  2. Odius

    Odius Guest

  3. What price range are we talking here?
  4. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Wow the history wrapped around that account must be mad! If only accounts could talk.... :lol:
  5. Odius

    Odius Guest

    I've received several messages indicating interest, but no offers. Since I'm not in the buisness of selling accounts, I really have no idea what its worth.

    I went online to several sites willing to buy the account. Out of the three I checked out, they seemed to offer between .75 and $1 per month of age, then would go up from there depending on the value of the house(s) and items. The account is worth at least $100, so that will be my reserve. I'm sure the online sites would re-sell it at twice that or more.

    I'll be leaving this post up over the course of the week, and hope to sell it on Friday. Feel free to post public bids, or send me an ICQ or PM.

    I can send larger/clearer screen shots via email if you'd like, and can take more if needed. Feel free to ask questions. :)
  6. Odius

    Odius Guest

  7. taz109

    taz109 Guest

    im intrese din account plzs icq me 480 473 873 thxs
  8. Odius

    Odius Guest

    Top bid currently $125. Bids close at 8pmE.