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Siege Perilous Road Crew to Invade Sonoma!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Dor of Sonoma, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Aye, the Siege Perilous Storyteller's Road Crew is taking to the road this week, with Sonoma's YMCA being the first offshard stop thus be-Sieged (sorry!) in an anticipated series of once-monthly tours:

    WHEN: Tuesday, June 27th at 7:00pm PST/9:00pm CST/10:00pm EST/(3:00am GMT - Wednesday)

    WHERE: *The Yew Merry Center for All (YMCA) is a player-run, 'blessed', public large tower, located directly across the road from the Yew Cemetary, south of Yew, on the Felucca facet of Sonoma. As the only large tower in the area, it is easily recognized - if the benches and hedges out front do not otherwise give it away.

    REMINDER: The YMCA is a neutral establishment, and all hues are welcomed...red, grey, orange, green, purple or blue. No aggressive acts towards other patrons are condoned on the premises. This event takes place in Felucca, so please do not travel with anything that you cannot afford to lose. (Insurance be damned)

    WHAT: A traveling troupe of intrepid Siege Perilous raconteurs will be performing for Sonoma players' pleasure and edification. Stories, poems and song are likely, as well as answers to any questions which they may have concerning the Hard Shard. Audience participation will be welcomed as well (as long as any killing remains outside *coughs*), so they will be encouraged to bring along some local talent to share the stage. The basic premise of the eve is to provide an opportunity to meet and get to know those from another land and have FUN in the process.

    Any Siege Perilous players wishing to participate are more than welcome to do so. If you wish further information (or a bit of advance assistance in a strange land), please feel free to PM me here, and we can make arrangements to get your characters outfitted and lodged ahead of time.

    We hope to see many of you there. It should prove to be great entertainment!
  2. *spins Otto round several times and points him in the direction of Sonoma*
    *looks around for Bing and Bob*
  3. Why not meet your local Treasure Hunter instead? I wasn't aware we've ever met in game...
  4. The time is drawing nigh.

    Please contact me soon if you are going to need any assistance. Thanks!
  5. I am in need of 10 assistance! [​IMG]
  6. Chim

    Chim Guest

    Hmmmm.... any chance we could get some of you story telling trammies to stay there? and maybe you could send some of there better pk's back to siege in your place...

    rofl j/k ... well mostly....
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Um... it's in Fel. What's a Trammel, and how can I slay it? Does it give good loot?

    This should be a lot of fun - for those who want it to be!

    For those who don't enjoy stories - why not arrange a 'travelling warrior' show - let the story tellers and RPers recruit and entice their way, while you do what you're good at!

    Still, tonight - Sonoma, here I come!
  8. WOW I love this idea CHIM!!!!
    hahaha n/k:/
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The YMCA is in FELUCCA....so why don't you go tonite and make a chr. there named: Krystal with a vmp tag on ye lil head and rpl tryin to kiss em all !! [​IMG]

    There are many reasons people land on Siege from all the other shards and opt to remain here...heck some of them even come and stay here and liked Siege cuz they ran into..... some VMP here ! HAHA GASP !!

    PROMO never hurts SIEGE, when done on the road, on any other shard, sometimes folks find us all interesting and COME and STAY here and fit in I mean even a motely crew came from Chesapeake and created..WAKAS here ! YA never know what shard where, may yet yield us more new inhabitants for Siege or in your case more victims. So go make ye a siege copy cat of your character HERE for sonoma there ..unless ye scared to enter the YEW gate in Felucca there on Sonoma. I will even meet ye there with my insolent bluebie chr. to assist ye newbie bluebie to kill me 5x so ye go RED in time to appear properly scary and red. *snickers*
  10. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    heck some of them even come and stay here and liked Siege cuz they ran into..... some VMP here ! HAHA GASP !!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I'm not sure why that's funny. My first encounter with WyRm is one of the biggest reasons I chose to stay.

    Cross-shard promotion is a good thing, indeed. Alot of work, and it does require a pretty thick skin. Very few are receptive to the idea of losing their "pretties". But, if even one new person comes to Siege, its one more person to contribute to the community.

    There are a couple PvP guilds on Sonoma that I'd really like to see come to Siege. E^E comes to mind immediately. They make an attempt to stray away from decking themselves out in too many arties and insure very little. They'd fair well here.

    Good luck to the road-trip crew.. I hope you're able to bring some fresh blood back with you. (pun intended) I'll try and drop by for a few if I can.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It is comic or funny in that for as much as everyone may dislike some of what VMP does or stands for or rep for ganking peeps and gripe about it. Yet one can also know this shard be damned dull, if there were no vmp around at all. So it is it's own comic irony here, whether someone likes or dislikes vmp they still end up part of the fabric of Siege and yeh it may be that they just opt to stay here remain here, TO be a part of those that may fight vmp..or to be a part of those that may join em. [​IMG] Tis its own irony thus comic or funny.

    When I first came here as my LONG post stated, lots of people here whom I met were part of the contributing reasons in part as to why I remained here. On that long list was also one chr. named WyRm, whom can be highly entertaining even to a new arrival here spouting his gospel and tweaking some new one's interest to remain here. Course for this one myself, it ..twas also an insta decision to serve those whom FIGHT evil ie VMP ...but hey ...I too remained here seeing the fabric of this shard as ...unique and interesting, which included the vile damned horde as well.

    AND ME NO LIKE VILE DAMNED VAMPIRES... I get heebie jeebies just seeing over 2 of em gathered in one place, hell even one if the name on that vmp is say Krystal ... OoOO, yet they too are part of why I stuck around here too and do me best to remain..........as an INSOLENT BLUEBIE or *good guy remaining blue though rpl chr* ! I mean seriously if everyone rpls VILE evil chrs. as too many boringly do at times when they get here...well heck then it be just bad guys fighting other bad guys !! DULL DULL DULL !!! Then who would remain here then ? There must be a struggle {old uo style good vs evil }...if not then yall have a dull shard and vmp would have to change everything yall said in 'so called' rpling format...soooooooooo I do me best to stay/remain blue rpl the *good guys*, just so WyRm &amp; yall "can" shout "DIE insolent blue" to someone truelly only BLUE and have it make some sense.

    Thus otherwise its kinda a moot point his or any vmp saying it at all, if no lil innocent pacifistic bluebies or players coming here opted to rpl GOOD guys whom remained on this shard for vmp TO shout that at/ to.

    I do me best some times, to contribute to further expanding any or all, "rpl" on SIEGE. So DIE ye dispicable vile vampire arachnoid, I shall yet smite thee with my sewing kit of vanquishing and my tinker tools of soul redemption ! [​IMG]
  12. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    I do me best some times, to contribute to further expanding any or all, "rpl" on SIEGE. So DIE ye dispicable vile vampire arachnoid, I shall yet smite thee with my sewing kit of vanquishing and my tinker tools of soul redemption !

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Don't threaten me with a good time!! [​IMG]

    Ya all know yas would miss us! Reading this stuff has made me thirsty off to find blues muahahah!
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dor said that Seige raconteurs were coming to the Y. This I got to see. Are ye real raconteurs or bards?

    Raconteur Guides

    We shall see..


    Seriously, I'm looking forward to this.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A real raconteur? Hmm...

    *starts questions, to the tune of something orcish*

    1.) Color of Eyes :

    Do you need glasses?
    Only if someone finds my eyes.

    2.) Color of Hair:
    See question 1. How should I know??

    Present Hair length: On head:
    It MIGHT be hair. But, I can't see it. It could be anything.

    Elsewhere: (Specify):

    Are you bald?
    I might be. I can't see, so who knows what that stuff up there is.

    3.) Height: (Check one): One what? *gropes around blindly for pen*

    4.) Respiration: Do you breathe...:
    Yes, as the fancy takes me.

    5.) Do you smoke? :
    Only after being hit by a fireball.

    6.) How would you descruibe your current overall physical condition?
    I wouldn't. I'm too modest. And blind.

    Educational Background

    1.) Have you finished high school or know someone who has?
    What is a high school? The school I attended was in a valley, not very high at all.

    2.) I am able to communicate....
    X_In English
    X_ In monosyllabic grunts
    X_ In sign language (write only, not read)
    X_ In creative sign language (write only, not read)
    X_ In Urkish or elven
    X_ Not at all. (when unconscious/dead)

    3.) Do you have any experiance:
    __ Using a megaplenoscope? No, but I know how to make one.
    __ Operating a CATSCAN amchine? Why, what's wrong with your cat?
    __ Performing heart surgery? Only once, and it was an accident.
    __ Using a seroepidemiological spleenal laser? Only once, and it was an accident.
    __ Doing laundry? Only once, and it was an accident.
    __ Changing oil? Into what?

    4.) What are your interest and hobbies? (Check up to three) :
    I tried to check three, but the banker said he would not give me such a paltry amount.

    5.) In ten words or less, describe the very reason for your existance.
    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog


    1.) Do you suffer from any mental disorders which would prevent you from participating in laboratory experiments? :
    No, do you?

    2.) My favorite pasttime is:
    Answering questions asked by idiots.

    3.) Do you enjoy working with:
    finger paints?

    No, but I enjoy making monsters use machinery on animals that belong to people who use finger paints.

    4.) Which of the following would you be willing to do as a Raconteur?
    Who are you again?

    5.) I am most attracted to:
    Magnets. Too much time spent mining iron, I'm afraid.

    6.) Patience test. Stand in the corner of the room and face the wall. Do this for as long as you can. Do not continure reading until you stop. Now, write here how long you stood ___ (in days)

    At this point, the answers stop. This old, dusty piece of paper was found behind a dusty old blind raconteur standing in a corner...
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The fact that you took the test proves something.

    Insanity, methinks.

    Weclome,brother. Sing us a song, loudly and out of key! Something by RUSH usually goes over well, though disco tunes are quite the rage lately. Anything that will get you flogged will suffice.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Insanity was never proven!
    *hides certificate from Healers Guild*
    If it's a song ye want, ye'll have to wait a few hours!
    I'll be on Sonoma - if I can find it!
    *blindly blunders across UO, leaving a trail of flattened Trammies from Atlantic to Yamato, all the while trying to remain in the corner*
  18. I have received word that, though he is alive (contrary to popular speculation), Yancey DeFlorio will be unable to join the Road Crew this eve. :-(

    It would seem that he has been affected by lightning strikes, and even days later, struggles mightily to repair the extensive damage left in the wake of that event.
  19. <blockquote><hr>

    It would seem that he has been affected by lightning strikes, and even days later, struggles mightily to repair the extensive damage left in the wake of that event.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Fulminata! Sol Invictus!

    Damn Samurai... [​IMG]
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lightening is a formidable enemy to be sure. I once witnessed our tv set struck by lightening and tis a memory that has never left me. The kids were still young, and I had to make dinner so I popped on the big tv set in the kitchen for them to watch Sesame Street while I prepared the evening meal. Twas storming but that never stopped us before from watching tv.

    Suddenly................an very extremely loud horrid sound was heard and the entire kitchen was illuminated by a bolt of lightening striking the tv set and only the tv set thank goodness, scaring the living daylights out of 3 lil kids and me !!

    The tv set was melted fried, totally destroyed. It was like looking at a *melted* painting by Salvador Dali to look at that tv set after lightening struck it IN our kitchen.

    Now depending on how a bad storm seems to be playing out, I end up still unplugging every thing even if on pwr surge strips and so forth..cuz that experience taught me lightening is like some sneaky bright stealther lookin for what is electrical and plugged in to FRY it to oblivion if the mood so hits the lightening to zap a major home appliance like.........tv sets or computers !! GAH !! I unplug stuff everytime it gets too dicey outside in a thunderstorm with overly creative lightening like some monster seeking prey to melt and fry !!

    I have had lightening hit a tree once that was right beside me as I was outside in a storm, and it split that huge maple tree into smithereens and set it afire !!

    Yep the damage from a rl bolt of lightening on us or something of ours, can be quite extensive, thank goodness it did not hit him, only the machines !~ We fare far less better than a machine, when or if we get struck by lightening.
  21. 15 mins, for anyone who cares but forgot [​IMG]
  22. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Great road show! I had a great night! And thank you Quentico for covering it live on UORadio!

    Dor... sorry for the fields... was all in fun... I swear!! [​IMG]
  23. Was just like siege really, we even had a load of red [Waka] running about outside... was fun. [​IMG]
  24. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Was just like siege really, we even had a load of red [Waka] running about outside... was fun. [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Except for all the insured armor... had a good time, eh?
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A bit more rowdy than wispwood I can't wait till next time.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well aside from the orc getting hungry and killing a local resident guest's horse for a snack during the eve, twas all good. Those guys at the end, just somehow did not have the calibur of *showmanship* of a Memnoch/Whisper's cleansing grand finale' wither on a crowd atop the tower there, but har we all seen that coming from those *locals* that they would be our felucca style grand finale' welcoming committee at the end there. [​IMG]