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[Siege] War

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Bruin, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    ooc - These posts are the rp stories (in-game and out), in game battles, and other related posts regarding an ongoing war on Siege Perilous.

    War is Upon us

    Tonight there was a meeting of the leaders of the White Council. Not one of those boring political meetings that dealt with events, or recruitment. No, this one was important, this one dealt with security of its members. Harassment of its members by murderers and thieves had been on the rise lately, never a good thing, particularly for those politicians who are up for election soon.

    With Lord Casca recently taking the throne of Britain, the White Council Britannians had failed in their quest to install a fair and just ruler of their own through the True Britannians. While they would continue to operate, other ideas were needed.

    The meeting was called to order, and various ideas were presented. “We need better equipment!” one member pleaded. “How can we fight in these tired old rags when the murderers carry items more powerful than Lord British used to carry?” ”Better defenses, more combat training!” Ideas were tossed around the table.

    Then you could see it in the frustration of Vortex. He pounded his first on the table. You know it when he gets that look on him, he was going to say something good. “The members of the White Council are tired of sitting idly by while their kind are slaughtered in the streets,” his voiced thundered across the table as all the members sat silent. “We’re tired of being on the defense, responding to enemy attacks. Building our defenses, patrolling the streets, waiting for them to come to us when we are weak and letting them slaughter us. No, we’ve had enough. The only way to victory if we take action, the only way to victory is we stop letting the fight come to us, the only way to victory is if we take the fight to them. Hit them where they are weak, find the chinks in their armor and exploit it, hit them when they least expect it. The time for action is now, I say we strike them, strike them hard. Only that way, can we weaken the enemy, and protect our members. Let us go on the offensive.” Vortex sat down.

    The silence was broken with commotion. The naysayers were speaking up, “But violence only begets violence! We are not warriors, we are merely Citizens of Britannia!” But Bruin and Hoffs looked at each other, and they knew what must be done, for Vortex was right. And when the commotion settled down, everyone else realized it as well. The decision was unanimous.

    Notices were posted up all around the towns of Wispwood Shire and Gilfane:

    “The White Council is putting out a call to all able-bodied members. The formation of the White Crusaders (CRUS) has been authorized to go directly to war with its enemies.”
  2. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Attack Preparations Begin

    Being appointed Commander of The White Crusaders, Saugus’ first task given to him was to raise a militia capable of military action against its enemies. He was now to report back to the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor of The White Council the status.

    He sat down at the table alongside Bruin and Hoffs, looked directly at them, and nodded. “They will be ready. Our militia stands at 15 strong at the moment, with more members enlisting each day. A worthy Marshal has been appointed, Vortex. A few more officers still need to be selected, that will conclude shortly. Combat trainings have been ongoing over the last week,” Saugus said with conviction.

    Bruin asked, “Do they understand the risks they are taking?”

    Saugus nodded.

    Hoffs fired back, “Make sure they know they have the sincere appreciation of the members of The White Council.”

    “They know,” Saugus responded.

    “What are their strengths, weaknesses,” Bruin questioned.

    “We have the numbers. With the size of The White Council, we should be able to field a considerable sized militia, that is our biggest strength. Our weakness lies in two main areas. First, our soldiers are typically not as well equipped as our enemies. We know our merchants are working hard to craft better equipment for us, and we appreciate it. Secondly, our soldiers are not as experienced in combat as many of our opponents. That is something that can only be earned on the battlefield. Don’t get me wrong, they are good men and women – and given time they will become a very formidable force,” Saugus finished and began to take a drink of his water.

    “We appreciate your honesty,” Bruin said.

    Hoffs looked right into Saugus’ eyes, “You have done well so far. As you know, The White Crusaders were formed so that we would stop being on the defensive. Your purpose, to take the fight to the enemy. It is along those lines we give you your first combat directive. The members of TnT have long harassed and murdered our members. As you know, they live in the desert area surrounded by mountains just south of Umbra, in their home town they call Stonehaven. Your task, lead your troops into Stonehaven and defeat their warriors – they will never suspect it so we can catch them off guard. Deal to them a heavy blow that will be difficult for them to recover.

    Now be careful. While it may be imperative for us think like the enemy in order to win this war, we are to never become them. Therefore harm no citizens, harm no visitors, and harm no non-combatants. Make sure your warriors know without any doubt, they can only attack their warriors.

    And do so quickly. The machines of war have been running for sometime now, and soon our enemies will begin to suspect something is up and learn of our plans, so be sure to strike before they are made aware of our plans. The tactic of surprise is perhaps our biggest ally at the moment.”

    Saugus let out a deep breath, stood up, “It will be done.”

    As Saugus was heading back to the barracks, he began to think to himself. “An attack on Stonehaven? I knew they were serious about taking the battle to our enemy, I just would have never thought they’d have the stones to take it this far, politicians and all. Perhaps this is the kind of thinking we need if we are to win this war.”

    Saugus entered the barracks, the room fell silent, and all the warriors begin to gather around him. “We have our orders. For many years we have watched in horror as our enemies have invaded our towns, slaughtering our brothers, sisters, mothers, and friends. We now fight for them, for this Saturday we attack Stonehaven. We launch our first assault at 12 noon (PST), and follow up every hour on the hour for at least 3 assault waves. Gather your supplies, inspect your armour, and enjoy your last day at home for attack preparations begin at dawn day after tomorrow.”
  3. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    *Approaches Vortex*

    Saugus Says:

    Vortex Replies:
    Saugus Replies:
    Vortex Replies:
  4. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    (written by Vortex)

    *An Early Dawn*

    Vortex grumbled as the sun shone through the window of the Keep. He rolled out of his pallet bed and walked out the door to the nearby stream. After washing his body in the cold water, he dried himself in the early morning sun and then dressed. After stretching, he began a series of exercises. At first the motions seemed stiff and jagged. As he warmed up and his muscles loosed, he began to flow smoothly and the speed increased. Vortex launched into a series of increasingly difficult manuvers, his mace arcing and carving colored paths throough the morning light. His body was glistening with sweat by the time he finished the final exercise. As he came to a sudden stop, he heard the sound of clapping. Vortex quickly spun around as saw Toth Ur'Zrethi leaning on a nearby tree.

    "Not bad for an old man." Toth said as he halted his clapping.

    "I must be older than I thought to not hear you sneak up on me." Vortex stated as he moved forward to greet Toth with a warriors' handshake.

    "Nah, I'm just that good." replied Toth with a smile dawning on his face.

    "Humble, too." Vortex replied.

    The two warriors sat down near the tree for a few moments while Vortex caught his breath.

    "I'm sorry to call you out of retirement like this." Vortex finally stated.

    Toth shrugged that off saying, "Pah, a Knight is never truly retired. You of all people should know that." Toth paused. "What do you know of our Commander?"

    Vortex thought for a minute. "He is a man to be admired. He has instructed me to select two lieutenants to lead the soldiers. Thank you for agreeing to be one of them."

    Toth grinned at the subtle hint from his old friend Vortex. "Fine. But this time I don't wanna hear it when I rush into battle with my men."

    "Hah, like you ever followed any of my commands anyway." Vortex retorted.

    "What of the other lieutenant?" Toth inquired.

    Vortex had been dreading this moment for a while. He knew Toth's distaste of mages, especially ones who dabble in the dark arts. He had no choice left to him. The people they opposed in this war were formidable warriors and mages. He could not afford to step around Toth's prejudices.

    "I know how you feel about Necromancers, Toth. You are not going to like this. I have recruited a lieutenant from among their ranks."

    Toth's face darkened, but he said nothing.

    "She will be along in a minute. I have asked her to join us this morning..."

    "She???" Toth interrupted Vortex's speech.

    "Yes, do you doubt my abilities to select able leaders?" Vortex replied with a flash of irritation.

    "Of couse not, Vortex. You have always be able to surround yourself with people better than you." Toth teased.

    Vortex laughed heartly and relaxed. If Toth was able to joke about the situation, then he has already accepted it and moved on.

    "I assure you, Toth, she is skilled beyond your imagination. We are facing some very difficult enemies in this war, we will need the Arcanes to assist us. I expect you to work with the warriors and for her to work with the Arcanes."

    "So be it." Toth replied.

    Both men came to their feet as a stunningly beautiful women approached. Her slim elven body was athletic and slightly muscular, but it was her eyes that captured the attention of anyone falling under their gaze. They were a clear blue, and she had died her hair to match the color of them. They held great power, yet much compassion. Toth was stunned, he had never seen an Arcane that he found attractive. Until now.

    "Toth, meet Lady Ji. She will be the other lieutenant."

  5. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Light began to shine through the window and land on Saugus' face. Slowly he began to wake up, his body still massively aching. A healer soon walks in to change the bandage on his shoulder. He sat down at his table, and began to recall the events surrounding the invasion. What had originally hatched as a masterful plan to defeat the enemies on their home turf, turned into a nightmare.

    The early spoils of war were good. Small skirmishes broke out, our enemies were unprepared and we were able score some early victories. But somehow they learned of our plans for the invasion, as they were prepared. And once their warriors were called up to action, we lost our element of surprise, our edge.

    The officers soon enter the room and sit down with Saugus. Vortex, Lady Ji, and Toth. "The three of us couldn't sleep last night Saugus, we kept going over the battle moment by moment, trying to figure out what went wrong," Vortex said. Saugus nodded, "What say you?" Toth spoke up, "We didn't have them outnumbered as we originally thought we would. It seems they were able to call up their troops faster than we had thought. Our equipment was sub-par, and all the training was for naught as once we hit the battlefield, our troops scattered. Their bolas were extremely effective."

    "What must we do to make sure this never happens again?" Saugus said frustratingly. "Three things," said Lady Ji. "Training. Better equipment. And given time, better combat experience. With those, we will become a better fighting force."

    "Agreed," said Saugus. "Now you must excuse me, as I must give our report to the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, they will not be pleased." "Would you have us come with you," asked Vortex. "Nay, this was my responsibility, and I must be the one to answer for it."

    As Saugus walked over towards the leadership, he could not stop the pictures from appearing in his head of the dead strewn all across the desert battlefield. Not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that they would have lost the battle this badly.

  6. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Protecting the Resources

    As Saugus sits at his table, still aching from the defeat in Stonehaven the previous day, Lieutenant Toth walks in and asks "Commander, Gilfane member Alizaren wishes to speak with you." "By all means, send her in," replied Saugus.

    The Elven Crafter Alizaren walks in and sits down across from Saugus and begins to speak "Saugus, we have found many rich veins of verite ore along the mountains between Spirituality and Sacrifice gates in Ilshenar. However, the area is frequented by our enemies, and our miners have not the abilities to defend themselves. This verite ore is instrumental in being able to craft our warriors adequate equipment for the war."

    "You need not say anymore," said Saugus as he calls over Lieutenant Toth. "Toth, round up whatever warriors we have left that are capable of fighting. See to it that regular patrols are conducted all this week of the mountains between Spirituality and Sacrifice gates in Ilshenar. We must protect the resources if we wish to continue to fight this war."

    "It shall be done commander," Toth says as he walks away to ready the troops.