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Silly things and Lack of Randomness

Discussion in 'UHall' started by RavenWinterHawk, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Could be a rant. But, maybe look at the need for randomness. No not the number generator. But adventure.

    A little logic.

    1) Add SA, a very good expansion, create reasons NOT to go in there by allowing the resources to be collected elsewhere. Silly move. Let me just say months ago I posted on how to make millions on crushed glass. To date. 200 million plus. Yeah for real.

    2) Ophids vs. NPC's. Very good battle system. Silly rewards that can just be bought. What is the point of battling besides creating a complex way to get a random award?

    3) Heavy reliance on quests that can be done quickly and to be honest off the info here. Thats not a bad thing. But all that time invested in a quest for a reward that will flood the market.

    4) The continued spoon feeding of all details, attributes and methods to acquire. That is we are told just about everything about everything.

    These are just some examples that have created and do and get environmnet. If you do A, B and C then you get this with a possibilty of these items.

    Is that what we want from UO? Jump through these hoops and you get this?

    I will continue to keep the idea of a random world going.

    That is I walk east and find something that wasn't there yesterday. I engage, battle, explore and find items or not.

    I have items and they can be assessed by an NPC to give me an idea of their value and rarity.

    I can find crevices to squeek into a dungeon that disappears.

    And a bizzillion other ideas posters have.

    Thats what is missing. When will it appear? Devs?
  2. I agree 100%. UO is now a mathematical challenge as well as a virtual world. I liked it much better pre-AoS when we knew very little about the calculations and the system just worked.
  3. gunneroforgin

    gunneroforgin Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I believe that the comlplexity of Uo's code already has to many if/then branches. You are asking to have, perhaps , way to many more. I am sure the programmers are seeking to slmplify code to make the game as efficent as possible.

    However, I wouldn't mind seeing a little more overland spawn happening with a rare chance of getting a goodie. The Endless Water Decanter thing is a good example. I cant believe that I saw one for on a vendor in Luna for 1 mil gold. Maybe I should price the 56 I have for a 1 mil each. I was selling them for 10k each.
  4. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    You should. 10k? What can be done with 10k? It's infanity much easier to aquire 10k than to aquire water Decanter. Even though Decanter is easy as well but compare to 10k yea. 10k is as easier.
  5. Thats is the other problem Kaiser. You noted it. Its easier for me to pay 5 million for cloak of augmentation then spend the time trying to quest it. Decanters 10k or 50k whats the point of trying to get one on my own.

    Next point. Why sell 50 decanters for 10k each. Thats 500k. All that time for 500k. Better off just pricing them 100k. Someone that needs it will buy it and you make more. But thats a side note. To much gold in the game.

    In a way, I have won the game by vending. Yet that fact has caused me to be game fat and lazy and just buy what I want.

    As long as the game relies on quests, I can just wait till they have been running a month and buy the stuff then.

    A good example of randomness (to an extent) is the smugglar's lanterns.
    You have to fight. You have to use an item. Random items can come up and if you get a lantern it can come in like 100 hues.

    Now thats not perfect. But the items hold a value and the more interesting colors are more costly. I can't just buy exactly what I want. The specific colors I may want aren't easily found. I need to fight to get what I want.

    With the ophidian quest... drop banners on the dudes with 50 hues and 25 designs. Whats that 1250 combinations. Or let the banner spawn with your name on it. Something gamingly fun, yet worthless.
  6. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    ... but that's what they keep doing. They add tons of "collections" all the time. Then the collectors collect them within a few months and suddenly they realize they spent a huge amount of time to own a collection... that is now complete.

    Then they beg for more collections, which are then added, and so on.

    Part of this came from the rares market, where if you held on to the right things for long enough you could make a huge windfall. Now people don't know whether that chest of drawers they got from an ophidian will be worth anything five years from now, so they hold onto it forever or until someone offers them something for it.

    I like randomness on the adventure side, yes, but when it comes to rewards for activities randomness can be very upsetting to those of us that have lives.

    I can't spend 4 hours a night for months hoping I'm going to get that artifact I so desire. So a spend a few hours here and there, eventually just buy it when I find it for a good price. I'm sorry that may bug you, but my TIME is worth far far far far more than this game. When I can do something in UO for an hour and get my consulting rate for it, then I'd be glad to do it.

    But even if I was farming all day long I cannot make as much as I do on my business. So if I really want something in game and I can't get it within my allotted time frame, I have to determine if I can buy it instead.

    For the current bane fight -- I've gone out several times and picked up some things here and there from the corpses, but I don't really feel like trying to fight. I have a few dozen other places I'd like to get to first, and I can't say working hard for an hour or two only to have a few jerks undo all my work because they want their stew or artifact kinda doesn't thrill me.

    I don't know, I think the randomness we have is fine, I think we should be able to alter that randomness through game mechanisms, however. Perhaps luck bumps in situations where you have the right skills for a task, or the system keeping track of how many times you've done something and gradually increasing your chance to get a special item.
  7. Oh please. Your vendor is still there under claim vendor. You have days left. Check it out before you freak out.

    And read the bulletinboard posted many days ago about redecorating temporarily. Argh.